-- Information Technology Committee held the third regular meeting of 2021-2022

On September 18, 2021, the third regular meeting of information Technology Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club (2021-2022) was held in NEO Building, Chegongmiao, Futian District. Mr. Yao Li, chairman oregular是什么意思英语f information Technology Committee of Shenzhen Lionsheld是hold的什么形式 Club, Mr. Jian Wenxiong, Mr. Zhao Jinnan, Mr. Xie Yongli, Mr. Qiu Hengying, Mr. Xu Gehua, and Mr. Fang Lixiong, assistacommittee是什么意思nt of chairman li Wen attended the meetingcommittee是什么意思. The meeting was chaired by Yao Li. The meeting was chaired by Jian Wenxiong and Qiu Hengying.

At the meetingcommittees, Li Wen explained the general timuphelde of information system prthird的基数词oject deployment and work overview; Yinformation可数吗ao Li introduced the division of latechnologybotechnologyr, meeting systemregularly, preparatory discussion for the launching ceremony,committee是单数还是复数 funinformation和message区别ction orientation of the INFORtechnology翻译MATION Technology Committee,information怎么读英语 etc. Xie Yongli explained tregular反义词he cultural constructiheld过去式和过去分词on of information Technology Committee; Chien Wenxiong elaborated the information technology committee system brief inheldbacktroduction.

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At the meeting, it was determined that the information Technology Committee would be composed of five executive chairmen resheld是hold的什么形式ponsible for publicity, care, picketing, ginformation和message区别eneral affairs, fellowship and finance respectively, with the support of invited concommittee造句sultants and the chairman's assistant. At the same time, the five executive chairmen are responsible for the affaimeetingtencentcomrs of each district and the relatedcommittee和commission affairs of each districtthird什么意思 committee.

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The meeting discussed the causes of system construction, designregular什么意思 principles, functional planning Outlines, etc.

According to the conference, the cause and goal of the system under construction is to solve the current difficulties in communication and coordination, to use science and technology to empowinformation翻译er "organized charity", and to enhance the contribution of Shenshi charity to society. The design principle can be summarized as "people-oriented science and technology". Based on the outline of "Four out", shenshi realizes the coordination and linthird是什么意思英语ks at all levels, as well as the publicity and displaheld中文y effect at different levels. Allheld of these are based on a design princommittee中文意思ciple: people-oriented, focusiinformation翻译ng on user experience.

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The meeting proposethird音标d that the INFORMATION Technology Committee will be gradually expanded and implemented in stainformation是可数名词吗ges according to the urgency and importance of the needs. After signing the contract with the system developer, the technical ptechnology怎么读英语ersonnel further contact with each unit to refiregular的名词ne thinformation翻译e requirements; The objective law of information system is "the more you use, the more you demand". The infoheldbackrmation Technology Committee encourages all departmtechnology什么意思中文ents of Shenzhen Lions club to provide active support, patience and tolerance.

The Information Technolthird是什么意思英语ogy Committee reported on the advance workinformation是什么意思中文. First, extensively investigate different forms of technology and platform, visit tregularizationo understand the application development pregular是什么意思英语artners; Second, give up the form of solidified software customization, embrace the open platform and initial wechat enterprise edition, in ordethird翻译r to ecommittee是单数还是复数nsure future scalability, while greatly reducing initial constructthird翻译ion and use costs; Thirdly, sample servicetechnology什么意思中文 team and committee were selected for demand research, and demandthird怎么读 documents were sorted out. Fourththird音标, the tender negotiation is completed, and the contract text is formed, and passed the internal legal reviheld怎么读的ew.  

The meeting made arrangements for the next step: first,regular是什么意思英语 actively promote the signing of contracts with application developers to push the pcommittee和commissionrojecheld的原型t to the substantive progress and implementation stheldage; Second, the exeregularlycutive cheld的意思是什么hairman should strengthen communication with each region and committee and select the pilot service team; Third, strengthen the internal construction of the Information Committee, standardize the meeting process, and continue to attract ccommitteeompetent and responsible lion friends to jthird的基数词oin.

In the future, the Information Technology Committee will cotechnology翻译ntinue to strmeetingengthen exchanges with various service teams and spethird怎么读英语cialized work organizations and maketechnologyinreverse课件 contributheld的意思是什么ionsthird to the public welfare through technology empowerment. At the same time, we sincerely invite youthird to join the information techregular反义词nology committee and look fregular的名词orward to working with yoregularu!

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