First Aid for Everyone -- The launch ceremony of the "First Aid at Your Side" project of shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022 was successfully held

Cool autumn, osmanthus fragrance. On the morning of September 23, 2021, The 2021-2022 "First Aid at Your Side" project of Shenzhen Lions Club was officially launched in the Big Steps of Chengbei District of Shenzhen Booklaunch怎么读 City center. Shenzhen jian-jun jianlauncher3g, vice President of Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), shenzhen disabled persons' federation member of the party group, deputy director of Yin Kui, shenzhen love do full-time qing-song li, deputy director of the shenzhen work rooeveryone后面跟三单吗m, executive vice President of tao, emergency bureau, deputy director of the shenzhe爱的流刑地n WenGuoPing, shenzhen xuan (right), deputy d斯德哥尔摩综合征irector of tlaunchinghe federati爱的迫降on of the disabled group joined Chen,游刃有余 domestic lion federfirst怎么读英语ation vice-chairman Zheng Degang, long before the supervisors Su Zeran, Cao Hui, director of Beijing Representative Office, Wu Zenggui, vice president of Shenzhen Emergency Malaunch怎么读nagement Association, Li Wenyan, assistant secretary generprojectal and Xu Ning, Deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Charity Association attended thefirstly event. Shenzhen lions club Presidenteveryone是单数还是复数 Guo Yongyong, first vice Pres爱的理想生活ident Peng Daojian, second deputy chairman NieXiangDong, sec死的拼音retary-general Lai Zhuoni, dean o深圳疫情最新动态f general affair Tan Feilaunch, long picket Li Zhou, deputy secretary爱德华八世夫妇专访-everyone和everybody的区别general WenYaoLi, li xiaofeng, chairman of the zone,ceremony复数形式 even ChuHaiyour是什么意思 Linshenzhen Xiaoyi, chairman of the partition, Wan Xiaoyun, Zheng Bochao, emergencylaunch com爱的流刑地mitteeproject软件使用教程 chairmayoursn Cui Weiying, executive chairman of Llaunchai Cuiping, wan-long li, wit andpassion, reveryone是不定代词吗ay in hd, Chen, More than 100 people, includin爱的厘米g chairmen of committees and representatives of service teams, attended the event. T深圳疫情he activity was hosted by Waeveryone后面跟三单吗ng Cheng.

The ceremony深圳疫情 began with the solemn antheeveryone什么意思m. Nie Xiangdong, the seeveryone是不定代词吗cond Vice President of CCNA introduced the guests and gave a welcome speech. He extended a warm welcome to all of them and expressed heartfelt thanks to the committee and service team that actively peveryone翻译articipated in this activity.first是什么意思

Nie Xiangdong, Chairman

Cui Weiyinglaunching chairman introduced "emergency around" pr深圳天气oaidject, in order to further implement the learning xi jinping, general seyourcretary of the thought of disaster prevention disaster rproject是什么意思elauncher是什么软件duction and relief, shenzhen lions emergency c死的拼音ommittee th悠然的拼音is yeeveryone什么意思ar plan to carry out the "first aid" aroeveryoneund 100 performances,yourself donceremony复数形式ate 50 sets of AED to the society, the project will be into the neighborhoods, schools and enterprises, greatly improve the first aid penetration, Improve the awareness of first aid, let more people participate in the training and practice of first aid knowledge.

Chairman Cui Weiying

Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, anceremony造句d Wu Zenggui, vice president of Shenzhen Emergency Management Association signed the project cooperation agreement on stage after the video of "First aid at your Side" was played.

Signing ceremony. JPG

Event, shenzhen lionseveryone emergency committeveryone后面跟is还是areee team coach ray hd, Tang Ping, zhang ling, GouXiaoQing, Zhang Shengxing, xue-mei song, xiao-bing luo Guo Jianhui, su Lin town, etc. 9 coaches for citizens to bring a special "cardiopulmonary resuscitati爱的厘米on (CPR) the whole process of" show, event with doing, very busy, the citizens to this kind of interest in learning, full view learning stamped.

Performance. JPG

Shenzhen jian-jun jiang, vice President of Chinese peoplyour怎么读e's political consultative conference (CPPCC), shenzhen disabled person爱的浪漫史s' federation member of the party group, deputy directo爱的理想生活演员表r of Yin Kui, shenzhen love do full-time qing-song li,launched的中文意思 deputy dyoursirectceremony同义词or of the shenzhen work room, executive vice President of tao, emergency bureau, deputy director of the sh深圳疫情最新消息enzhen WenGuoPing, domestic lion federation vice-chairman Zheng Degang, long before the supervisors Su Zeran, Cao Hui, director of the Beijing representativproject翻译e office, Wu Zenggui, vice president of Shenzhenlauncher是什么软件 Emergency M油然而生anagement Associfirst青年电影展ation, Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Peng Daojian, first vice president, Nie Xiangdong, second vice president, and Lai Zhuoni, secretary general, came to the stage to jointly launch the "First aid atceremony用什么介词 your Side" project.

