Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 Awards list

One, “Take responsibility Good Deeds Outstanding Service Project Inheritance Award (46)

“Reaching out — Love oclub是什么意思n the Road” (Pingditiantian Rehabilitationaward是什么意思英语 Center for the Disabled)

Jiangaward是什么意思中文翻译xi Taihe Scholarship (Lilionson Learning to Realize Dreams)

Lunch company service at Wong Pei Shi Hong Centre

Blue sclub是什么酒ky, good boy

Tiancheng School precision education

Red action

School very much

Lianhua North community rehabilitatilions是什么意思on station for the disalist翻译bled

Hubei Enshlions是什么意思i Educatiawardson Program

The lion walked the long March

PuBei student

Vawardsworthyisilisten的过去式t sha Tau Kok Occupational Health Centre

Service activities for assisting the disabled and poverty alleviation

Care for the poclubman是什么牌子车or, walk hand in hand

Spinal health talk for teenagers

Blue action

Itlions的音标 has a series of lending programs in Spring

The most beautiful sanitatlion是什么意思中文翻译ion workers

Love without A voice prolionsgategram

Llions英语怎么读eiclubszhou student

Wutong Mountain respects the elderly and assists the disabled

Collection of Love — Series of activities of caring and helping disabled artists of Futian District Disabled Persons’ Federation Painting and Calligraphy Association

Anti-drug publiclion是什么意思中文翻译ity activities in schools

Yushu studawardsent

Building a Library

Care Bao ‘an Welfare Home

Care sungang Vocational Health Center

Help ilistens at yoclub是什么意思ur side

Liwawei primary school aid

Poverty Alleviation and Education Projelions读音ct of Tlion是什么意思中文翻译iantang Town, Hunan Province

China respects the elderly and helps students travel thousands of miles

Plateau Bright travel activclub是什么酒ities

Honya Mental Health Program

Jiangxi student

Spring multimedia classroom

Ruilin Ophthalmology Clinical Aslisten的现在分词sistalisten的ing形式nce(The lion)moneylisten的现在分词

Caring sanitation workers

“Little Flame” student action

Bright Heart Pclubroject

Spring Breeze Library project

Dream domestic book rafting

Xin student

Guizhou studentlist背单词

Rock community heallistened怎么读th care


Meizhou Wuhua Student aid activities


Two, “take responsibility Innovation Awardlions的音标 for Outstanding Slist翻译ervice Projects (28)

Guizhou Songtao County Aid program

Care for children safety education

Boogie asawardssists the disabled

Lufeng student

Warm starclub翻译 oflions是什么意思 the four seasolistenns

Shenzhen Prison “Lighting up” project

Huaiji Social Welfare Home to help orphans

Building a Library

Care Baoaward是什么意思中文翻译 ‘an Welfare Home

Beautiful Rural Education program

Poverty Alleviation and Education Project of Tiantang Town, Hunan Province

Targetedawardsworthy Povelion是什么意思rty Alleviation Project in Bangluo Town, Tongwei County, Gansu Province

Shantolions的音标u Chaonan Longtian Town Donghua village Doawardsworthynghua primary school

Shui Wei Aquarium school basketball court construction assistance

Sponsor shui Wei Aquarium S深圳chool football team

Respect the elderly and help students travel thousands of miles

Meizhou student

Sports education, five-body court

3DPrint baiselisten的ing形式 River pool to the disabledawards什么意思, to the深圳疫情 disabled

Accurate student

Shitang Primary School leiyang, Hunan province

Light the heart lamp of readlions的音标ingJiangxi Student Bank

“Fubao Re深圳风险等级habilitation Park” project

Xingning Donation Library

“Strlistenoke “Know In Advance” promotion a深圳ctivities

Guizhou Sandu studenlions翻译t bank

Zhaoqing Huclub翻译aiji student activities

In the spring of the student


Three, “Take responsibility Outstanding Commitaward是什么意思英语tee Award for Good Deeds (22)

District Annual Conference Committee

Information Technology Committee

Public Welfare Culclubman是什么牌子车tulions的音标re Research Center

Service CommitteeGST

Community Service Committee

Disability Committee

Student Serviaward是什么意思中文翻译ces Committee

Environmental Services Committee

Medical And Health Commission (Lion Oi Post)

Red Action Committee

Lion Grove Project Committee

Institutional Buildingclubman是什么牌子车 and Law Committee

Lion Enterprise Sclubmedervices Comm深证指数ittee

Lion Care Comm深圳大学ittee

Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee

Honors and Awards Committee

Council on Women and Falions的音标mily Developclub是什么意思ment

Cultural and Sports Committee

Emergency committee


Shenshi News Agencyclubman (Publicity Commitlions读音tee)

Disciplinary committee


4. “Take responsibility Glions读音ood Deeds Committee Award (9)

International Lion Foundation Committee

Shenzhen Lions Club Foundation Committee

China Lion Fund Shenzhen Committee

Finance construction Commclubmed官网预订ittee

Targeted Poverty Alleviation Colionsmmission

Peace Poster Committee

Guide the lion regimentGMT

Stamp club

Shenshi Public Welfare Football Club


Five, “Take responsibility Outstanding Service Team Award (32)

Lord will, yantian, tiancheng, dahuang, Chinese entrepreneurs, checkpoint, happiness, good good, xinan, taian, elite, nameplates, good product, central district, baoan, silver lake, hong ya, cloud sea, burson-marsteller, shajing, shun hinlisten的现在分词g, and cover the land, the son, red libo,listen的过去式 yitian, long-term, high, hlisten1手机版下载ua xiang, fuyong, fairy lake, the pathaward是什么意思英语, mission hills, mileage, yi


Six, “Take responsibilitlisty Outstanlions的音标ding S深圳市最新疫情ervice Team Awarclub是什么酒d (28)

Taoyuan, Fragrant Hill,深圳疫情最新动态 Huatian, Bagua Ridge, spring breeze, Weawardsworthynjin, nature, Lotus Mountain, Bougainvillea, Tai Lai, Pengcheng, Zhongtialions翻译n, Prospectivlisten的过去式e, Longhua, Tongxin, Huahan, Xixialistenng, Bright eye, Haiyue, Phoenix, lily, Hualin,lions是什么意思 pingdi, Jiangshan, Shande, Mingde, Fuai, Linmao


Seven, “Take responsibilitawards翻译y Golisten的ing形式od Deeds Outstanding Service Team Award (8)

Shenlist啥意思zhou, Qianhai, Jingfenlions读音g, Hand-in-hand, Boai, Xili, Datong, Beishan


Viii. Inlion是什么意思terclubsnational Service Actors (9)

Central district, Mileage, Hongli, Xin ‘an,list背单词 Shajing, Huanggang, United, Yantian, Zhuhui


“Be happy anlions的音标d responsible深圳疫情最新消息 As “good400%Mervyn Bell Aw深圳疫情ard


10. “Be happy and responsible As “good2深证指数00%The lion for

Nameplates, good product

11. “Be happy and responsible As “good300%Chlisten的ing形式ina lion prize


12.list翻译 “Take responsibaward是什么意思英语ililionsgatety As “good 100%Chinalion是什么意思 lioawards什么意思n prlisten的过去式ize

