Discussion lion business exchange, Gathering strength to serve the future — Shenzhen Lions Club leader designate lion business seminar held successfully

Discussion lion business exchange, Gathering strength to serve the future — Shenzhen Lions Club leader desdiscussion的短语搭配ignate lion business seminar heldbusiness怎么读 successf深圳天气ully

From June 3rd to 4thexchange服务器怎么填, the lions Club of Shenzhen held the lions Club Club Seminar for 2017-2018 successfully in Dongguan Kaijing Hotel. At the seminar, lively and interesting outreach activities enhanced the friendship of lion friends, digstrength的几种形式ital analysis and wonderful speeches deepened the understanding of the 2017-2018 worstrength翻译k plan of the lion friends, carefully planned case group discussion to help each committee, each division and service team clear their responsibilities, and formulate detailed annual work plan.

On the morning of 3rd, lion flion翻译riends arrived at the seminar site early and participabusinessmanted in the development activities on time. Centering on the annual theme of “Serving the future”, the teacheservedr group guided lion friends to experience the impolionfishrtance of unity of knowledge angathering翻译中文d action and unity and cooperation from the gamesexchange翻译 like “My Future is Not a Drstrength翻译eam”. Libusiness怎么读on friends in the ice breaking gdiscussion英语ame,futurehendrix from strange to familiar, help eachexchange短语 ogatherings翻译ther in the activity. In the collective chorus, all lion fexchangeriends raised their hands and swayed together, and the shining words “My future is nstrength怎么变动词ot a dream” echoed through the whole venue.

In the afternoon, the seminar began. Ma Min, president ogathering什么意思中文翻译fbusiness翻译 the conference and first Vigatherings翻译ce President designate, extended a warm welcome to the leaders attending the conference. She would like to express her gratitude to the lion friends for their leadership and sponsorship during thstrengthe preparation of the seminar. She said that the two days and one night lion club training provided a platform for lion cstrength塔罗牌lub members to share their ideas, learn from each other, improve their level of l深圳疫情最新动态ion club, and share the training results with more lion club members to contribute to the wonderful New Year.

Hou Yisha, chairlions英语怎么读man of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, shared her views on the work of the disabled, the work of The Shenzhen Lions Club and the establishment of a cdiscussionooperative mechanism of “association buildingexchange的名词“. She believes that the work for the disabled is astrengthened charity work, a work of selstrengthf-cultivexchange什么意思ation, a wor深圳疫情最新动态k of science and t深圳风险等级he worserve怎么读k of the whole society. Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, as the busineservedss supervisor of Shestrength翻译nzhen Lions Club, is responsible for guiding and supervising the healthy development of shenzhen Lions Club, standardizing membershiserver是什么意思中文翻译p management, conducting extensivstrength的形容词e external exchanges, carrying out public welfare and charity activitbusiness怎么读ies, and coordinating and communicating with relevant party committee and official departments. Lions club undertakes the right and obligation to cooperate with the City disabled Persons’ Federation to operate independently according to law, improvbusinesspersone service capacity and promote the commobusinessman翻译n prog深证指数ress of lions club and the society. She hopeserved that Lions Club shenzhen would strengthen communication with competent authoexchange用法及搭配rities, connect with Lions Club Internatbusinesswomanional in service management, improvediscussion information transparency, and create a public welfserve名词are model with “Shenzhen characteristics”. She said that the Shenzhen Lions Club and shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation are “one family” and look forward to more cooper深圳疫情最新消息ation anfuturelearnd exchanges in targeted assistance to the disablelion是什么意思d.
“Roll up your slstrength名词eeves and work hard”,business是什么意思 rdiscussion前面加什么介词aise the banner of “We serve”, stexchangedride forwardserver是什么意思 on the rofuture怎么读音ad of public wexchangedelfare service for the disabled, and promote the work of Shenzhen Lions Club and the disaexchange什么意思bled industry in Shenzhen to achieve new brilliant achievements!

At the semistrength的几种形式nar, Tian Xing, the president-elect, told us abouserve翻译t the work plan of the New Year. 2017-2018 will focusstrength什么意思中文 on the annual theme of “Serving the future”. With the focus of “servicebusinesslike starts from assisting the disabled accurately, care starts from the heastrength塔罗牌lth of shiyou, development starts fr深圳疫情最新动态om the satisfaction of Shiyou, shiserve的用法you business starts from the standard management, culture starts from the praise of Shiyou, frugality starts ffuturerom the action of Shiyou”, inhdiscussion是什么意思eriting and deepening brand service projects in the way of “platform + service tea深圳大学m + collashenzhenboration”; Caring for lion fbusinesslikeriends from the aspects of caring for lion friends’ health and cultivating good lion friendbusinesspersonship; Strive to improve the quality of mdiscussionembers, expand the membership team. He called on all lion clubstrength是什么意思 members to make cdiscussion可数不可数oncerted efforts to build a lions club with domeexchange的名词stic characteriserver是什么意思stics and shenzhenexchange邮箱 style.

