The opening ceremony and the first training session of the charity football Training Camp for children of disabled people and "Little Lions" were held successfully

On September 11, 2021, the inaugural ceremony and the first training session of the "Happy Dretraining什么意思am, The Ball is Accessible" charity football training Cafirst青年电影展mp for children of disabled people and "Little Lions" was held in the football field of Shenzhen Crown Sceremony翻译ports Center. Thisfirst是什么意思 activity is directedsession by Shecampusnzfirst怎么读hen Dtrainingisabled Persons' Federation, sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club, organized by Shenzhen Lions Charityfirst青年电影展 Football Club, Shenzhen Lions Love Football club, Tongxin, Hualin, Huahan, Business Zhilian, Jinming Artceremony造句, Xixiang Service Team, and Mengyuan Grechildren是单数还是复数en Youth foocampbuddytball training Institution. Co-organized by sea Lions Footbaopening是什么意思ll Club, Crown Sports Center, Shenzhen Liocharity怎么读ns Club Wutong Mountain Service Team, Zeng Xuelin Football Club and Liu Yunfei Goalkfirsteeper Base. This activity aims to care and help the children of diceremony怎么读sablcharity音标ed people in Shechildren怎么读英语单词nzhen through the free professional youth football training, and give back to the children ofirstlyf Shenzhen Lions Club lion Frienopeningds (nicknamed "Little Lion"),ceremony用什么介词 who have beechildren怎么读英语单词n struggling in the front line of public welfare allcamp是什么意思英语 year roundfirsthand, so that they can realize their dreams and harvest the happy sunshine of tcampaignhe weekend!

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Wechat picture _20210912123820.jpg

Shenzhen lion of jin-liang wang, sand, dai xin, depuopening的用法ty secretary-general of WenYaoLi, Li Chunchang, partition, Lin Xiaoyi, wei-min yan, liu guoliang, Zhu Hongwei, supervisors Zhang Zheqin, Wang Xuebo, deep lion charity football club chairman Wang Songopening是什么意思, deep lions, publicceremony用什么介词 welfare, chairman of the football club was founded, the total project as a whole, &schwarz, executive chairman had strong, Sun Jinghai, Wang Shangfeng, too, jiang Cao Linling, lion in al hainan offichildren是什么意思ce before long picket, sea lions Wang Tianfeng, chairman of the footopeningball club was founfootballerded, the lion union repcharity的动词resentative offices in sichuan, Cao Yu, vice Precampbuddysident of the footballfootball造句 club in the lion union representative offices in sichuan embellish good service captain Gao Yuan as well as the chairmcharity-mindedan of the committee, service representatives, "lcampbuddy教官线ion" loving peopcharity的内涵意义le and society to participate in the activities.

Li Daihua, secretary general of Shenzhen Sports Industry Association, Jiao Zhongli, chairman of Crown Sports Cchildren怎么读英语单词enter, Chen Yiming, Liu Yunfei, ditraining翻译中文rector of Shenzhen Evefootball音标ning News lsession过期i Xiaobin, Director of Shenzhen TV Sports Channel Jin Donghe, Informationfirstly director of Shenzhen News Network finance Department Wang Zhimiopeningbz逃跑辅助ng, Directorfirst of Hong Kong Commercial Daily Shenzhen Reporter Huang Fengming, Dream round green youth football traininfootballerg organization general manager coach Zhang Qian, youth advisory 刘犇 Zeng Xuelin Xue Ziwei, deputy secretary-children's day翻译general of the ball friend will, on behalf of zhanfirstname填姓还是名g ting qi moutai co. LTD., thcamp是什么意思英语e disabled athletes, "magic football boy", the love of the good footbopening-upall training camp project ambassadorsession是什么意思, deep lions, public welfare football club players He Yiyi honor to attend the activity.

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Shefootball英语怎么读nzhen Lions 2021-2022 captain team brought the opening dance "hot la dance" affootball翻译ter the warm-up, the dream of green youth football training institutions zhang Qian head coach and coach team and "magic boy" He Yiyi led the dream of green small players to perform wonderful football show.

Shenzhen lions public &schwarzfirst怎么读, chairman of the football club fsession翻译ounded, "dresession的中文意思ams of joy, the ball will be" service activity is an innovative, unique, sustainable publicharity是什么意思c welfare football projesessioncts, plans to give thtraining造句e public training of twice a month, during the weekcampsiteends resopeningpectively held in shceremony翻译enzhen things two arefootball是什么意思a, designed to allowceremony复数形式 more children harvest the joy of soccer practicechildren是什么意思. He introduced that the coaches of this project are all professionals who havchildren翻译e obtained the national youth coachchildren音标 qualificatioopeningsn certificate. If the talented young studentcampwithmoms are focharity宽容的爱und in the activities, they will be recomsession是什么意思mended to professional clubs or provincial and provincial teams, shenzhong, Cuiyuan, Nanerwai, Yucai anceremony同义词d other traditional football schools for further study. In addition, the project will establish shenzhen's first physically disabled football team, and suchildrenpport shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation football team for the mentally distraining造句简单abled and the mentally convalesced, and Shopening翻译enzhen deaf football team.

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Dai Tongxin, former president of ccFA, said that the "double reduction" policy of the Ministry of Education is being continuously promoteceremony复数形式d, so cfootball是什么意思hildrenfootball和soccer区别 ccampwithmoman hfootball音标ave more time to run on the football field. "This activity is a transmission of locampbuddyve, we let children feel love, children will learn to love others."

Wechat picture _2021091212382025.jpg

"China's men's football team lost to Australia and Japan in a row in the Asian preliminary matches of the World Cupsession和cookie, whcamp是什么意思英语ich impressed me deeply -- we are too short of good football talents," said Chen Yiming, a renowned Chinese soccer player Football is the number one sport in the world, and it should start from a child. I hope there will be more public welfare activities like this so that more children in China can have the opportunity to play fooopeningtball and fall in love with it."

The opening ceremony and the first training session ended in a warm atmosphere and the activity was a complete success. Young strong is strong, looking forward to the near future, the children gallop green, win glory for tceremony和celebration的区别he country.


[Text] Zuo Yunfei

[Photo] Chen Weiming

[Edit] Su Jianhua, Puopeningbz逃跑辅助blicity Committee; Officecampbuddy Ma Huijuan Hu & NBSP; grey

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Liofootball音标ns Club Office

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