Long-term Service Team: Hold the fifth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On January 17, 2020, the fifth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club long Term Service Team fhold键是什么功能or 2020-2021 was held onteamo the 3rd floor of Nanyang Changsheng Restaurant, OCT Building, Nanshan District. Long-term service team captain Zhen Yon龙族5gqian, the last captain Zheng Jianhai, the first vicemeeting怎么读英语 captain Zeng Xiaoling, the second vice captain Guo Qiang, the third vice captain Yang Weisong, secretary Wu Yiying, financial fan Liangming, general affairs Ma Xiujie, zhou Jun, captain team members Ding Renjie, Huang Thold的过去形式ingyin, Fan Liangmiteamsng and othold键是什么功能her 32 people attended the meeting. Wei Xinxin, chairman of The second Zonfifthse of Shetermnzhen Liotermns Club, Huang Yiqun, chairman of tfifth的缩写he 16th Zone and Sun Mingxia, executive chairman of the Community Service Committee attenhold的过去式和过去分词ded the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Fan Liangming and presided over by Zemeetingng Xiateams手机版oling.

Formefifthsr Captain Zhen yong introduced and reviewed the activities that the long Term Service team pmeetingtencentcomarticipated in and held this year, especially made a summary report on the inauguration ceremoterm怎么读ny, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the lion friends who participated in and donated to the sponsorship.

Fan Liteamoangming, chairman of the general Assembly, introduced the financial income and expenditurefifth基数词 of the service team, showing the opennesshold and trhold键是什么功能ansparency of the financial affairs of the service team.

Former captainservice翻译 Zhen yong's next work plan, includingregular yunnan Honghe County student aid plan, loserviceng-term serviceservice怎么读 team red action plan, etc.

Chairman Huang Yi龙族qun gave a 40-minute training session on "Why to join a public welfare orghold过去式anization". Chairman Huang Yiqun, combining his own experience in public welfare and philanthropy, analyzed the theories of humanity, the emotional basis ofteampro human beings and human needs, anteam是什么意思翻译d then introduced the value ateamnd ideal of pholderublmeetingsic welfare orgregular的名词anizations -- solvinregular反义词g social problems. Through this trainitermiteng, participants realized the nature of public welfare organizations and the significance of joining them龙王传说, afifth怎么读英语nd found a sense of belonging from iregular反义词t. The ihold键是什么功能nvited guests were also deeply affected.

Figure 4. JPG

President Wei Xinxin delivmeetingyou是什么意思ered a speech to extend best wishes to the service team and the club members.

Article/photo & have sregularly意思中文翻译pent Long term service team contributions

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