Guo Yongyong chairman delivered a speech, under the lead of the c爱德华八世夫妇专访i at home, in shenzhen with the support from the Chinese people'ceremony的音标s political consultative conference and友人a什么意思 friendly units, in th爱的单行线e business department in charge of shenzhen disabled persons' federation, under the correct leadership of shenzhenlauncher是什么软件 lion has been com死的笔顺mitted to develop community service activities for the深圳 territory, to und死的笔顺eaidrtake social responsibility at the sam爱的厘米e time, vigorously promote public welfare charity, to inceremony用什么介词crease the heft of shenzhen lions club. The "First Aid at your Side" service project initiatfirstname填姓还是名ed by Shenzhen Lions Club aims at popularizing the public's first aid knowledge, improving the public's first aid skills, enablifirst nameng more citizens to reap the fruits of social welfare and satisfying their yearning for a better life. He said that during the special period of "epidemside是什么意思ic", the "First Aid at Yo友人a什么意思ur Side" service project could be launched smoothly thanks to the strong support from leaders of lion Friends and various service teams. He thankedceremony是什么意思 everyceremonyone for their silent efforts for the public welfare cause.

Guo President. JPG

Li Qingsong, deputy director of the Shenzhen Lions Club, h深圳疫情最新消息ighly recognized the 19 years of public service and praised the honors shenzhen Lions Club had won in previo深圳市最新疫情us Shenzhen Care action awards. She shared her encounter with the Shenzhen Lions Club in the public service activities and praised the lions as a group of people walking with love. She said thceremony和celebration的区别at teaching the knowledge ofprojector first a爱的浪漫史id is to protect the flower of life, and the "First Aid at Your Sidelaunched的中文意思" ac悠然的拼音tivity shows the pubceremony的名词lic welfare feelings of Shenzhen Lions Club respecting life and caring for others. She hopes tfirsthat through this project, more people can learn first aid and hold out a loving hand to those in need.

Li Qingsong, Deputy Director

Shenzhen disabled persons' federation mfirst怎么读ember of the party group, deputy director of Yin Kui speechesyourself, he praised shenzhen lions as 5 a level of social organiza深圳市最新疫情tion, has bee悠然n to perform the functionyours of the official right-hand man of social resp斯德哥尔摩onsibility, from the "save on yourproject翻译 side" to "first aid" around, positive motivatprojectdollion and organization at the city's efforts to foster city safety and emerfirst青年电影展gency cu四的笔顺lture, popularize e思的笔顺mergency, safety skills, Strengthen the "first time, first scenefirst name, first response, first rescue" concept, effectively improve the eff爱的健身房iciency of emergency response in advance. He hop悠然的意思es that Shenzhe爱德华八世夫妇专访n Lions Club will continue to integrate sceremony复数形式uperior resources, give fullaid play to the strengths of "we serve", carry out various pyoursractical activities of "I do practical things foryours the people", and make due contributions to the constaidruction, co-governance and sharing of the new socialist pattern in Shenzhen.

Yin Kui, Vice Chairman of the board

Then nie Xiangdong, the second Vice President of CcNA le悠然的拼音d the members of the coaching team of the emergency Co爱的理想生活mmittee to read the proposal.

Guo Yongyong President, the first vice President, NieXiangDong Peng Dlaunchaojian second deputy chairman, chairman of Lai Zhuoni secretary-general, Cuyoursi Weiying游刃有余 Le cuckoo, children receive long letters, Chinese busines爱的理想生活sm深圳地铁线路图an,ceremony的名词 cloud sea, sea, silver lake, longhua, liuzhou, peace, wally, good good, Victoria towers, high and new, charity collection, gra深证指数ce, burson-marsteceremony翻译ller, virtues, etc. 17 to undertake service issue the certificate.

To present a certificate of appreciation

Time is life. Learning first aid knowledge is not only for yourself, but alfirstlyso for the people around you. Grasping the "golden 4 minutes" at the critical moment can protect the floweeveryone和everybody的区别r of l游刃有余ife. Let us in this golden autumn season, love, but also harvest lovfirst是什么意思e, the formation of "people learn first aid, firstfirst name aid for everyone" good health atmosphere.


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Ke Wuyue, Wu Shaoyi

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Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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