Mingjia good product, happiness, Beishan

13. “Take raward什么意思esponsibility Good Deeds Partnership Award (33)

Shenzhawardsworthyen Beautiful Rubik’s Cube Health Investment Group Co. LTD

Shenzhen Qiaoyun Electronics Co., LTD

Shenzhen Pengguangda Nclub翻译ew Clions英语怎么读ity Investment development Co. LTD

Shenzhen Donghai Cheng Investment Co. LTD

Shenzhen Lanjiang Real Estate Dclub是什么意思evelopmentlist Group Co. Llisten翻译TD

Shenzhen Tongqu Inlisten翻译vestment development Co. LTD

Yantian District, Shenzhen Yonaward是什么意思中文翻译g ‘an Community Foundation

Shenlisten翻译zhen Rongda Photosensiclubstive & Techlions翻译nology Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Ruiyu Education Co., LTD

Shenlionszhen Xunyang printing and Packaging Co. LTD

China Japan logisaward是什么意思英语tics trading Hong Kong co., LTD

Shenzhen Jilitong深圳疫情最新动态 Electronics Co. Llions翻译TD

Shenzhen Haun Technology Group Co. LTD

Dongguan Faster Precision Te深圳风险等级chnology Co., LTD

Shenzhen Fureawardsworthykang Electronics Co.club是什么意思, LTD

Shenzhen Junlin ancient tree Tea Co., LTD

Shenzhen Surveying and Mapping Institute (Group) Co. LTD

Shclubmedenzhen Hongda Real Elionsgatestate Development Co. LTD

Shenzhen Yuexiang Jewelry Co., LTD

Shenzhen Hengtong Industrial Co., LTD

Dongguan Dawei Traward是什么意思中文翻译ading Co.,list LTD

Shenzhen Orclubmanigin Ecological Technoshenzhenlogy Co., LTD

Shenzhen Shenbrother Environment Co., LTD

Guangdong Hclub翻译uaguan Fire Engineering Co., LTD

Shclub是什么意思enzhen Shichun Intelligent Equipment Co.lions读音, LTD

Dongguan Nengda Solar Power Co., LTD

Xinxing Property Management (Shenzhen) Co., LTDaward是什么意思中文翻译

Shenzhen Yuchen Dingfeng Tradaward是什么意思英语e Development Co. LTD

Shenz深圳大学hen Ruilin Pharmalistenceutical Co.listen1手机版下载 LTD

Shenzhen Hengwei Container freight Co. LTD

Fast fish Clothing Co., LTD

Guangdong Renren Law Firm

Shenzhen Jumen Cross-border Logistics Technology Co.listen的过去式, LTD

Shenzhen Rongda Technology Co., LTD


14.listen1手机版下载 “Be happy and responsible Good Deeds Sulistenpport Award (16)

Xie Jianwen, Dai Tongxin, Sha Hclubsaiyu, Sun Yun, Wang Jinliang, Zhang Guojun, Xiao Xingping, Zheng Degang, Su Zeran, Wu Xlisten1手机版下载iaoming, Lin Ziyu, Lin Tao, Shi深圳疫情 Jianyong, Tian Wangxing, Ma Min, Wengaward是什么意思英语 Hua


15. “Take responsibility “Good Deeds” Speciclubal Support Award(13)

Zheng Shirong, Yu Zhaward什么意思iyong, Sun Fanglong, Xu Xuezhi, Zhan Feng, Xu Shuguang, Sun Ye, Liu Qingjianclub怎么读g,深证指数 Zhang Dewen, Li Xiaofeng, Hu Bin, Shi Meifang, Zhou Yufeng


16. “Take responslistenibility President’s Companion Award (24)

Lai Zhuoni, NIE Xiangdonglions的音标, Denglionsgate Yi, Zhang Jian, CAI Min, Liao Ronghui, Du Peng, Fang Shilei, Wang Danya, Li Wenqiu, Chen Shaohua, Wu Zewei, Liao Maohua, Chen Qingfeng, L深圳市最新疫情in Yanjuclub翻译, Cao Yan, Zhou Ting, BI Yongtao, Zhaolions翻译 Xiuzhong, Chen Lu, Zhu Daoying, Ye Wenqin, Keng Ke, Tang Xishun


17. “Joy and raward是什么意思中文翻译esponsibility Outstanding Contribution Award for Good Deeds (5)

Wang Dagui, Yu F深圳angfei, Hao Jiatong, Cawards翻译hen Qiong, Zhang Wei


18. “Take responsibilistenlity Outstanding Contribution Award foawards什么意思r Good Deeds (25)

Zhang Huiqing, Li Decan (yet) li, Su Yoshenzhenuhua, ShiJun, Chen and zhang jian-hua su, wearing linhua.she (Dai Jialin), Yang Boyuan, Yu Xiaoping, Tang Quanhui, Zhang Zhlion是什么意思中文翻译ininlistened怎么读g, Cui Xianfeng, Wen Shu refined, Liu Guojiang, xue-gang li, shenaward什么意思g hundred degrees, Ye Ning, Robert Paul leiawards翻译tao, WenYaoLi,深圳疫情最新动态 Su Bing, wang cheng, JiKeLin, Zhao Zhuoni, xiao-wei sun, Wang Song


19. “Be happy深证指数 and responsible Outlionsgatestanding Regional Chairman Award (6)

Zclub是什么酒hang Zheqin, Wei Xinxin, Li Li, Zhao Hui, Gao Ling, Zhou Zhihui


20. “Beaward什么意思 happy and responsible Outstanding District Chairman Alist啥意思ward (16)

Yu Xlist啥意思iaoping, XIONG Qi, LI Xiaoflionseng, Wu Zhijian, PENG Dingkuan, YU Hui, Chen Xu-sheng, Wang Meng-yu, Wu Jin-zhi, Wang Li-na, Dong Jun, Qian Lin, Wanglist Xue-bo, Wang Yi-bing, Huang Yi-qun,lion是什么意思 Tang Xue-yong, Li Chun-ping


21. “Be happy and responsible Outstanding Performance Committee Member Award (8)

Jiang Xiezhen, Zhou Fuhui, Li Chunchang, Ma Feng, Huang Jieling, Lian Chuhai, Kuang Hong, Qi Kelin


22. “Be happy and responsible Good Deeds council Attendance Award (17)

Guo Yongyong, Peng Daojclubmedian, Lai Zhuoni, NIE Xiangdong, Zhang Jian, Liao Ronghui, Fang Shilei, Zhao Hui, Gao Ling, Yu Xiaoping, Li Xiaofeng, Peng Dingkuan, Wu Zhijian, Chen Xulisten翻译sheng, Wang Ha深圳疫情最新消息iyan (Wang Mengyu), Qian Lin (Qawardsian Duoduo), Tang Xueyong


23. “Joy and resplions翻译onsibilit深圳风险等级y Outstanding Captain Award for Good Deeds (club怎么读32)

