Stand up and enjoy the inaugural ceremony of the new Lion generation of nature Service 2018-2019

Back up. Enjoy the new lion generation

— The inaugural ceremony for the 2018-2019 election of the Nature Service Corps was successfully held

On July 15, 2018, thupone inauguraceremony用什么介词l ceremony of shenzhen Lions Nature Sestandardrvice Teamceremony怎么读 for 2018-2up主019new balance was heldceremony是什么意思 in Shiyastandingn Huiyuan Green Ecological Parinaugural翻译k, Bao ‘an District. Shenzhen Lionew balancens Club 2018-2019 President Ma Min, last president Tian Wangxing, former president Wu Xiaoming, Dai Tongxin, chief inspector Peng Daoenjoyablejian, Deputy Secretary General Li Feng, First Zone Chairman Liao Ronghui, zone chairman Tan Fei, Chen Qunhao, Lian Wei, Chen Nianzhong, More than 2upstairs00 guests, including nature Service leader Li Xlionelueqin, First Viinauguraladdress课件pptce Captain Zhao Yunhua, second vice Captain Ynature影响因子ang Junli and third Vice Captain Yang Welion的中文意思n, atlion翻译tended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhao Yunhua and Zhu Xinru.

As the ceremony offlionsicially began, all the lupsetions of the Nature Service team marched into the venue in neat costumes. Mr. Zhao Yugeneration怎么读nhua, first Deputy captain of Nature Service, introduced the guests. The team leader of the Nature Service, Mr. Kowloenjoy是什么意思英语on Ren, delivered a warm welcome speech, thankiuplayng all the lions and guests, briefly reviewing the 11 years of histinaugural address课文pptory of the nature Service since its establishment in 2007, and calling for more fans to join the tenjoy的名词eam and participate in the heritage.

Mr. Li Junfeng, the former president of The nature Service, briefly reviewed the work carried out by the nature Service laceremony怎么读st year, and presented a certificate of appreciatinewon to the outstanding teainauguraladdress课件pptm members andstandby是什么意思啊 outstanding members of the nature Service.

Under the witnessup主 of all the leaders lion friends, The former president of Tlion怎么读ian Wang li Junfeng will be the captain of the ribbon and the hammerinaugural handed over to Li Xueqin.

Captainenjoyed Li Xueqin delivered an inauguraceremony和celebration的区别l speech, intrceremony复数形式oducing the theme, work plan and objectnewspaperives of the Newlion怎么读 Yeceremony的音标ar. She said that in the New Year, the nature Service team will regulate the lion affairs, do a good job of system constnewsruction, care for the lion friends, and ginauguraladdress课件pptather strength. Do a gceremony翻译ood job in all kinds of service activities, especialnewsly in different campus communities, pay attention to the spinal health of teenagers, let more people pay attention to spinal health, do not do “bow tribe”, develop good living habitsnewly. She promised that she would walk hanceremony的名词d in hand with the lion frienewspapernds on the road of publienjoy的过去式c welfare, stand tall and enjoy the new lion generation.

Captaiinaugural是什么意思n Li Xueqin presented the appointment certificate to the new captain teamupper members. Under thgeneratione leadership of President Tannews Fei, all team members read the inaugural pledge.

Wang Xing tian, the former president of the nature Service team, gave a speech, affirming the achinaugural address翻译ievements made by thlion的音标e nceremony的音标ature Service team in the past year, especially in oct Wetland Park, Deep Breath for Earth, Red Action, and other prnature怎么读ojects. He encouraged thinaugurale lion friends to continue to move forward under the leadership of Captain Li Xueqin, standardize lion affairs, anlion的音标d do a good job in strengthening the nature Service team brand project —ceremony是什么意思 focusing on the spinal health oenjoy的过去式f young peupstairsople, benefiting more people.

In her speech, President Ma Min acknowledged the dedicaceremonytion and contribution of the nature Service team over the past 11 years, thanked all the leaders for their glorious inheritance, and thanked all the lion frienceremony同义词ds for their love and support.lions She hoped that under the leadership of Captain Li Xueqin, the new nature Service team would open a new chapter and learn, take responsibility, grow and make progress together with other teams to emupgradepower the new shi Generation.

During the dinner, nature Service prepared a variety of exciting programs and estand是什么意思xciting raffle actnew是什么意思ivitieceremony的音标s. Everyone raised a glass and drank happily.

Figure/article & have spent Nature Service

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