Adhering to the Love of lions to Create a Better Future — Exclusive interview with shenzhen Lions Club 2017 — 2018 Lions Club Leader Designate Seminar

Adhering to the lion love & NBSP; Create a better future

— Exclusive interview with Lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2018 Annual Leadership Club Club Club Club Club Club

June, off the genial spring breeze, although it is a hot summer, but wonlion是什么意思derful. On the morning of Juneinterviewing 3rdlions英语怎么读, the lions club in Dongguan kaijing Hotel welcomed the lions Club seminar of 2017-2018. The lion friendslion是什么意思 are all energetic, enthusiastic like fire.club是什么酒 Reporters from Shenzhen News Agency interviewed some leading lion friends abettermentt the conferclubence site, sharing their inheritance of love for lions and their vision for the future.

Respondents:Shi Jianyonlovelyg, chairman of the Board for 2createwindow016-2017

Reporter:What is your biggest feeling this year as president 2016-2017? Whatcreate怎么读音 is your biggest achievement?

ShiJianYong:Over the past year, I have been deeply impressed by the fact that Liocreatenfriendclub怎么读s are the cornerstone of the dlove直播手机版app下载evelopment of Lions Club, afuturehendrixnd lionfriends’ sincere devinterviewers怎么读otion is the biggest support to me. Thlions音标e biggest harvest was the community service and the carnival for the disabled. As a participant, I felt very excited and haplove直播手机版app下载py whefuture是什么牌子n I saw the happy smiles on the faces of the assisted friends.

Respondents:Wang Xing tian, president elect for 2017-2018

Reporter:How do you feel about bebetter是什么比较级coming prebettersident of the year 2017-2018? What is your vision for the New Year?

Wang tian:I am very grateful to the lion friends for their truintervieweest in me, and thaninterviewer怎么读k them for letting me stand ifuturen the position of prebetter什么意思翻译sidenbetter是什么意思t, so as to better serve the lion friends ainterview的过去分词ndfuture糖果 the society. In the coming year, I will lead lioclubn Friends to do better lion service work together with the council team, and carry out “precise service” accordbetterment的意思ing to the national strategic concept of “One Beltbetter and One Road” and the rinterviewers怎么读equilion是什么意思rements and planning of China Lion Federation anclub是什么意思d The Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation. According to the “four”better原级 situation of lbetter翻译ion friends, develop the “star member” commendation system. I will always accompany you on tlove直直播apphe road of lions Club. I hopinterviewse that the lion friends gather together, “serve the future, enjoy the lion love”!

Respondentlions音标s:Ma Min, firbetterst Vice President designate for 2017-2018

Reporter:You are the chairman of the conference, pleaseinterview什么意思 talk about the preparatory work.

Ma Min:The preparatory work for this meeting began a month ago. The preparatory group was divided into five groups, all of winterview什么意思hich were very attentive. Amlove is gone英文翻译ong them, the groupclubman responsible for the fellowship plove直播手机版app下载arty provided a platfoloverm for everyone to exchange fellowship and share resources; The cclubmed官网预订ommittee arranges shuttle buses to Shenzhen and Dongguan forlions英语怎么说 shiyou. The lectureclub是什么酒rs will keep imfutureproving and sbetter翻译how the carefully made courseware to lion friends to help them improve the level obetter怎么读f lion servfuturelearnicebetterment的意思 anlions翻译d inherit lion culture. It is worth mentioning that more than 700 lion fadheringriends signed up for the training this year, an increase of more thancreate 100 peclub怎么读ople compared to last year, but the activity funds didcreateprocess not increase, here we would like to thank all the lion frcreateprocessilions翻译ends who participated in the sponsorship.

Respondents:Jian Zhang, financial Officer desiginterviewer怎么读nate for 2017-2018

Reporter:You are going to be cfo for 2017-2018. Can you talk about your financial plan folovely翻译r the next year?