Zheng Xianke, Xue Weirong, fiveaward是什么意思英语 with Joan, Dlionsgateu Jie, cervical, guang-yu falistenn, Lin Xiaoyi, Wen Zhiyong, Li Jun, persistence, olelundsvendsen, Zeng Lijun, huang Xie Yan, kam-fai lee, Zheng Bochao, lili, g.h, MoWeilist啥意思Heng, Zengaward什么意思 Jiajin, Chen, li gd, BaoRenJie, Wu Guicheng, Sun Ying, ZhenYong before, Chen Ying, Li Xiaofang, Du Sihui, Li Zhou, Chen gang深圳, wang mei harp, Jonathan wong, once force


24. “Be happy and responsibclubman是什么牌子车le Outstandinlisten翻译g Captain Award for Good Deeds (28)

Flower of kudzuviclubmed官网预订ne xu, Huang Yin, Ren Ping, zhang wei, Yao Dan, Luo Cong, Confucianism, Berlin Chen and Wan Xiaoyun, li bi深圳疫情n, zhaward是什么意思中文翻译u pay Xlistened怎么读u Ningning, Chen Weibing, Cao Mei sh深圳地铁线路图ow, li-jian xu,深圳大学 wei-min yan, Yang Chunzhao, FeiJun, TongYan, bosnia-heclub是什么酒rzegolion是什么意思中文翻译vina, by, Fan Meirong, xue-shenzhenfei li, li-ping dai, ZhangYao Town, yong-ping Chen, Huang Yongjian, Chen Ying, Hao Jclubmaniatong


25. “Take responsibility Outstanding Caclub是什么酒ptain Award for Good Deeds (8)

Mima, ZHOU Weiping, LI Bin, ZHANG Ling, XIE Yongli,listen的过去式 LI Jlions翻译中文un, WU Shiyong, YE Hanfang


26. “Be happy and responsible Outstanding Se深圳疫情rvice Corps Secretary of the Year Award (12)

Zheng Xinxin (Hongya), Shlisten的ing形式ao Rongmei (Yishan), Pan Zhiping (Shenzhen Bay), Lu Qin (Xin ‘an), Liu Wenxin (Shang Zhilian), Liu Weifeng (Mingjia Shanpin), Liu Meijiao (Gaoxin), Liang Wenjuan (Hongli), Li Jianchun (Gawardsuan Di), Hu Jianjun (Cenclub翻译tral District), Gan Deqiang (Chinese Businessman), Dang Wei (Hualin)


27. “Joy and responsclubibility Outstanding Serv深圳市最新疫情ice Teamaward是什么意思中文翻译 Financial Award of the Year (1club翻译2)

Zhu Qin深圳天气gqing (mainaward什么意思 association), Huang Zhongawards (Tiancheng), CAI Xiuhua (Guclub是什么意思an Di), Chen Shizhong (Bagua Ling), Yan Hong (Mingjia Shanpin), Liu Youping (Longcheng), Wang Cheng (Yinhu), Ouyang Xiaozhen (Sandwell), Yang Li (Hongli), Kong Xinhua (Yitian), Fan Lclubiangming (Long Term), Zhu Linshan (Xianhu)


28lions读音. “Joy and responsibility Outstanding Performance award for Good Deeds of the Year

Main conference: Huang Shiflisten的过去式eng, Yu Bingdong, Quan Fang

Taoyuan: Duan Minghui, Chen Suping

New Town: Tao Jinbao, Ni Ruimin, Sun Liming

Riversidlionsgatee: Ren Juan, Dou Tietaolions读音

Starting: He Huixuan, Li Lian, Li Longsen,lions读音 Luo Honglin

Blue sky: Huang Bihuan, Liang Qun, Ni Xiaofen

Fragrant Hill: Lei Shengzhu, Du Shaokai

Color field: Zhou Qing dynasty

Charity Collection: Hu Qiongli, Ma Shizhe, Ouyang Dianhong, Cheng Yan

Yanclubmedtian: Yi Lihua, Mo Desong, L深圳大学uo Jinrong, Wu Peiqing, Ma Chalions英语怎么读o

Hua Tian: Zhao Zhuoni, Luo Yan, Huang Xiujin

Eastclubman是什么牌子车 China Sea: Zhao Jinnan, Su Linghua

Tiancheng: Chi Minghui, Lai Jiehua, Shen Xuedan, Li Aikun

Bo bulisten的现在分词siness elite: Liao Yingwu, Liu Huiyan, Tan Guangda

Starting: Wangclub怎么读 Shu, Chang Hongliang, Chen Shijun, Feng Qijiang,listened怎么读 Zhao Jlisten的过去式ixiang, Lin Lihua, Wulisten Baokun, Li Jiang

Seven stars: Gclubmeduan Nan Xuan

Huanggang: Zhong Weiping, Wang J深圳大学inbao,深证指数 Moclub用英语怎么说 Wei

Bagua Rlisten翻译idge: Caolist翻译 Weifeng, Zheng Shunwan

Shenzhen Bay: Pan Shengquan, Tang Ping

Baibei: Song Meihua, Wang Xia

Spring breeze: Wang Xiuying, Liu Peilin

Splendid works: Wang Zhe, Li Chengyu, Su Lijun

Datong: Yang Xiaozhou, Yang Jie, Gai Ying, Yang X深圳地铁线路图iaohong

Wenjin: Luo Cong, Fang Xixiang, Llions翻译中文u Deling

Wutong Mountain: Wei Luan-ying, Chen Lili

Linkedin: Liu Quanshi, Wang Fang, Feng Dazhi

Oriental roses: Zhang Hui-mei, Liu Sheng

Hand in hand: Peng Shilang, Feng Yingying, Xie Qiong

Swelist背单词et Lake: Chen Junming, Li Ping, Xia Weimin, Xu Xiaohui

Nature: Zhu Xinru, Zhang Yi

Hapawardsworthypiness: Zhao Xiaofeng, Jian Wenxilions英语怎么读ong, Wu Shaoyi

Yue Hua: Liu Qixiang, Wu Chunmlist背单词ei

United: Deng Yimin, Huang Guimei, Xia Song

Yishan: Liu Jinlian, Luan Mengmeng

Xin ‘an: Zheng Ziyu, Zha深证指数ng Xiaoxing, Liu Jun, Le Haixian

Lianhua Mountain: Ju Xiaoyu, Fei Zlions翻译hihoclub翻译ng, Yu Lixia

Tian En: Liu Feng, MAO Huaqing

Bougainvillea: Cui W深圳风险等级eiying, Guan Xiaojinlistg, Ma Rongyao

Bijia Mountain: Qiu Jilisten1手机版下载n, He Jian, Kou Yuejing

Tai ‘an: Lei Ya, Zhang Aclubmanihua, Liang Longzhou, Yang Kexin

Sailing: Zheng Rongfu

Lin MAO: Hao Jiatong, Huang Zhulin

Hongyang: Li Xiangdong, Fu Lijun

Shi Ai Football: Yu Qiushi, Gaolions翻译中文 Ling

Elite: Lu Hui, Chi Zengyan, Chen Li

Ming family good product: Zhang Xiulian

Pengcheng: Liulisten的现在分词 Chong, Dclub是什么酒ing Mingdong, Xu Ningning

Baoqing: Wu Song, Zeng Rong

Dadi: Liu Feng, Lei Yong, He Xinru, Hu Yihan

First step: Zhang Honghai, Wei Zhijun, Ding Yihao, Tong Xin

Mi深圳风险等级dhealist啥意思ven: Fang Shilei, Xianclub是什么酒 Zhihui, Wang深证指数 N深圳疫情inclub是什么酒g

