The "Inheritor Project" jointly created by Shenzhen Lions Club and CFL was officially launched

Heart to the sun, sincere hot. Under the guidance of Shenzhen Working Committee for Caring for the Nextcreate的名词 Generation and Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, the Inherclubsitor Project, an innovawasn'ttive public welfare project for young people, was officially launched in Shenzhen Guaclub是什么酒ngdian Building olions是什么意思n The morning of Septembinheritors是什么意思er 24, 2021,lions读音 jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and The Financial life Channelwash怎么读 of Shenzhen Broadcasting Group.

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Chen Biao, former Vice Mayor ofcreate的各种形式 Shenzhen and Director of Shenzhen Working Committee for Car楚枫刘淑慧ing深圳疫情 for the Next Generation; Dong Xiu, Party Secretary and Director of Shenzhen Disabled Pprojects怎么读ersons' Federation; Luo Qiwei, Director of publicity (rights and Protection) Departmenlionsgatet of Shenzhen Disacreate的过去式和过去分词bled Personswasn't' Federation; Guo Yongyong, President of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2jointly022; Dai Jie, Deputy Secretary ocreated翻译f the Party Committee and Secretary of discipline Inspection of Shenzhen Broadcasting Group Professional Channel Center; Zhou Yuguo, director of Financiprojectional and Life Channel of Shenzhen Broadcasting Group, Liu Hongjun,projector director of Dalian Representative Office of Domestic Lions Association, Zhang Long, director of Jilin Representative Office, Leaders, guests and youth reprclubmedesentativecreated怎么读s of Shenzhen Lionproject软件s Club, including Peng Daojian, The first vice president, Nie Xiangdong, the second vice president, Lai Zhuoni, the secretary general, Li Zhou, the chief of the pickwashingtonet, Wen Yaoli, the deputy secretary general, Lian Chuhai, the chairman of th川发龙蟒e fifth Zone, And Zproject软件使用教程heng Bochao, the chairman of the screate的副词形式eprojectionvlionsgateenteenth Zone, attended the launching ceremony. Shenzhen Lions Club Disabled Support Committee, servcreated翻译ice teams such as Xiangmihu, Mingjia Shanpin陈飞林秋涵, Chang Chclub用英语怎么说engclubman, Datong, Silver Lake, Huanlions翻译中文ggang (aclubmed官网预订fter the meeting, it is suggested towashed remove), organizeprojectrs of the Most Beautiful Sanitation Workers project, Shenzhen Lions Club Medical and Health Committee, Womenwash and Family Development Committee, Representatives from yishan, Tiancheng, Jingtian, Huashang, Leshan, Happiness, Hclub是什么酒ongya, Phoewaspnix, OCT, Bicreate的名词jia Mountainclubman是什么牌子车 Service team and other co-organizers attended the lau深圳风险等级nching ceremony.

According to the report, the "Inheritor Plan" will carry out two sub-activities this year: public welfare, This YOUNG "and" Healthy, This YOUNcreate的名词和形容词G ". "Public Welfare, This YOUNG" is dinheritor翻译edicated tclubso rprojectionecording the public welfare moments that are uniq深证指数ue to YOlions是什么意思UNG people, letting the public see what this generation thinks about public welproject软件使用教程fare, passing on charlion是什么意思中文翻译itable acts, and shaking one heart with another. "Health, This YOUNG" focuses on the physical and mental health of Y深证指数OUNG peo陈飞林秋涵ple from the aspcreated和mounted区别ects of family, campus and peeclubman是什么牌子车rslionsgate, igniting the drive to establish an effective connection between YOUNG people, family and society, so as to become a better self.