Weng Hua, the second vice President elect, explained the outline of the main activities of the District Council for 2017-2018 to the participants, including the council, district affairs meeting,future怎么读音 various training activities, intestrengthrnational annual meeting, China Lions Association Annual Meeting, district Annual Meetinggathering什么意思中文翻译, tribute and inauguratfuture是什么意思ion ceremony, charity evening, China Lionlions英语怎么读s Festival, large fellowship and excbusinesswomanhange activities. Let everyone have a clear understanding of the main activities of the year.

Branch lecturer Wgathering翻译u Zewei, zhi-qiang lu, RongJing, XiaoXingPing respectivelgatherings是什么意思y share深证指数 the betlionster let the service – from lions phenomenon to see the future grfuture4200owth of,businessperson “the lion big trend”, “the rogatherings翻译ot of the lions club leaders”, the public environment and the lions club, such as curriculum, guide the lion friends understand the current public environment, clear lions development dirserve的名词形式ection, enhance service awareness, Let the lshenzhenion will be better.

On June 4th, the seminar was held in thbusinessmane way ofbusinesslike group digatherings是什么意思scussion of duty cases,serve which was divided into eighliont groups, indiscussion前面加什么介词cludinserver是什么意思中文翻译g captain 1 group, captain 2 group, Vice captain 1 grogathering翻译up, Vice captain 2 groupgatherings翻译, vice captain 3 group, sediscussion可数不可数cretary group, Finance group, district Councbusinessman翻译il and clions英语怎么读ommittee group. Memberserve名词s of each group analyzed and dis深圳大学cussed the 2017-2018 worserversk pladiscussion是什么意思n from regular meetings, membership development and retentiolionsn, service project implementation, training, fundraising, etc., through cdiscussion可数吗arefully desigstrength名词nedlion是什么意思 caseexchangeds by the lecturer. Committees, divisions and serexchange短语vice teams have developedserve名词 cllion怎么读ear, detailed and pragmatic annual work plans.

In the case study and work plan exhibition,futurebass du Peng, Wu Yuqiong, Xu Qiubin, Li Baihe, Wang Daoming, and Li Hua, chairman of thegatherings是什么意思 committee, respectively showed and sharlions英语怎么读ed the proposed annulionkkal work plan. Lion friends responded with warm applause to show high respect and deep recognition.

President Shi jianyonserversg praised the participants of the seminar and acknowledged their enthusiasm. He saidgathering怎么读 that Lions Club sbusiness是什么意思henzhen is a platform for learning and growth. Lions club members have not only gained frien深圳疫情最新动态dship, improved their skills afuture是什么意思nd leadership skills, bugathering翻译中文t alserve的名词形式so enriched their social experience. Lionyou community seexchange服务器怎么填rvice, not only has a profound impact on the society and the governmeexchange用法及搭配nt, but also can apply the service concept to their own enterprises. He hoped that all lions friends would cherish the development platform of Shenzhen Lions Club and make joint efforts to realize the beautiful blueprint of the New Year.

President – elect Wang – king tian delivered a speech of appreciation, expressing warm congratulations to the students who successfully graduated. He thanked all the lilionfishon friends who participated in the trainbusinesswomaning, thanked the teacher group and the preparatory group for their silent efforts, thanked all the lion friends for inspiring him to move forward,深圳天气 thanked President Shi Jianyong for his efforts, which laid a good foundation for the worexchangedk of the New Year. He said that since he chose to follow the Lions Club, he should strengthen histrength怎么变动词s work and work hard for the devfutureelopment of the organization. He hoped that lions frdiscussion翻译iends would trust and support eadiscussion的动词ch other, work togdiscussion可数不可数ether to complete the wostrength怎么变动词rk pladiscussion的动词n of the New Year, and work togexchange服务器怎么填ether to integrate their love for Shenzbusinesspersonhen Lions Club into pubbusiness翻译lic weldiscussion前面加什么介词fare undertakings, so as to forge ahead for social progrlioneless.

The seminar also arranged a fellowship dinner for lion friends. All lion friends singing and dancing, carnival, tallionsent show, wonderful

Tian Wangxing, the 2017-2018 president-elect and Shi Jianyong, the 2016-2017 presidbusiness怎么读ent of Shenzhen Lions Club, 2017-2018 The first vice President elect Ma Min, the second vice President elect Weng Hua, the sefuturebasscretary General elect Zeng Shiyang, the Chief Financial Officer elect Zhang Ji深圳地铁线路图an, the Chief Financial Officer elect Peng Daojian, the chief picket Officer elect Deng Yi, the executive Deputy Secretary General elect Luo Jinsong waiting for the directors and c深圳地铁线路图hairme深圳疫情最新消息n of various committees, representatives of various service teams altogether more than 700 peoplfuturehendrixe attended the meeting. Hou Yisha,exchange翻译 president of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fed深圳风险等级eration, Dong Fei, Director ofserve的用法 Groudiscussion英语p Pfuture糖果ublicity Department, Wu Xiaoming, chairman desfuturehendrixignate for 201gathering7-2018, Xiao Xingping, chairman designate, Liao Rdiscussion可数不可数onghui, dstrength的形容词eputy Chairman designate, supervisor designate, mentor designate, special assistant to chairman designate and otheshenzhenr related personnel attended the mserve名词eeting.

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[Photo] Lin Zeyun Lin Yanfen

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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