Pengbo elite: Sun Weiawards什么意思feng, Jiang Zhenghua, Zheng Zhihong

Ceclub用英语怎么说ntral area: Xie Yan, Yao Jie

Future: Chen Xuehua, Ji Pengmin, Zou Maosen

Long Hua: Yin Xiaoling, Liu Zhimei, Laward是什么意思英语iu Huayun, Guan Zhonghe, Li Tieqiang

Mi深圳风险等级ssion LAN: Peng Xiaozheng, Chen Risong, Duan Yongwei, Zhang Jinsong

Jing Feng: Cao Shunlin, Yi Xinyue, Li Xiaogclubmed官网预订ang

Longcheng: CAI Siwei, Chen Lin, Chen Kaifa, Yin Ruiyang, Yang Zhanhong

Dream: Gu Daoming, Gan Nenglin, Liu Anmlions翻译中文ing

Fukuda: Lin Zhiquan, Ye Shukang, Liu Ming

Xinzhou: Lin Wei, Liao Bojian

Jin Ming Art: G深圳疫情最新消息an Jlist背单词ianjun, Jie Bingying

Jin Pai: Li Xiaoyu

Tang Xuan: Hu Jie, Qi Ying, Lv Guiqin

Bao ‘an: Li Aijun, Zhong Zhiping, Zhang Zhihua

Peace: Zeng Qingsheng, Huang Shanjiao, Zhang Jian

Songgang: Luo Jianwen, Shen Xiaohui, Xiao Weiguangclubmed官网预订

Oct: Ni Xiang, Wang Jinsong, Lin Qinghui

Shells: Hu Xuefeng, Ge Ailian

Jingtian: L深圳天气iu Yumin, Zhu Daoying

Hua Han: Zeng Tao, Suaward是什么意思英语n Leli

Silver Lake: Yuan Shiminlions翻译, Zhou Xiuyao, Liao Jinling, Chen Yancun

Shlisten的ing形式enzhou: Li Jun, Shi Junwei, Wen Xiaosong, Zhang Xiaoliang

Xixiang:clubman是什么牌子车 Wu Xiaoming, Chen Jundongclubmed, Zeng Guanggui, Li Xiao深圳市最新疫情tao

Leshan: Qi Chunxia, Ou Chaoming, Zhang Shihong

Shenzhen Bay: Zhang Kun, Yang Liufen

Hongya: Li Li, Tang Yong, Zhao Li

Mangrove Bay: Zhao Linwei

Bright pupil: Wu Xinlions翻译gming, Liu Bang

Bo Ai: CAI Kanfeng, Liu Tao, Liu Zhiqing

Hua Tian: Zhang Dong, Tian Qiuping

Sea clouds: Duan Changhongclub, Zhao Xueyun

Long letters on the Sea: Lin Zongwen, Chen Sihan, He Zhiguo

Halist啥意思iyue: Li Jlistenun, Lin Lin

One in one: Peng Jiaming, Zhan Shaobin, Zhang Hongxia

Rainbow: Cheng Siu-fong

Song Ming: Huang Meihuan, Chelisten1手机版下载n Hegui

Boya: Mo Weiheng, Li Jilisten翻译anxin, Su Jianhua, Ye Li深圳市最新疫情fen

Salist背单词ndwell: Yu Linlin, Huang Zhiwen

Phoenix: Huang Xiclubmedanying, Li Bizhen

Mount Tai: Yang Yanawardsworthyfeng, Hao Lili, Ju Mingxuan

Spark: Zhao Yang, Hua Guihua

Hua Yuan: Luo Guanqi, Ke Dehai

Xiao Tong: Chen Yuanyuan, Liu Wenying

Lily: Li Jian and Luo Dan

Classics: Zhang Hui, Hu Yan

Xlisten的过去式in Xing: Meng Chun, Qiu Yunna, Su Hongying

Hua Lin: Huang Weijun, Li Xuefei, Xu Jintao

Sh深证指数ang Zhilian: Liu Levellawards怎么读ing, Zhao Bing

Ming Ren: Liu Yan, Chen Kemiao

Zhenhua: Yang Haijun, Lin Chunsheng

Dragon Teng: Wu Xiaoyi

Fu Ai: Tang Zili, Qi Tao, Li Qiaoqiao

Sunshine: Li Jinsheng, Xu Fuxian

Pingslions的音标han: Xie Yifu, Zhang Lixiong, Huang Zhanxiong, Zhang Canmu

Land king: Zeng Xiaoling,lion是什么意思 Li Guodong, He Gang

Zi Meng: Huang Zhaoyi, Li Huishenzhen, Bao Renjie, Luo Huijuan,lions是什么意思 Mo Shaojuan

Jiang Shan: Du Juan, Chen Yongxian

Hong Li: Zhang Jian, Long Yal深圳市最新疫情i

Hua Lei: Lin Junbin, Faawardsworthyn Zhengbin, Yang Jing

Peng深圳天气 Zheng: Zhang Guop深圳天气ing,lions是什么意思 Meng Fan

Yitian: Li Xingyi, Shlisten的过去式i Xiaoping, Wu Zewei

Long term: Ao Fei, Wu Yiying

South China Sea: Liang Guilan, David Li

Taisheng: Xu Hailin, Sun Jiayao

Sihai: Dong Junhua, Li Yao

Gaoxinlisten: Lin Tao, Li Hua, Gu Lihua

Xingzhi: Palionsrty Liyinaward是什么意思英语g, Huang Haiqunclubman是什么牌子车

Hua Xiang: Li Xiaofang, Huang Naxin, Lai Mingfang, Ling Dayun, Liu Chunlan

Fu Yong: Gu Huizhen, Zeng Yanxia, Song Xuemei, He Yuhui

Shande: Hong Zhimin, Pan Zhiwclubsen, Guo Yan

Hua Qiang: Xin Dakui, Huang Xinhuilist啥意思

Fairy Lake: Ye We深圳大学nqin, Tang Xueyong深圳, Yang Yongzuo

Right path: Zha深圳疫情最新消息ng Aiming, He Yajun, Liu Jun, Deng Junjie, Zhu Wenwen

Ming De: Chen Hua, Bu Zhaodan

Beishan: Wang Mingkuan, Wang Shuhua

Qianhai: Hong Weiling, Ouyang Fan

Xili: Xiao Wei, Yang Guoyan

Spring: Yu Fangfei, Luo Man, Waxberry


29. “Joy and responsibility Outstanding Officer of thclub是什么意思e Year award for Good Deeds

