"Enjoy your Health and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival" -- The Medical and Health Commission organized a garden tour for the Month of Health and the Mid-Autumn Festival

On September 16, 2021, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. In order to let inpatients feel the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festifestival英语怎么说val and the care of thautumn翻译e hospital, the Medical and Health Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club initiated the The two service teams, including Fuai, cooautumn简谱perated wihealthy的副词th shenzhen Second People's Hospital (he蜜袋鼯reinafter referred to as "The Second Hospital") and Shenzhen Longgang Chunwarm Social Work Servhealth2破解版无限ice Center to publicize and popularize healthcelebrate怎么读 knowledge, leukemia and otherenjoyed disease knowledge in the Hematology acommissionednd oncology departments of the Second Hospital, hoping to help promote the construction of the humanistic environmecelebrate是什么意思nt of the hospital. The service expenses are 1240.26 yuan.

On the day of tmidihe actenjoy的过去式ivity, Mr. Tang Quanhui, chairman of the Medical and Health Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Du, director of the Department of Hematology, and other rehabilitation patientcelebrate怎么读s sent their Mid-Autumn Festival wishes,autumn的同义词 whifestival前用on还是atch made all the patients present deeply feel the care, wyoursarmth ancelebrate的名词d encouragement from all sides. Love enterpyourselfrise Dongguan City Jiefei haienjoyr Products蜜多多app下载ios Co., Ltd. forcelebrate过去分词 leukemia patients to sencelebrate读音d wigs, the scene of a bald boy directautumn怎么读ly put on, wecommission翻译 all smilenjoymented and said: "it is a handsome boy."

Patients received wigs as gifts

A handsome guy in a wig

In the hematology department, patients were divided into three gfestival是什么意思roups to participate in an intense and fun game. "Guess lantern riddles" let everyone experience the Mid-Aautumn和fall的区别utumn festival cenjoy用法ustom and understand the蜜多多app下载ios health knowledge; "Huru" let everyone experience the fun of ancient games; "You than I guess," the patient's all-out ef悠然的意思fort to draw the scene burst into laughthealthyer; "Monkey Fishing moon" clip pinbalfestival前用on还是atl necommissioner翻译rvous stimulation, but also exercise hand flexibility. After the game, the patients made handmade lanterns and talked about the customs of their hometown. Although they could not get together with their family members, but thousands of miles away to celeb迷迭香rate the Mid-Autumn Festival, patients have said that the Lion Club's Mid-Autumn festival care makes people feel excited, must overcome difficulties, over密度公式come the disease.

In the oncology depmedicalartment, the social workcommission和committee有什么区别ers led everyone to guess the lantern riddles with their brains, and the atmosphefestival是什么意思re of the scene rose with the movement of body and braenjoymentin at the same time. Patients actively participate in the small game, showing a high degree of hand-eye coordination. Inautumn怎么读英语 theyours pyourselfrocecommissionedss of making lenjoy的过去式anterns by hhealth2live官网and to pray for blessings, socia悠然的意思l workers distributed lanterns icelebrate用法搭配n the shape of moon, flowers andenjoy stars witcelebrate读音h Mid-Aucelebrate过去分词tumn Festival characteristics to patients. They actively worked together to not only finish thcelebrate读音eir own works, bhealth2海外官网下载ut also cooperate with each other to help other patients make lanterns, which promoted the friendshi油然而生p betwcommissioner翻译een patients. After the comedical翻译mpletion of prohealthyduction, we happily took a photo with the lanterhealthy的副词ns made by ourselves. After the meeting, lionmedical翻译 friends scommissionerent moon cakes to patients, wish them a happy holiday, a speedy recovery.

8. Activity group photo. JPG

On September 18, 2021, sponsored by Shen游刃有余zhen Lions Club Medical And Health Committee, the Centralmedical翻译 District, The Long Term Service Team and the Comfort Center of The Lion Locommission翻译ve Station omedical翻译f The University of Hong Kong shenzhen Hospital (hereinafter referred to as "HKU Hospital") held a Mid-Autumn Festival sympathy activity in HKU Hospital. The service cost is 1,500 yuan.

Huang Tingyin, Chen Heng, executive chairmen of Shenzhen Lions Club Menjoyededical and Health Committee, Zyourselfeng Xiaoling, former team leader Zheng Jianhai, Hu Hongmei, Wang Xiaoli, CAI Xiulun; Zhanmiddleg Xuwen, former captain of the central Secelebrate和congratulate的区别rvice team, wang Xin, lion friend and others attended thcelebratede activity. Shiyou went to shiai Station tcelebrateo make hand-made ice cakes with icelebrate和congratulate的区别npatients acommission什么意思nd medical staff of tumor center. The completion of each mooncake represents the coopcommission什么意思eration and emotional support of everyone, and it is a great fun.

Wmidhether we are in tough times or in good times, we should not forget that joy and happiness are the colors that accompany our life all the way. We should feel and cherish tmiddlehem tomedical是什么意思gether. I wish every patient a speedy recovery. I wish you a long andhealth2破解版无限 lasting life.


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