Bao ‘an Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club donated money to kenglou Primary School in Houxi Township of Puning city to help the development of education in mountainous areas


Recently, shenzhen Lions Club Bao ‘an Service team walked into The Kenglou Primary School in Houxi Towns保险每年存一万的骗局hip, Puning City, and donated a batch of educational materials such as teaching instrumentlions翻译s and sports equipment worth 200,000 yuan to the school.

Kengloclub怎么读u Primary School is a remote rural primary school located in rural mountainous area of western border ofclubs Puning city. Lions cldonate的名词ub in shenzhen bteamsaoan service imoneytalksn understanding to the crateclubmanr floor elementary schoolsclubmed after the lack of old, teaching equipment, service manager and love enterprise, love the people深圳疫情 together to raise capital of 200000 yuan, useteamprod to purchase books, teaching equipment, spo深圳大学rts suteampropplies, school supplieteam是什么意思翻译s, olion是什么意思ffice supplies, and to renovate the building, such as basketballservice和serve的区别 couservicebiort, emoney是什么意思ffectivemoney翻译ly improve the teaching conditions and equipment of the school. “We will continueteambition to pay attention to education in poor mountainous area保险每年存一万的骗局s and mobilize more caring people t深圳风险等级o jointly help theclubmed官网预订 development of educaticlubmedon iteamon mountainobaous areas,” said the head of the service team.

On the site of the donation activity,club the school expressed its gratitude to the service team for their loving donation, and encouraged all the students to be grateful, cheriserviceablesh the learning opportunity now, and turn the gratitude of social cadonate的固定短语搭配ri保定天气ng people inservice是什么意思to learning motivation, so as to contribute to the constructioservicemann of the country and hometown when t深圳天气hey grow up. At the same time, the school will continue to “respect teachers, discipline, diligence, honesty” as the goal, to create a good school spirit of “self-reliancservice是什么意思e, self-improvement, self-coservice和serve的区别nfidence,深圳大学 self-love”, stteamsrengthen internal management, strive to es宝马x5tablish a school with characteristics, and further improve the quadonate的名词lity of the school.

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