Tiancheng Service Team: hold the 12th captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On June 5, 2019, the 12th Captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Tiancheng Service Teaservice翻译m for 2018-2019 was held in Tiancheng House, Building A, Meilin Zhuoyuehteamworkui, Futiateams手机版n District. 20 people attended th桃花源记翻译e meeting, including Wang Danya, deputy head of the Teachers’ League of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, Chi Minghu桃花源记i, captain of the Tiancheng Service Team, Yao Yong, captain of the last team,holding Chen Hengbing, deputy captain of the first team, Whold翻译u Manqiong, captain of the second service team, Che Yongjin, captain of the foundincaptain翻译g team, Li Hui,captain缩写 Secretary Shen Xuedan, and Financial stick Yida. Jiantianchengg Xiezhen, deputy head of the lecturers, Wang Yibing, Qiu桃花源记 Hengying and Li Li attended the meeting. The meeting was chteamvieweraired byregularization Chen Hengbing as chairman.

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Before the meeting, Wang Danya, deputy head of the team, Chi Minghui, gave lessons to the lions. Chi Mservice怎么读inghui led everyone t桃花源记o learn the lion song, and explained the core of the ltianchengion spserviceirit, so that the lion friends understand the meaning of theteams corresponding sign language when playing and singing tcaptain喵队长微博he lion song. Wang Danya, deputy head of the group, delivereregular翻译d a speech titled “Vision, Missiteams会议on and Values”, starting from thregularizatione story of “thre天秤座男e stonemasons” and combining the development of world-renowned enterprises and lions Club, explaining that different missions can create completely different life experiences. At the same timemeetings, she led us to play the game of “list of values”, so that we could know our tholdrue commitment in the process of choosing and choosing. She alsoteam shared five steps for the development of the service team and the belief system of the company, guidinregularityg lion friends to establish common values in the team.

The team leader reviewed and approved the huaiji Lengkeng Precision Assistance project and other resolutions at th天秤座最怕什么星座e meeting.

Aholdt the regular meeting, Shen Xuedan reported the prservice的名词ogress of the last team meeting. Thanks to all lion club membservice怎么读ers for their outstanding pservice是什么意思中文翻译erformance in the may financial bulletin, the service team won the distrserviceict council award. Chen Hengbing, the first vice captain, introduced the arrangement of pacaptain的意思ying tribute to the last captain and meizhou studeservice怎么读nt aid activities. Other participating lions also made speeches and made suggestions for the development of the service team.

Two prospective lioteam什么意思n friends wameetingyou是什么意思ng Yi and Liang Yan joined the Tiancheng Service team after participating in the service team activities for many times. They are grateful for the lion spirit for their food and look forservice怎么读ward to getting more abundant life experience with everyone on the public welfare road.

New lion friends added 2.jpg

Chi Minghui, captain of the teateamom, made a summary speech to explain the work of the service team transition and summed up his harvest and understanding duriservice的名词ng the term of the team leregularityader. He hoped that in the天秤座和什么星座最配 New Year, under天秤座 the leadership of t天秤座男he captain designate Chen Hengbing, thcaptain音标e work of the semeetingsrvice team would be carteams会议riethoughd out in an orderly manner and keep innovatingcaptain的意思 and making progress in the inheritance of excellence.甜橙

After the meeting, all the participants cut the cake to ce天秤座女lebrate the lion friend’s birthdayregularization in June, which was full of friendship and warmth.  

Text/Picture Wang yi

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