High-tech Service Team: held the 11th regular meeting of 2018-2019

On May 29, 2019, the 11th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in No. 83, Baomin 2nd Road, Xixiang Street, Bao 'an District. Former president of Shenzhen Lions Club Lin Tao, Deputy Secretregularly意思中文翻译ary Deng Yi, chairman of the ninth District Chen Qunhao, captain of high-tech service Teamhighway Wen Yanmei, first vice captain Ma Huateams手机版da, second vice catechniquesptain Deng Xin, secretary Cregular什么意思hen Ying, finance Wang Wenxian and other 18 peopregular的所有形式le attended the mregularly意思中文翻译eeting. The meeting was chaired by Ma Huada, Wen Yanmei.

High-tech 11 regular meeting photos 14. JPG

At the meeting, Ma Huada asked for suggestions on the replacement of high-tservice翻译ech service team in July. After discussion, lion friends beliemeeting腾讯会议ve tmeeting是什么意思hat the tranthinsition process should be standarhighlightdized and simple, and the transitionregular翻译 ceremony should try to be simple but not shigh怎么读imple. Suheld的意思是什么bsequently, Majada briservicemanefly introduced the prregularityeparation proghigh是什么意思ress, work arranserviceablegement, participation in the service team and service fund raising.

Under the initiatiheld过去式和过去分词ve of former Prthinesident Lin Tao, the fourth captain teamteamo meeting of highregular反义词-tech Service Team passed the regulatioservice的名词ns on the management of high-tech service team memmeeting怎么读英语bers, and lion friends said they would abide by them. At the meeting, we also discussed the joint meizhou education aid activities of Gaoxin and Huaqiang service teameeting是什么意思中文翻译m at the end of June.

Photo of the 11th meeting of High-tech 32.png

Deng Xin,meeting腾讯会议 Chen Ying, liu mei jiao share the lions stand-inregular反义词 training in shenzhen, respectively, said will be guided by the zone will be asked to carry out theteams手机版 w通货膨胀下什么最保值ork, keep the traditional service projects, services, create more suitable fhighlyor the high servithoughce quality training and pay attention tregularly意思中文翻译o team members personal quality promo特长tion, let us return to high and new, can really "happy happy, happy. Under thetechnique advocacy of Pan Wei, the high-tech service tmeeting翻译eam successfully set up a care group, and many lion friendsheldback joined.

High-tech 11 regular meeting photos 17. JPG

Finally,high是什么意思 we sent warm birthday wishes to Chen Qunhtechao, Wen Yanmei, Zeng Hanfeng特长 and other lion frthiends who had their birthdays in May. The meetmeetingtencentcoming ended with ahighway lhighlightot of love and positive energy.

High-tech 11 regular meeting photos 30. JPG

 High-tech 11 regular meeting photos. JPG

The text/Chen Yinghighest

Photo/Liu Meijiao, Yao Xiaoming


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