Shenzhen Leizhou children hand-in-hand parenting education poor rural line

Shenzhen Leizhou children hand-in-hand parenting education poor rural line

Author: Pan Guangyeducationang

            Bihai Yinsha Network news (text and text/Pan Guangyang editor/Jin Zhen Wparentingeiqing) & LDquo; Brot雷州天气her Chen Renye, we meet again. How are y深圳地铁线路图ou doing at home? Do you need any help with your study? ” . On the morning of August 25, 6-year-old Sun Linhan from Shenzhen held Chen Renye’s handparenting怎么读 in gaolang Primarychildren英语怎么说 School in Nanxing town, Leizhou City.

“ Shenzhen Gaolang Village Education and Parent-child Education Bank深圳地铁线路图 & RDquo; It was held at Gaolang Primarrural是什么意思y School

            Poverty Alleviation and Development & LDquo; Double to & throughout; Pair up, love magic babrural和countryside的区别y love. As early as April 14 this year, Shenzhen SATELLITE TV “No show” column program group came to Leizhopoor名词u Nanxing Town Gaolan深圳g village committee, for the prodline官网uction of “magic baby a gang” program location shooting. As one of邯郸学步 the four magileizhouc love babies, Sun深圳风险等级 Linhan had t雷州半岛he first opportunity to come to Chen Renye’s thatched hut built in the depths of the barural名词mboo forest. They talked together to understand the life and study of rural children, and then had the first contact.

Pair up and interact with each other to help you grow up healthily

According to Sun Xiaowei, chairman of shenzline下载hen Lions Club雷州疫情 Riverside汉典 Servi雷州ce team,懒人听书配音兼职 in order to make ch邯郸疫情最新情况ildren living in happy families in Shenzhen special Economic Zone cherish happy life, leline下载arn to care for others, understand the hardships of life, devchildren后面加is还是areelop good virtues, in gaolang village committee poverty alleviation & LDquo; Double to & throug深圳天气hout; Under the leline官网adership of shenzhen Radio and Televisleizhouion Group, shenzhen Lions Club Riverside S深圳疫情ervice team initiated the initiative, org深证指数anized & LDquo; Shenzhen Gaolang Village Education an雷州市龙门镇疫情d Parent-child Edu深圳大学cation Bank & RDquo; Activities. The activitypoorly was strongly supported by shenzhen Coast City Sub-br雷州疫情最新消息anch of China Minsheng Bank and Shenzhen Yuanhe Trading Co., LTD., and 14 caring parents in Shenzhen led their children to the poverty-stricken villages to carry out the charity activities. On the same day, Jinshenzhenhe donated 200 sets of school statline下载ionery雷州市龙门镇疫情 and aparenting怎么读 batch of sports goods, worth more than 30,000 yuan, to Gaolang Primary School. In particular,education怎么读 parents are not afraid of the long汉典 distanc雷州疫情最新消息今天e car fatigue, these born深圳天气 i懒人听书在线收听免费n shenzhen’s prosperous雷州疫情最新消息今天 special zone. Baby kids ” To poor and ba懒人听书下载安装ckward rural areas, through “ Parent – child Education for student aid & RDquo; So that they can feel the poverteducation怎么读y and backwardness of rural areas close to touch their hearts and have some feeling. Especially face to face with children of the same age from poor families in rural areas, hand in hand to make friends, to learn邯郸学步的意思 how poor children in rural arpoor反义词eas to study, through helping to pair, by each family to give appropriate helpeducation是什么意思英语, subsidize a child from poor families to finish school. In particular, I hope to establish an interactive exchange platfoparentingrm, during the winter and summer vacation visits between the two sides, expand the vision of rural children, improve the quality of urban children, through interaction and exchange of ideas, so that the children learn from eacheducation other, grateful, healthy life, grow up, after work can do something beneficial to society.

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