Su Zhuangbin, Wang Xiumei, Yang Xin


Huashi Award

doawards翻译nors30Peng Daojian (Yantialions翻译n)

donors20Guo Yongyong (Happiness)

donors18Lu Zhiqiang (Hua深证指数nggang)

donors1listened怎么读0Lin Ziyu (Tai ‘an), Weng Hua (United), Nie Xiangdong (深圳市最新疫情Datong), Yu Xiaoping (Charitlions翻译中文able Collection), Tan Fei (Yalistntian), Liu Chunfeng (Tiancheng), Fan Guangyu (Xianawardsgmi Lake)

donors8Individual: Lian Chuhai (Chinese businessman)

donors7A: Pan Shengquan (Chinese businessman)

donors6Xu Qaward什么意思iubin (Central District), Zheng Huoping (Yinhu),club翻译 BI Yongtao (Gaoxilisten1手机版下载n), Zhao Hui (Xianhu)

donors5A: Tian wang (main), Xue Weirong (sallisten翻译t), long-term flash (salt), Tim cheuclubng (salt), Wang Danya (heaven), Jonathan wong (mileage), wear linhua.she (Chinese), Li Bin (datong)深圳天气, Peng Dingkuan () hand in hand, Cai Min (happiness), Li Zhou (grace)lions的音标, Cui Weiying (Le cuckoo), Le cuckoo service (Le cuckoolisten), Du Peng (taian), xie green rainbow (tea house Shanpin)clubmed, Xiao Xingping (Central District), Llions翻译i Li (Central District), Zhu Feng (lions英语怎么读Jiawards什么意思ng Feng), Li Chunping (Fu Ai)

donors4Wang Xingcai (Xiangmihu), Tang Quanhui (Hongya), Li Li (Hongya), Luo Junlions的音标 (Liangtong), Nie Guolong (Xinxing), Ma Min (Fuashenzheni), Li Yi (Yitian)

donolist啥意思rs3A: Zheng Xianke (main), li xiaofeng (spring), a 24-year-old (datong), Zhang Zheqin () hand in hand, Chen Xusheng (Yang), Zengshenzhen Li (yi), Ms. Wang (Victorialions英语怎么读 towers), Zhu Daoying (ganten)award是什么意思中文翻译, yu-min liu (ganten), Tang Yong (hong), scene Maward什么意思iaoJun (ovaltine), uchiyama k (ovaltine), Ch深圳市最新疫情en Ying (high), good iwslt (high), Deng Yi (high)

donors2A: Zhi-hui zhou (main), Zhu Xuan (main), wu (main), Li Qing (main), Sun Jinghai (main), zhao (main) and wclub用英语怎么说ang yong (taoyuan), xu flower of kudzuvine (taoyuan), wear with xin (color field), li-hclub是什么意思ua yi (salt), Peng Jinlions翻译中文chuan (salt), Wu Jiclubmananren (salclub翻译t), Luo Jinrong (salt), Yi Xiongfei (heaven), Xiong Qi (mileage), Wang Shu (miles) , WenYaoLi (dahuang), Ye Ning (bei), Hu Jiaqi (bei), Chen jing (datong),clubman是什么牌子车 Chen Qingfeng (checkpoint), Wu Jingxia (checkpoint), Zhong Jingwei (checkpoint), Lin Juan (checkpoint), Lin Xiaoclubmedyi (happiness), major liu chenclubmedg (joint), Wen Zhiyoclub翻译ng (yi), Jiang Feng (yi), lau chin lian (yi深圳疫情最新动态), Huang Shaofang (yi), zhi-jian wu (xinan) , Wu Jlistinzhi (xinan), Tracy (Yang), &schwarz (lionclubmed) love football, XiaoXiaoYu (yi), Shi Qiang (yi)list, fres深圳疫情h wisdom (transit), Xie Zhou ling (central), king beauty instrument (mlistened怎么读ission), jian-wen xie (gold), Roy chung (baoan), Zhu Minawards什么意思gjuan (ganten), Yuan Shimin (silver), Jacques: (silver), FeiJun (xixiang), Yang Yongaward是什么意思中文翻译guang (hong), Chenlist背单词 Hong (hong), hua-rong liu (hong), sand (mangrove bay), Mr Lau (bright深圳地铁线路图 pupil), (love) mooring, lshenzheninlin wang lina (shajing), Wang Xuebo (classic) and shlisten翻译ui-ping liu (business), Gao Jing (the love), MengJingYi (the love), Waaward是什么意思中文翻译ng Yi soldiers (the love), zhi-yu zhang (the love), Sun Ying (yitian), ShiXiaoPing (yitian), jian-feng xu (yitian), before Zlions的音标henYong ( Chang Yuan),shenzhen Lei Sicheng (Nlisten1手机版下载anhai), Lin Tao (High-Tech), Sh深圳疫情最新消息an Huachun (high-tech), Wen Yanmei (high-tech), Ma Huada (high-tech), Tang Xueyong (Xianhu)

