Exchanges and sharing lion friendship - Shenzhen and Yunnan lion friendship lion affairs exchange forum held smoothly

Exchange and share lion friendship

-- Shenzhen and Yunnan lion Friends and lion affairs Exchange Forum was held smoothly

On October 22, the lions Club of Shenzhen and the lions Association of China held a lionfriendship的英语作文 affairs exchange forum in the coforums翻译nference room of the Wenshan Disabled Persons' Federation of Yunnan Prfriendship怎么读ovince. At the meeting, lion friends from the twoaffairs places exchanged experience on service proexchangesjects andfriendship lion construction.

The 2017-2018 chairman of Shenzhen Lions Clublion的音标 Tian Wangxing, Chairman dai Jihong of Zone 1, Chairman Huang Shaofang of Zone 14, Chairman Lin Yuqi of Zone 16, Chairman Huang Lisheng of Zone 19, More than 50 leaders from Sheexchange用法及搭配nzhen and Yunnan attended the meeting, including Yang Hong, the first vice Chairman of Yunnan province for 2017-2018, Hu Bin, the second vice Chairman of Yu深圳疫情nnan Provlion怎么读ince, Tao Wen, the third chairman of Yunnan Province and Gou Xiaoyexchange造句ong, the eighth chairman of Yunnan Prosharing是什么意思英语vince. Thefriendship meeting was chaired by Dai Jihonexchangedg and Tao Wen.

Hu Bin, on behalf of yunnan, extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders of Lions Club shenzhen for their visit and wished the forum a complete succes云南大学s.

At the meeting, lion friends frfriendship纯音乐om the twolion怎么读 places sharedforum读音 and exchanged views on how to better carry out serforum和conference的区别vice, enhance the influence of servilion翻译ce activitieslion翻译 and standardize lion service constructiexchange的名词on. Lion friendsfriendship可数还是不可数名词 actively ask questions, speak enthu深圳疫情siastically, through the collision of ideas to take advaforum鞋款式叫什么ntage of each. The atmosphere was warm and wonderful.

President Tian Wangxing thanked Yunnan Lion friends for th深圳疫情eir kind invitation in his speech. H深圳疫情最新消息e pointed out that thr深圳地铁线路图ough this forum,深圳疫情最新消息 tlions英语怎么读heexchange翻译 lion fexchange的名词riends of the two places establisheexchange翻译d a deexchange翻译eper friendship, and hoped that the lion friends of the two places would strengthen interaction, actively carry out lion affairs exchanges, and grow up together. He also ssharing中文谐音怎么读aid tha深圳风险等级t shenzhen Lions club will strengthen cooperation with representative organizatexchange服务器怎么填ions in深圳风险等级 Yunnan in service projects and jointly promote the development of public welfare undertakings.

Yang Hong, the first viceaffair是什么意思英语 president, said in her concluding speech that she hoped that the lion clubs in the two regions could expand mo云南民族大学re cooperatiexchange什么意思on opportexchange造句unities in service praffairsojects through the lion affairs exchanges.

After the meeting, the two leaders exchanged gifts and took a group photo.

[Text] Yang Xin

[Photo] Yang Xin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan, Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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