Zhang jiaclub是什么酒n:First ofbetterment的意思 all, I woulfuture是什么意思d likelove直播手机版app下载 to thank the lion friends for their trust, support and care. The administrative expenses of Lions Club shenzhbetter怎么读啊英语en are mainly from the membership feefuture翻译s of all lions club members, mainly used to pay the membership fees of lions Club international abettermentnd Lions Club domestic, as well asinterviewer怎么读 to hold seminars and other large regional activities. We advocate careful budgeting and strict economy. The selion是什么意思rlovely什么意思vice funds of Lions Club shenzhen mainly come from the pledge of Hua Shi award, the fundraising of charity party and the donation of caring enterprises and peocreate怎么读音ple. All these funds were used for educational and disability services. The financial managemlions是什么意思ent of the New Year will be improved from five aspects, promoting the information construction and management of the financial system, improving the reibetter什么意思翻译mbursement systebetter是什么意思m and reimbursement process, strengthening the loan management of the service team abetter翻译nd the financial settlement centlions怎么读er, enhancing the service awlions是什么意思areness and service quality of the financial staff of the district, so that the lioncreate和invent的区别 friends are happy in the lion home and proud of the liclubson!

Respondents:Dai Kaifuture糖果 Hong, Dexclusiveistrict 1 Chairman elect for 2017-2018 and Founding Team Leader of Bright Pupil Service Team

Reporter:How did yclub翻译ou gelionsgatet the idea of creating a team? What are your plans for the development of thinterviewer怎么读e Bright Pupil Service team?

Generation of the macro:I have been a member of Lions club for 9clubman是什么牌子车 years. In recent yearsfuture是什么意思, winterviewedith the rapid development of electronic products, eye diseases anfuturehendrixd myopiainterviewee among teenagers have become increasingly serious. Under the inspiration and encouragement of Prclubmedesilovedent Shi Jianyong, the team was successfully established. At prcreateprocessesent, the bright Pupil servicfuturehendrixe team has 3better怎么读2 lion frlove is gone英文翻译iends and has raised more thbetter什么意思翻译an 400,000 yuan of funds, which will be used for four service projects, incllove直播破解版uding intelligent education, parent-child activities, psychological consultation and companfuture是什么牌子ionship.

Respondentscreated:Zhang Shijun, head of the lecture group

Reporter:How do you feel about attending this seminar aclubs thebetterment的意思 head of the lecturbetter翻译ing group?

Zhang ShiJun:According to the service direction of the district, we are committed to providing a platform for lion friends to be happy, friendly and grow up. The seminar has been calovely翻译refully prepcreate和invent的区别ared for several months. After repeated consideration, modification and eliminclubmedation, we want to pbetter是什么意思resent the best course content to you. I hope the lion friends can gain happiness, friendship and growth throulove直播手机版app下载gh this training, and share the training results with more lion friends to better serve the society.

Respondents:Chen Zhiyong, the 2017-2018 team leader designate of Hua-Hanlove is gone英文翻译 Service team

Reporter:What are the difficulties that the Chinefuture是什么意思se service team has eclub怎么读ncounfuturebasstered when returning to serlove is gone英文翻译vice? What is the work plan for 2017-2018?

Derexclusiveek Chen:All the difficlions音标ulties are more motivation in my opinion. The success of the hua-han servicelovealarm teafuturem is inseparable from thlove直播破解版e help of maninterview的名词y caring people arounlove直播破解版d and the support given by theclubman leader of shenzhen Lions Club. In the New Year, the hua-Han Service team will focus on the activities of caring for children in mountain areas. It plans to shoot a documentary with public welfare features called “Zhixue Action” to aplion是什么意思中文翻译peal to more people to understand the living environment of children in mountain areas, sbetter是什么比较级o that mocreate和invent的区别re people can lend a helping hand.

News agency reporters also interviewed ye Ning, founder team leader of Baibei Service Team (preparatorlionsgatey), Xiang Songlin, 2017-2018 leader designate of Zhongtian Service Team, Li Jun, 2017-2lovealarm018 leader designate of Commercial Zhilian Service team, and Li Chuangli, founder team member of duoxing Good Service Team (preparatory), etc. Every lion friend hfuturebassas a passbettermentionate love, just like the hot sun ibetter是什么意思n June, passionate worship, to uphobetter什么意思翻译ld the lion love, create a future full of cocreateprocessnfidence.

The leadership – in – waiting lion fellofuture是什么意思wship sefuturelearnminar has been successfully concluded. Lion friends with full harvest back to their own work, will also learn knowlelionsgatedge to apply to the lion worlovely翻译k. As President-elect Wang Xingtian said,lions是什么意思 aspire to serve, carry forward the past and acinterviewedhieve the future.future糖果 Let us uphold the lion lovfuturelearne, creatinterviewede a better future, together with the lion cause,better怎么读 better serve the society!

[Text] Chen Melions是什么意思ihong, reporter of Shenshi News Agency

[Photo] Chen Meihong, reporter of Shenshifuture4200 News Agency

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfcreate翻译en

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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