donors1A: ShiJianYong (main),lions的音标 qing-qing zhu (main), verdict chau (main), ming-hui duan (taoyuanlisten), li fen (tawards怎么读aoyuan), Chen Minle (salt), ottawardso modersohn (salt), lu xu (salt), Li Weislion是什么意思heng (salt), He Qingyun (salt), Ding Hongzhe (salt), Zou Ruitang (salt), d (salt), Ye Shuyuan (salt), meliz (salt), Xie Jian LAN (salt), Hao Jianfeng (salt), ming-qiang wang (a深圳lex), Ren Piclub翻译ng (alex), chan kwong-wing (allionsex), Zhao Zhi (alex), Zhao Zclubman是什么牌子车huoni (alex), Huang Junhong (alex), Wanlion是什么意思g Mingsong (alex), Zeng Xuemei (alex), BaoLi (alex), yong-keclubmed li (alex), Tang Shicai (alex), wu with Joan (heaven), Wen Shu refined (mileage), brilliant red ( Cheng), aggregates (dalist啥意思huang), high m sunaward是什么意思英语 jun (dahuang), Song Fang (dahuang), MuZhenYing (daawards怎么读huang), Yan Ning (dahuang), Chen S深圳市最新疫情huhuan (dahuang), zhang wei (bagua ling), Zhang Feihclubman是什么牌子车ong (Chinese), Chen Yixiang (Chineclubmed官网预订se), Ma Xueyu (Chineseclubs), Ken ng (Chinese), Xia Shlistuang (Chinese), harmony moment (Chinese), rong-shi Chen (Chinese), lai sweet (Chinese), Tang Ping less (Chinese), Chenlisten的过去式 Yujia (Chinese), ZhuoZhenPing (Chinese), xlionsiao-ming ye (Chinese), cold (shell), li Yao Dan (spring), paint the red (spring), ming-yu wa深圳地铁线路图ng (spring), shan-shan wu (spring), tselion是什么意思中文翻译 (splendid), Zhou Fuhui (splelionsnclub怎么读did), CenRuiHong (datong), Zhang Haidao (datong), Tony hu (datong), good wear (datong), shao-long jiclubmed官网预订 (datong ), Luoawardsworthy Cong (Wclubmed官网预订en Jin), Dong Shige (Wen Jin), jiang hong (Wen Ji深圳风险等级n), Xu Bingna (Wen Jin), amith jj (Wen Jin), squarshenzhene fi深证指数ne fraaward什么意思grance (Wen Jlist背单词in), Tang Q深圳ing (Wen Jin), guo yj (get), xu (get), jian-wlistened怎么读ei shi (get), Wei Xin new roses (east), li-li gao (Oriental rose), Wang Yanrong roses (east), lead vocal roses (ealions读音st), hanley (Oriental rose)listen的过去式, cai-fang li rose (east), Ye Junqing roses (east), Yao Melistened怎么读iying roses (eashenzhenst), Loulistened怎么读Shun strength roslist翻译e (east), zhang huimei roses (east), chun-ming Chen (checkpoint), guo-sheng liu (checkpoint), liujun (chelisten的现在分词ckpoint), li (checkpoint), Zhang Zhihong (checkpoint), zheng chong wei深圳大学 (checkpoint), zhu at Colion是什么意思nfucianism (nature) and Chen li Sally (nature), jun-li Yang (nlions翻译ature), Ren Jiulong (nature), SuiXing zhe (nature), Liu Yunhuan (hlist啥意思appiness), Simon li (happiness), xiao-bin Chen (happiness), Zhang Shenlisten的现在分词gzhou (happiness), Cao Jiexiong (happiness)listened怎么读, Wang Jiayin (happiness), Lin Chunhao (happiness), Guo Zhaohang (happiness), Wuclub用英语怎么说 Shaoyi (hlions的音标applistinlions英语怎么读ess), liu wei (happiness), Lin hard (happy) , wen-jing zhang (happclubmediness), sail JianWen male (happiness), d (happiness), ZangWei (happiness), dong yifan (happiness), JiaoJieLong (happiness), Zhao Xiaofeng dragon (happy) (happy), a wall, Chen Zan (happiness), Lin Kailong (happiness), Li Haorui (happiness), Lin Jilistan geng (happlions读音inessawards什么意思), Lin Caihua (hap深圳大学piness), Che深圳天气n Jieying (happiness), ShenXiacluboQin (happiness), qi Huan (joint), Deng Yimin (joilisten翻译nt),深圳大学 Wu Xuanyao (joint), Liu Guojianlions的音标g (joint), yellow cloud (深圳地铁线路图joint), Yang Li (joint), Peng Shicheng (joint), Liulisten的现在分词 Lirong (yi), Shao Rongmei (yi), Yang Zhikai (yilions怎么读), Xu Yang ocean (yi), zhi-hui huang (yi), zhi-hong yan (yi), Daniel chan puclubmed官网预订re (yi), Huang Lisheng (yi), Li Jun ( Xinan), Gao Yuyun (xinan), liujun (xin), yuan-yuclubmanan zhang (xin)list背单词, zhlions英语怎么读eng cui Rong (xin), HongDongawards怎么读Ni (xin), Berlin Chen (lotus)深证指数, ChuBingTao (lotus), 18 li lh (lotus), Wang Xue jiao (lotus), Huang Xiuhai (lotus), Xu Qincheng (lotus), JuXiaoYu (lotus), Liang Weimou (lotus), WuYuQiong (days Grace), hua-qing MAO (grace), guoliang (glions翻译race), liu’s breadth (grace)club, wen-zhu zhang (grace), qiao (grace), ZuoQing (bijia mountain)深圳, Huang Jieling (bijia mountain), NingChunXu (bijia mountlions怎么读ain), yan xiongaward什么意思 (bijia moun深证指数tain), Zlisth深圳大学ou Huiqing (bijiclub是什么意思a mountain), Chen Hulions翻译中文aju (Lin), Peng Hongding macro (Yang), in the autulistenmn stone (lion) love football, have champions le深圳风险等级ague strong love football (lion), peng Fai (lion) love football, lilist bin (tai), Chen Clisten1手机版下载uidan (tai), YangKaiLong (tai), hai-xiong liu (tai), guarantee margin (tai), Zhang Huiqing (tea), Kong Xiaobing (tea), Liu Wanchang (tea), Yang Shihua (tea), Yang Yanye (tea), xing-gang lclubmaniu (tea), add (tea), found Wang Jilions怎么读ning (telistened怎么读a), Li Riqiong (tea), yong-mei zhang (tea), nortlionsh CAI wen (tea), khaawardsworthynh (tshenzhenea), Zeng Lijun (tea), Wang Yiling (tea), yi-hsuan li (深圳疫情最新动态tea), mlist翻译s chang (tea), Hu Hui (tea), Chen jin (tea), Liu Ziqing (tea), Xushenzhen Qiaoli (nameplates Good product), since the fly (tea), liu Jiang Xiaoli (teclub怎么读a), Yan Hong (tea), Zhou Xinzhi (tea), Lu Yijun (tea), Liu Weifeng (tea), Yu Lin bud (tea), FuLiPing (tea), Zhang Zehui (tea), jessie&gin (t深圳ea), wang liang (tea), YanYiJun (home good p深圳市最新疫情roduct ), why to pay such as (earth), webber (yi), Liu Xiaorlisten的现在分词ui (yi), Liao Huiwen (yi), xiao-fen huang (y深圳天气i), Lin Mei (yi), GengXie explistenensive (yi), Weclubmed官网预订i Shaoying (yi), TongXin (深圳地铁线路图yi), zhang (yi), 2 (yi), Jiang Ping (yi), Huang Meilian (yi), boasts (yi), Mr Jenkins (yi), Zhang Luoning ( Step), Chen Ke (top step),club是什么意思 Lu Xiang (top step), Zou Xi (top step), Chen Zhike (top step), Chen Shaohawards翻译ua (top ste深圳大学p), Liao Maohua (top stclubman是什么牌子车ep), Liu Wenqing (top step), Wanlions翻译g Baocai (top step), Jian Enzhi (club翻译top step), Li Na (middle heaven), Yu Hulist翻译i (middle heaward是什么意思英语aven), Dong Shixian (middle heaven),Tony W深圳风险等级en(transit), Annieclub怎么读 (central), Cao Yan (central), should be深圳市最新疫情 yuan xin (central), Xilion是什么意思e Yan (ceclub翻译ntral), Zhang Xuwen (central), chue-fun Chenlions翻译中文 (centlist翻译ral), Yao Jie (central), jun深圳天气piclubsng (central), Hu Shen (central), Wang Xiangb深圳市最新疫情o (centraward什么意思al), Hou Qingkai (central), Cao Mei show (51), jian-guo wu (51), hsueh-hlist翻译ua (future ), zhao (51), Tang Jianrong (51), more achievement (51), Zhao深圳疫情最新动态 Qiu (51), main Kui (51), yong-hong wen (51), proc (51), jin-liang wang (longhua), hong-ying Yang (longhclub翻译ua), hua-yun liuawards怎么读 (longhua), li-jian xu (longhua), Lin l (longhua), jian-dong he (mission), liu Ying (mission), Zhu Weiting (mission), the cardinal loose (mission), zhang ling (Victclub怎么读oria tlisten的现在分词owers), xiao-hong Lin (dream), Minlisten1手机版下载g (dream)lions的音标, Dinclub怎么读g Cuixia (dream), li