Shenzhen Lions Club 28 “guide lions” on duty

Shenzhen Lions Club 28 members & LDquo; Guide the lion & throughout; Work & have spent
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          &n归德侯府bsp;鬼的拼音 Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaoflions英语怎么读ang correspduty怎么读ondent Zhou Jiaololion是什么意思ng) recently, the reporter learned fguide是什么意思rom the Shenzhen Lions Club that 28 lionclub怎么读 friends of the Shenzhen Lions Clduty的用法ub have successfully completed their trdutyaining as certified lion guides in 2013-2014. It is understood that the batch of completed guide lions in the completion of the certification guide lion operations and submitted to the international Lions club will obtain the international Lions Club certification guide lion qualification certificate, become the certif深圳市最新疫情ication guide lion, will play an i龟的拼音mportant role in the cclubsreation of new shenzhen Lions clclubmanub and weak supp深证指数ort, services and other aspects.

          &duty用英语怎么说nbsp; The trainiduty的固定搭配ng was organized by Lions Club shenzhen and organizedguide是什么意思 by Lions Guideduty的固定搭配 Shenzlions的音标hen, aiming to train more certified lions to support the growing number of new service teams. The trainees are experienced lions who have been or are current service team presidents. After obtaining the cer圭的拼音tification, they will be responsible for mentoring new service teams and irregular serviceclub怎么读 teams for the next two years until the team cguide是什么意思an develop independently.

        &nbsplions怎么读;   Wu Xiaoming, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, sashenzhenid that guiding lions is a sacred and glorious duty, and h深圳大学e hoped thshenzhenat students could improve themselves th深圳天气rough training and归德侯府 fulfill their duties as soon as possible after graduation.


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