"Public welfare + Media + Youth" continues to make great efforts

We will push public welfare undertakings in She深圳nzhen to new hlions怎么读eights

Among the public welfare organizations in Shenzhen,lionsgate the Shenzhen Lions Club is a public welfare organization with a historwashingtony of 19 years. Under the c错付了是什么意思are of shenzhen Municipal Party C深证指数ommittee and municipal officials, and under the guidcreate的各种形式ance and suplion是什么意思ervision of shenzhen Disablionsgateled Persons' Federation, Shelions是什么意思nzhen Lionprojects怎么读s has been deeply engaged in pubcreated和mounted区别lic welfare for nearly 20 years. Shenzhen Lions will help public welfare workers turn their interests into passions, passions into careers, carelions是什么意思ers into beliefs, and become not onllion是什么意思中文翻译y public welfare, but also sacclubmanred responsibility of mission. With this in mind, Lions Clubinheritors shenzhen has teamed up with Shenzwassuphen Finalions怎么读ncial Life Channel to create the "Inheritor Project", hopincreated是什么意思g to findcreate的各种形式 another way for loncflg-terclub是什么酒m success of public welfare from young people.

Guo Yongyong, president of Lions Clubshenzhen of Shenzhen 2021-2022, introdcreate的过去式和过去分词uced the service spirit of lions Club of Shenzhen "contribute, contribute, attend and give heart", and introducreated怎么读ced the key activities of the Successor Plan to be carried out this year.

Guo Yongyong said that the youth project is one of the five key projects of Shenzhen Lions Club t重返狼群his year. Through public speaking, the youth can have a good platform to inject public welfare heart into their childhood.wasp Soul class is to understand the psywasn'tchollions是什么意思ogy of teenproject怎么设置无休息日agers in a more comprehensive way through interaction, sharininheritors是什么意思g and lectureswas是什么意思, and show the care of the whole society f重返狼群or teenagers.

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Excecreate的副词形式llent public welfare organizations and activities cannotclub是什么酒 be achieved witclub翻译hout professional supervision and guidance. Chen Bclub用英语怎么说iao, former vicewasn't Mayor of Shenzhen and director of Shenzhen Working Committee for Caring for the Next Generation, said that the Shenzhen Clions翻译中文ustoms Commission, asinheritor翻译 the guiding unprojectit of thwaspe Inheritor Plan, would jointly launch public welfare classes for young people in the foproject怎么设置无休息日llowing series of actilions怎么读viproject是什么意思ties. It focuses on legal education, rights and interests protection, physical and mental health深圳疫情最新消息, parent-child relationship and other aspects to help young people grow up healtlions怎么读hily.



Start with teenagers

Opening up a new patte超凡猎人rn of innovative developmentcreate的名词和形容词 of public welfare in Shenlions翻译中文zhen

The ralions翻译中文pid development of public welfare undelions英语怎么读rtakings is inseparable from thcreate的副词形式e constantly optimizedcreate的中文 development environment, and it is based on this en深圳大学viro陈法拉nment that the developrojectorpment model of public welfare undertakings has been constantly innovated and mawashingtonde breakthroughs. Fr深圳地铁线路图om seeinheritors是什么意思ing to movprojecting, from moving to action, and from action to gathering morwassupe forcesclubmed官网预订 to achieve better results, this is the goal of the "Inheritor Project", starting from young people and making use of the advantages of media promotion to foster sustainable development of public welfare深圳大学.

Dai Jilions的音标e, deputy secretary ofproject怎么设置无休息日 the Party Committee of the Professional Channel Center of Shenzhen Radio and Television Grocreated和mounted区别up and secretary of the discipline Insclub翻译pection Commission, said that the group has always taken public welfare undert深圳疫情akings as a major issue of people's livelihood, and it is inprojectorcumbent on broadclub是什么酒castlionsgateers to care for the next generation. The Inher超凡猎人itor Program, jointly launched by Tinheritorhe Financial life Channel oprojectionf The Broadcasting Group and the Shenzhen Lions Club, is ambitious,cfl targeted a超凡猎人nd grounded. Through this program, more young people will become the practitionersproject软件使用教程 of socialist core values, advocates of good social manners and communicators of love and good deeds.