yan (dream), can深圳 (dream), kamlions-fai li Lin (baoan), Liang Jianxian (baoclub用英语怎么说an),list啥意思 zhang zlionsgateihlions怎么读ua (baoan), Huang Qixiang (baoan), Yang Zijun (baoan), Li Aijun (baoan), QiuJianQing (深圳地铁线路图baoaclubmed官网预订n), Li Weifeng (baoan), Z深圳大学hu Yuaward是什么意思英语nfeng (treasure Ann), Li Haotian (baoan), QiuYuanZhai (matlion是什么意思中文翻译suoka), Wang Weizhang (oct), Luo Yangui (oct), wall, such as zheng (oct), lanxiang (oct), Shi Hailong (oct), Zhu Erholionsgateng (shell), wei-min yan (togetawards翻译her), Yang Chunzhao (han), cell (han), Xu Jinghua (han), for (han), Huang Jiyun (hua han), Zheng Bochao (silver), Liao Jinling (silver), Zhou Xiuclubmedyao (silver), wang cheng (silver), Liu Jiali (silver), Jin Yanfei (xixiang), yan (xixiang), see Huang Sheng (xixianglions英语怎么读) and xu yuan tiger (hong), Zhao Li (hong), Zheng Xinxiu (hong), xiao-yinglions怎么读 dong (hong), Hu Dianjun (hong), XieWenLonshenzheng (hong)clubs, Li Zheng (hong), zhi-ming xu (hong ya ), huang jing (hong), Ye Jlistin (hong), grace ge (hong), wei-guang Chen (hong), Liu Yilin (mangrove bay), maike (mangrove bay), Zhao Linwei (mangrove bay), Li Jiaqing mangrove bay (), for liu bang (bright pupil), TongYan (bright pupil), Sun Mingxia (bright pupil)lions, zhou jj (brigclubmanht pupil), Liao Xiaojuan (bright pupil), xing-ming wu (bright pupilisten1手机版下载l), hu greeter (brighawards什么意思t pupil Berth), Chen Liang (love), yan yong (mooring love), zhou (berth) love, Yu Xiaoping (ovaltine), g.h yunaward是什么意思英语 (sea), Li Kun yun (深圳市最新疫情sea), volare yun (sea)lions英语怎么读, yunlion是什么意思中文翻译 (sea), harvest zheng-hua Che深圳天气n yun (sea), wang hao yue (sea), guo tao yue (sea), Lilionsgate Yigang (haiyue), li (haiyue), Wang Liandong (haiyue), Cindy cheung pie (11), jian-hua su (bm), Tang Xishun (bm), MoWeiHeng (bm)lions翻译中文, Zhou Bingna (bm), hsiao-hua chang (bm), Zhou Bo (bm), Li Wenqiu (shajing), by (phoenix), phoenix service (phoenix), JuZhiGuang (mount tai), Liu Ya深圳fu (mount tai), the mining-team wide (classic), jun-ping li (classic), Zhang Yanli (classic), Chen ( Shun hing), dao-minshenzheng wang (shenlion是什么意思yang), Huang Weijun (shenyang), the party wei (shenyang), jung-kuei Chen (shenyang), Zhong Guiping (shenyaclub翻译ng), Ken tin (business), lrsa (business), Cai Xiaoqin (business), Lin Yuanjie (inscriptiolions翻译中文n nonyl), Li Qilions的音标aoqlions的音标iao (the love), su-mei li (land), He Gang (land), z深圳疫情最新消息hang yan (child), sardonar (chlions怎么读ild), MoShaoclubmedJuan (mask ), Guo Guizhong (Mongolia), BaoRenJie (child), halisten1手机版下载nley (jiangshalisten的ing形式n), ZhangYao Town (jiangshan), Liu Shu (jiaclub怎么读ngshan), yan-feng li (jiangshan), Li Jinqiang (jiangshan), Huang Yiqun chenggang (red), ZhuShuang (peng), Kong Xinhua深证指数 (yitian), Lin Zhou yan (yitialist啥意思n), Wu Zewei (yitian), xiu-zhong zhao (yitian), from (yitian), Zhong Shan (yiawardsworthytian), ZhangBin ( Yitian), Zhang Xiangming (yitian), Yaaward是什么意思中文翻译ng l深证指数ing (yitian), Cao Xiao (yitian), Flions是什么意思an Wenxian (yitian), li wh (yitian), Song Yuhong (yitian), RuChunXu (ylions读音itian), Huang Xuelan (yitian), xiao-mei wang (yitian), xi深圳疫情最新消息ao-ping Chen (yitian), zhang (yitian)list啥意思, Xu Cheng (yitian), Dai Chuanxing (yitian), Li Chi (yitian), wang hui (yiclubtian), microbloggers Yitlistened怎么读ian, Lclubmedi Gaaward什么意思ng (yitian),listen huang yu ping (yitian)listened怎么读, Cui Ming (yitian), Xu Gendi (yitian), Zhou He (yilions的音标tian), ChanYuFang (yit深圳地铁线路图ian), mei-yan li yitian, XingAiHua (yitia深圳天气n), Chen Hua wins (yitian), li (yitian)award是什么意思英语, Zheng Jianhai (long term), xclubman是什么牌子车iao-ling zeng (long term), Huang Tingyin (lolions翻译ng term), Yang W深圳市最新疫情eisong (long term), geoff (long term), Kclubmedwok keung (long term), Hu Hongyan (long term), li jie (long term), WuYclubiYing (long term), AoFei (lolions读音ng term), Fan Liang Ming (long term), Ma Xiujie (long term), the generatilions是什么意思on of notice (long te深圳风险等级rm), YanXiuYing (long term), XiaoLvLing (long term), cao hua jun (south China) and Angellions的音标a (south China sea), wang (high), GuLiHua (high), Chen Dasheng (high),award是什么意思英语 jia children ( High), wen-xian wang (high), Wu Fang (high), Liu Meij深圳ishenzhenao (high), can open (high), liu Wei Chun (high), Wang Shu (high), Hu深圳疫情最新消息ang Lijuan (high), Li Hua (hclub翻译igh), Deng Xin深圳市最新疫情 (high)深圳, Zhang Shengxing (high), the feng (high), Wang Feng (relevant), Yao Li (relevant), the raider (relevant), Fang Lixiong (relevant), hai-qun huang (relevant), Li Xiaofang (hunan), lai to let (lionshunan), Huang Naxin (hunan), Hua深圳疫情最新动态ng Fengge (hunan), xiang-yang liu xiang (China), da-wei huang xiangawardsworthy (China), ling yun xiang (China), Jiang Yuebo (hunan), Li Yihua (hunan), Helen lee (as), Du Sihulions读音i (as), Gu Huizhen (as), Wan Fei (as), Panlions怎么读 Jiaping (as), Sun Gaofei ( Fuyong), yolisten翻译ng-ping Chen (good), HongZhiMin (good), min-na liu (good), ‘(good)listen, zhang (good), pat poon (good), Zhu Hongwei (good), wen-qin ye (fairy laklions的音标e), Li Zhou (fairy lake), Lin Xun overseas Chinese (fairy lake), xu-lions的音标fang sun (fairy lake), Linda (fairy lake), Li Hongmei (fairy lake), liu welionsi (fairy lake), Hua深圳地铁线路图ng Xiaoru (fairy lake), Tang Suhong (fairy lake), there is million (fairy lake), xiao-li zhang (fairy lake), zhao-hui CAI (fairy lake), zhu Lin Sha (fairy lake), chun-gang li (fairy lake), Zheng Ji深圳风险等级ehui (fairy lake), una zhang (fairy lake), Andrew chan (fairy lake), Chenaward是什么意思英语 gang (right), Zhang Aiming (right), whatclub second (right), jun-jie deng (right), who (right), Huang Yongjian (mintaward是什么意思英语eq), zhang feng (minteq), chang-gui li (minteq), Chen (milions怎么读nteq) aclub翻译nd Ylions是什么意思ale (minteq), Jilion是什么意思中文翻译ang Xiezhen (beishan), Wang Mingkuan (beishan), Guo na (beishan), Wang Linghawards什么意思ong (beishan), Sun Xianfu (beishan), Yang ping, beishan, jia Iawards翻译 (beishan), jack wang (beishan), king jumps over (club翻译baward是什么意思英语eishan), Zhang Yongtao (beilisten1手机版下载shan), XiaoYu (beishan), shu-hua wang (beishan), week bears Yan (深圳大学beishan), zhi-hua深圳疫情最新动态 hu (beishan), yan-min gao (beishan), Zhou Minghua (blionseishan), bao-feng wang (beishawardsworthyan), choi Dan (beishan), wide Hoshenzhenu Shan (beishan), Zhong Meiqiang (blion是什么意思eishan), Wang Liting (beishan), XianHui mei (ilistnitiated), leaf Chinese prclub是什么意思escription (initiated), zhao gen (initilist翻译ated), LinWanLiang (initiated)lions是什么意思, Zhang Yanchen (initiated), Zheng Huilan (initiate深圳风险等级d)深圳疫情最新消息, cheung chi Ning (Xili), Yang Guoyan (list啥意思Xili), Wei Demin (Xili), Xlionsiao Yujclub怎么读ing (Xili), Zeng Meixiang (Xili), Zhou Guoxiong (Xili), Chen Yeqin (Gospel), Yu Fangfei (Splistring)

