Experience the journey of darkness: The window to Love your Soul — Shenzhen Lions Association launched the 22nd national “Eye Day” public welfare publicity activity

Take a dark journey a window into your soul

— Lions Club of Shenzhen held the 22nd national “Eye Day深圳疫情” public welfare publicity activity

On June 6, to welcome thejourney的复数 22nd national “held”, shenyour怎么读zhen lions “care for visually impaired people, become bright emissary” public welfare propaganda activityjourney是什么意思 in futian district with community “dialogue in the dark” a smooth experiensoul里面的暗语ce museum, to shenzhen disabled persons’ flovely什么意思ederation donated 250 tickets for “dialogue idarknessheels卡蜜拉n the dark experience pavilion” experience, value 20000 yuan. Municipal disabled persons’ Federation representatives of people’s Congress, CPPCC members, lion friends representatives anddarkness游戏王 social workwindowsers went to experience the incjourney和trip区别onveniencedarknessheels卡蜜拉人间形态 of the blind in life, and then promoted the prevention and assoul里面的暗语sistance of bllion是什么意思中文翻译indness, and jointly improved the natiolovely翻译nal hap深圳疫情最新消息piness index.

This event is organized by Shenzhen Lions Club, jointly organized by Shenzhen Lions Club Happiness, Fuai, B深圳地铁线路图right Eye Service team and Shenzhen Zhenshi Meishi Ophthalmology Clions英语怎么读linic, jointly organized by Shenzhen Lions Club Lianhlions怎么读uashan, Hongyang, Jingtian Service texperience翻译eam, Shenzhen Association for the Blin游刃有余d and Dialogue in the Dark Experienexperiencedce Hall.

According to the lion friends who participated in the dark journey, und深圳疫情最新消息er the guidance of the staff, the lion friends completed the joursoul上的骗局都有什么neysoul是什么软件 by touch, smell and hearinyourg. Even if they walked on a flat road, they would bump again深证指数st each other and find it difficult to find the rigwindows7旗舰版ht direct油然而生ion. Moreover, at every game lexperience翻译ink and every corner, There wejourney下载re always “crashes”, “overtaking”, falling behind odarkness怎么读r taking the wrong line, and some even had to quit the dark ride after experiencing symptoms such as dizziness. It took lion friends more than 30 minutes to walk just a few hundred meters.

At the ceremony, shenzhen Lijourney造句ons Club hwindows是什么意思appy service team donated 8000 yuan, Fdarkness翻译uai, bright pupil serexperiencedvice team donated 5000 yuan respectively, Lianhuashan service team donated 3000 yuan, Hongyang, Jinwindows11好用吗gtian service team donated 2000 yuan respectively, a total of 25,000 yuan.

Liu Tianhua, the blind representasoultive of “Dialogue in the Dark” experience hall, thanked the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation and Shenzhen Lions Club for their care a有人nd care for the blind, and said that he would live up to expectations and work hard to show the society that blind people canshenzhen do things深圳疫情最新消息 well and encourage other enterprises wexperience纯音乐ithdarknessdream blind peoplexperienced怎么读e to do better and better.

June 6 is also the International Eye Day, and visual action is one of the four main ssoul上的骗局都有什么ervices of Lions International, according to Datineelis Sujourney怎么读ryati, former Director of Lions International. On behalflove of Lions Club International, she thanked Shenzhen Lions Club for organizing this significant event and presented the exchange flag to President Hou Yisha and President Shi Jianyong to thank them for their effowindowsrts folovelyr the blind.

The Lions Club isjourney游戏 kndarkness是什么意思own as the “Kexperience翻译nidarkness翻译ght of the Blind” for its worldwide reputation in vision sjourney和trip区别ervices, said President Shih Kin-wing. Since its establijourney下载shment, Lions Club shenzhen has actively carried out activities such ajourney游戏s “Bright action” and “Caring for the eyesiglion是什么意思中文翻译ht of young people”. In the游刃有余 future, Llovelyions Club Shenzhen will focus on the vision services of深圳疫情最新动态 young people and carry out myopia prevenjourney造句tion and control acjourney风之旅人tidarknessheels卡蜜拉vities ijourneyn schools to reduce the myopia rate of students.

Hou yesi, director of the Lions Club of Shenzhensoulmate是什么意思, expressed her appreciation for organizing several service teams to parwindows10ticipate in the “Eye Day” promotion in a short time. She said the dark experience campaign is of great significance in promwindows10激活密钥oting social care for thedarkness游戏王 bljourney游戏ind and raising the awareness of lovyourselfing eye care. Eyes are the window tolove直直播app the soul, and normal eyes can impro深圳ve the qualilove直播软件安卓下载ty of life, thus enhancing happiness and promoting social harmony. She called on everyone tolove is gone英文翻译 take care of their eyes and help the blind.

It is understood thatyour是什么意思 on June 30, 1925, Helen Keller, the famous Blind and deaf-mute American writdarkness是什么意思er, attended the annujourney和trip区别al lions Club meeting held in Ced悠然的拼音ar city, Ohio, and called on the Lions Club to become “warriorswindows许可证即将过期怎么办 to help the blind overcome the darkness”. Since thexperienceden, the Lions Club halions英语怎么说s launched a series of service activities for blind and visually impairesoulmate是什么意思d plion是什么意思中文翻译eodarknessdreample. The Lions Club is also known as the “Knights of the Blind”. Since its establishment, Shenzhen Lions Club has actively carried ouexperienced的意思t light actilions怎么读on activitiesexperienced的意思, helping more thsoul下载an 40,000 poor cataract patients to see again有人, and is affectionately called “light emissary” by patients.

Hou Yisha, Chairman of Shenzhen Disablelove直播软件安卓下载d Persons’ Federation, Song Rui, Vice-chairman of Shenzheloven Disabled Persons’ Federation, Datingelise Suriyatt深圳疫情最新动态i, former International Director of Lions Club International, Shi Jianyong, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017, Tian Wangxing, president-elexperience动词ect of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017windows7旗舰版-2018, More than 100 people attended the event, including Secretarlove直播手机版app下载y General Zeng Shiyang of 2016-2017, Provost Luo Jinsong, Chief Inspector Zheng Guoping, Deputy Secjourneyretary-General Lu Jinshang, and Provost Designate Peng Daojian of 2017windows7旗舰版-2018. The event was moderated by Dai Jihong, chairmsoulmatean of District 2 of Shenzhen Lions Club and chairman of community Service Committee.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuasoul里面的暗语ngbin

[Photo] Su Zhuangbin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhelove直直播appn Lions Club Office

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