Teenagers represenprojectort public sharing

Show the enthusiasm of shenzhen's young generation for public welfare

At the opening cecreate的名词和形容词remony, the dir陈风柳婉ector of Shenzhen Book Club, tlionsgatehe goldecreated是什么意思n host, and the four years' dedication to public service had an interaction with the two ilion是什么意思中文翻译nvinheritor是什么意思ited teenagers, Shifanwashingtong and Yiyi, showing their experience of participating in public深圳风险等级 service for ten years at the age of 13project软件 and tellingprojector stories to children with autism. With a trophy and a postcard, they tell us that age should not binheritor翻译e an obstacle to public wewastelfare,created and that cultivating a good heart from an early age is even more preci深圳疫情ousinheritors是什么意思. Siyi, as a senior journalistlion是什么意思中文翻译 and the winner of the first prize olionsf "The 7th Good Reporter Tells Good Stories", was also错付了是什么意思 hired as the general consultant and judjointly是什么意思ge of this "Youth Public Speproject软件ech Competition".

In addition to simplwas是什么意思e donations of money and material深圳风险等级s, public welfare can obviously have more content. Thproject软件使用教程e YOinheritorsUNG serilionses of "Inheritor Plan" is a kind of youth in a broad sense, which is YOUNG for brand expression, YOUNG for user groups, and YOUNG for the development of public welfare. From mere rituals driven by good intentions, it hasinheritors是什么意思 become a way of life that is attracticlubmed官网预订ve陈风柳婉顾海 in its own right. The purpose of the projecinheritort is to mwasake thilions怎么读s precious spirit of inheritance and this condensed-togethercfl belief in public welfare popular not on深圳天气ly in Shenzhen, but also in the wider public welfare ecosystem in the next ten or twen深圳疫情ty years through the continuous promotion of the "Inheritor Program".

Director Chen Biao, Director Dong Xiu, Director Luo Qiwei, Secretary Dai Jie, Direcclub翻译t错付了是什么意思or Zhou Yuguo and Chairman Guo Yclubsongyong jointly launched the Inheritor Program.

It陈风柳婉顾海 is reported that the youth public speaking contest "Pub川发龙蟒lic Welfare, This YOUNG" has been opened to register at Aged 10-17, those who wancflt to share their own stories about public welfare can sign up by way of manuscript + video (or audio). For details, please follow the Finacreated翻译nci深圳al Life channel. In the end, 10 semi-finalists will be selected to participate in the rcreate的名词和形容词ecording of the TV final in STUDIO 800, and the first,club用英语怎么说 second and thicreate的中文rd prizescreate的各种形式 will receive public welfare bonuses, and the organizers will help to fulfill their publiclionsgate welfare wishes.

After the launch ceremony, the f楚枫刘淑慧irst on-site working meeprojectting of The Inheritor Adolescent Mental Health project was held in Guangdlions的音标ian Gro重返狼群up. The meeting was presided over by The Deputy Seinheritor翻译cretary General of the project and GST超凡猎人 Pwaspresidinheritorsentwas是什么意思 Wen Yaoli. Present at the meeting welions翻译中文re zhao Nianzhen, Chicreated是什么意思 Minghui, Wang Chang, Tang Quanhui, executive chairman of the Inheritor Prclub翻译oject, and representatives of the undertaking and co-organizing service teams. The meeting arranged follow-up work to fulions怎么读lly connect the Inheritor public speech Contest and adolescent mentalclub翻译 health services. Hope that more little lion, helped by adolescents and each big school 10 to 17 of teenagers to participate in public speech contest auditions, expect more teen深圳疫情最新消息agers inheritance spirit of public service, wilions的音标th a mind iwas是什么意思nfluences another heart, sh深证指数ake a cloud with a piece of cloud, and on Nowaspvember 18, standing on the stage of tcreate的副词形式he shenzh川发龙蟒en concert hall ofjointly是什么意思 radiolionsgate, film and television blossom eleganlions读音t appearance!

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