31. The Lion Award

donors53Zheng Degaward是什么意思中文翻译ang (Pengzheng)

donors5X: Xiao Xlions是什么意思ingping (Clions是什么意思entral Distrclubmedict)

donors4Peng Daojian (Yantian), Ma Min (Fuai)

donors3Zhang Huiqing (Mingjia Shanpin), Liu Wanchanglisten的ing形式 (Mingjia Shanpin)

donors2Zeng Lijclubsun, Xie Luhonglion是什么意思中文翻译, Li Riqiong, Zhang Xlion是什么意思中文翻译iulian, Liu Zifei, Chen Jin, Wang Yibing, Lin Tao, Yuan Shimin, Lu Zhiqiang, Huang Gang

donors1A: Jiang Xiaoli (tea), Yan Hong (tea), Liu Weifeng (listen翻译tea), yun-yan liu (tea),shenzhen jessie&gin (tea), Wang Jining (tea), Yangaward是什么意思中文翻译 Yanye (tea), add (tea), found Zhang Zelisthui (tea), Hu Hui (tea), Lu Ylions是什么意思ijun (tea), FuLiPing (tea), Xu Qiaoli (tea), Zhou Xinzhi (tea), xing-gang liu (tea), Yang Shihua (tea), yong-mei zhang (tea), north CAI wen (tea), yi-hsuan li (tea), Wang Yilawardsing (tea), khanh (tea), Yu Lin bud (tea), Kong Xiaobing (tea), Zhu Daoying (ganten), dan深圳疫情最新动态hua, spring (high New), BiYongTao (high), Wei Chun (high), jian-dong he cardinal (mission), pine (mission), Zhao Nian true (honglion是什么意思), Zhao Yanping (hong), Guo Jianhui (hong), Xie Bin (hong), he (wong), Lin Xiulong (hong), zhi-ming xu (hong), Roy chung (baoan), Zheng Bochao (silver)

32. The Mervyn Bell Award

donors6X: Xiao Xingping (Central District)lions怎么读

donors5A: Nlionseptune (Main council)

donors4Ma Min (Fu Ai), Chen Zhike (topawards翻译 step), Zhao Tao (top step), Geng Yi (top step)

donors3Geng Xiegui (first step), Zheng Degang (Pengzheng)

donors2Chen Ying (Gaoxin), Lu Z深圳大学hiqiang (Huanggang)

donors1A: Zhu Daoying (ganten),clubman jin-liang wang (longhua), Lin Tao (high), license (child), MuZhenYing (dahuang), Yan Ning (dahuang), Ken tin (business), zhao (main)list背单词, Hu Xiaorong (main), hanley roses (east), Ma Wei (clubceclub是什么酒ntral), Roy chung (baoan), Chen Shuhuan (dahuang), Zeng Li (yi), XiaoXiaoYu (yi), webber (yi), Liu Xiaorui (yi), Liao Huiwen (yi), xiao-fen huawardsanglions翻译中文 (yi), Lin Mei (yi), Zhu Clistened怎么读hangyong (yi), Wei Shaoying (yi), TongXi深圳n (yi), zhang (yi), 2 (yi), Jiang Ping (yi), Huang Meilian (yi), boaslistened怎么读ts (yi), zhang kclub用英语怎么说un (yi), Zhang Luoning (yi), Chen Keaward是什么意思中文翻译 (yi), Lu Xiang (yi), Zou Xi (yi), jinsonglist啥意思 zhang (yi), wave Zhu Ji (lions是什么意思yi), c. (yi), Liao Maohu深圳疫情a (yi), liu (yi), RaoYongXia (yi), hong-hai zhang (yi), ji-hong xie (yi), huang (yi), Ding Yihao (yi), bao-cai wang (yi), WeiZhiJun (yi), qing-slistong hu (yi), JianEnZhi ( Step), Xiao Hairoawards怎么读ng (top step), Zhai Ping (top step), Shi Qiangclub怎么读 (top step), Sha Sha (Toclub翻译p step), Jin Jie (Top step),clubman是什么牌子车 Tian Wangxing (Main mclubmaneeting), Sun Yun (Huanggang), Chen Huaju (awardsLin MAO), Wen Yaoli (Huanggang), Chang Hongllion是什么意思iang (Guan Di), Li Wenlions的音标qiu (Manho深证指数le), Lei Sicheng (South China Sea)


33. Individuallistened怎么读 A深圳nnual Public Welfare Donation Award (13)深圳大学

Lu Zhiqiang, Tian Wangxing, Liu Lian, Lian Chuhai, Shi Junwei,深圳市最新疫情 Chen Qingfeng, Chen Qiong, Fan Guangyu, Yao Yuan, NIE Xiangdong, Weng Hua,listened怎么读 Peng Daoawards翻译jian, CAI Min





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