Study party history, treasure post and relive red memory -- The theme party Day activity of Shenzhen Lions Club party Branch and the fourth regular meeting of stamp Club was held

On June 9, 2021, the theme Party Day activity of Shenzhen Lions Club Party Branch and the fourth regular meetingtreasure队长 of Stamp Club 2020-2021 was heldmemory翻译 in Fulin Logistics Building, Futian Free Trade Zone. The regular meeting reviewed and summarized the work of the philatelic club this year, madehistory4近距离爱上你 arrangements for the next step, and rstudy的过去式eported the financial reportreasure演唱会t of the philatelic club. Thistory2是非hrough holding "lovely Domestic - Party histtreasure成员资料ory on stamps" theme philatelic lecture, lead party members to review the history, aftertaste the clmemory的动词形式assic.


Shenzhen lclub翻译ions head zhi-qiang lu 2020-2021, the party branchpostal secretartreasure成员资料y and a former President of tian wang, secretary generclub怎么读al Lai Zhuoni, dean of general affaimemoryr Deng Yi, long picket zhang jmemorymanagement蓝屏ian, deputy secretary-general of Fang Shilei, Wang Danya kevparty是我家inbales,memory是什么意思中文翻译 chairman of tstudyhe fourth section, section 6, zhi-hui zhou, fourth division President li xiaofeng, 17 chun-ping li, chairman of the parpostcardtition, the supervisors WuYuQiong, Huang Shaofang, More than 40 people attended the event, including Chaipostrman Sun Xiaowei, Executive chairman Chen Xin and Fu Wenqiang, Executive Chairman Tong Xin of International Lion Foundation Committee, party members of Shenzhen Lions Club Party Branch and members of Philatelic Club. Zhang Yushan, deputy director of Shenzhen Luohu Bureau of Domestic post, Huang Lipostagexin, spetreasures是什么意思cial lecturer of Ddelivery怎么读omestic philatelic Corpomemory动词ration and lecturer of Shenzhen Philatelic Association, Liang Xiaoqing of Shenzhen Luohu Bureau of Domestic Post and Wei Kedan, designer of Shenzhen Philatelic Company werpostmane invtreasureited to attend the ceremony. The event was presided over by Chenpostalcode中国填写g Xiang-sheng.


At the regular meeting, Charedundantirman Sun Xiaowei made a report on the work of philatelic Club this year.redmik40 This year, shpostalcode中国填写enzhen Lionsmemory是啥意思 Philately Club organized members to hold fourtreasures是什么意思 regular meetings, inviting热点 experts in philately such aspostman Shenzhen Luohu Post Office and philatelic company to share their collection experience and exchange experience with Shenzhen Lions friends, anpostcardd exchanparty复数ge vrelive是什么意思isits with Lion Frietreasure歌曲nds of China Lions Club Beijing Philately Club. Walked into Shenhe Middle School of Hdelivery翻译eyuanredmi city, held a lecture of "I am a little stamp collector" for studememory的动词形式nts, propagandised and popularized tdelivery是什么意思英语he knowledge of stamp collecting. Shenzhen Lions Philately Club and China Post jointstudy的现在进行时ly plan to issue 600 comtreasurememorative covers for the 10th anniversary of "Red Action" to reviewtreasure翻译 and commemorate the past 10 years of "Red Action". Supported Cao Yingwang Shi Brother to establish a charity fund, and donated 10,000 yuan of public westudylfare fund to Cao Yingwang Art Public Welfare Fund. On the occasion of tmemory歌曲he centenary ohistory圈套f the founding of the Partydelivering, the "Travel with stamps" activities will continue to be organized to follow the footspostagetepsreduction of the Party and relive its history.


President Chen Xin briefed the financial situation of philatelic Club.history2是非 She reported every expense in time and checked with district financial staff rehistory圈套gularly, so that each account was clear and clear. The current book balance is more thanstudy的ing形式 160,000 yuan.


Fu Wmemory是啥意思enqiang sharememory翻译d the information about the "I am a little philatelist" stamp lecture held by the Philatelic Clubclub怎么读 in Shenhe Middle School, Heyuan City on April 14. Through theclub怎么读 activities, students can understand the past life of stamps, explore the postparty是什么意思al cultstudy复数ure, feel the changes ofred是什么意思 The Times and the charm of traditional culture. Mr. Wei Kedan, the designer omemorymanagement蓝屏f Shenzhen philately Company, presentredundanted the stamps designed and made by me to the philately club.

Huang Lixin, special lecturer of domestic philatelic cordelivery翻译poration and lecturer of Shenzhen Philatelic Association, was invited to give a leparty英文意思cture on the theme of "Lovely China -- The History of the Party on stamps". Lecture with "red stamp theme" as the carrier, with "journey spec热点tacular one hundred", "the north-redwest 'really like iron", "the soctreasure歌曲ialist construction, the path of life is the vicissitudes of life", "reform and opening up, the waves will sometimes long" four chapters, vivid, intuitive, and systematpostcardically tells the story of the communist party of domestic epoch-making, everything chanhistory的形容词ged, great, great devpartynextdoorelopment, It tells the glorious couparty复数rse of the Chinese people led byreduction the Communist Party from misery to glory, from poverty to prosperity, tells the historical story of the revolutionary pioneers sacrificing their lives for justice and the revolutionarhistory圈套y spiritdeliver and integrity it shows.

  Througmemoryhout our country ishistorysues about the party's development course of the series of stamps, squarclubse inch betclubmedweenstudy第三人称单数 the record of the party's glorious historstudy的现在进行时y, bearinredundantg the parred是什么意思ty's eventous years, engmemory的动词形式raved with the parrelive翻译ty's immortal monument. The precious stamps remind us of those difficult years of struggle, link individuals with the Party anreductiond the motherland, and show thestudy复数 world the new look of the new country and the brilliapostagent achievements that attracted worldwide attention.

Tian Wangxing, party branch secretary, said the class was innovative, rich and infectious. Through the stamp series connection has the development of history of the party, and to comb and explain, let everyone in a unique way to review again the domestic one hundred years of glorious history of the communist party, sonorous voice, listen to the history of China communist party history thpostcardink, fememory是什么意思中文翻译el, thstudy复数ink, will also be a guide party members unremitting efforts, the role and responsibility, steams ahead of sthistory着魔rong spiritual power.


Xiao-wei sun special thanks to tian wanstudy怎么读g, chairman of the secretary for stamp club's strong suppoclubrt, thank you for the experts of stamp collecting company of predmirofessional knowledge, thanks to all friends at the lion and the guest, I hope you don't forget to beginner's mind, mailmemorymanagement蓝屏,club是什么酒 for meparty是我家下载mp3dia, spread the lion culture, promote philately and the common developmentreasure翻译t of charity, in stamp club this warm family, learning to grow together.party是我家


[Text] Zposterhang Chenxi

Zhang Chenxi, Wang Haibin, Chen Meihong

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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