China lion award | shenzhen lion lion for 2019-2020 China pledged in suzhou

Dear friends,

In order to raise service funds better, encourage and commend members to carry forwardIn the spirit of “we serve”, Shenzhen Lions Club decided to set up the “China Lion Alion的音标ward”, refepledge和promise区别rredawarded to as the “China Lion Award”, after deliberating and passing the resolution on the Establishment of the “China Lion Award” at the district a苏州大学nnual meeting in 2004. As of June 30, 2019, Shenzhen Lions Club has received 4,490 donations for the “Hua Shi Awarpledgesd”. Now we propose that all lion f苏州疫情最新消息ripledge的意思ends continue to pledge to donate the Chinese Lion Award.

Method of pledge

The huashi Awa深圳rd will be used to provide community servilion复数ce for the district club and service team of Shenzhen Lions Club next year. Every donor to the Hchina翻译ua Lion Award will receive a permanent honor from the Shenzhen Lions Club.

(1) Rewards for individual pledges

Awards wichina读音ll be given according to the amount pledged:

1.  For the first time, a medal will be awarded

2.  Those who pledge 1 Huashi Award in total will get a Huashi Award medal (without diamond). 3. Those who pledge 2 ~ 9 “Huashi Award” in total will get one “Huashilions英语怎么读 Awaawardingrd” medal with 1 ~ 8 diapledge的意思monds successively.

3.  Those who have pledged a total of 10 Hlionuashu Awards will receive a huashu Award medalion是什么意思l w深圳地铁线路图ith a red diamond.

4.  A total of 20 wah苏州天气 Li深圳疫情最新动态on awards will be awarded wawardith a wah Lion Award medal wilionth two red diamonds.

(II) Rewards for team pledges

In ordsuzhouer to demonstrate the exemplary role of leading lion friends and en深圳疫情hance team cohesion, all members of the district宿州天气 Council, board of Supervisors, advisory commipledgettee of the prlions英语怎么读esident, service teaawardsm and other teams who pledge “Huashi Award” will be rewalionkkrded. The rewards ar深圳大学e as foll宿州天气ows:

1.  Serving Members (excluding adjournment members)fullTh宿州天气os苏州天气e who pledge 1 “Huasheng Awardshenzhen” will be awarded the flag of “100% Huasheng Award”. If all the members of the service team plion是什么意思ledge 2 “lion是什么意思Huasheng Award”, t苏州一高速加装刀片防护网he service team will be awarded the “200% Huasheng Award” flag.

2.  The service tepledge记忆方法am that has pledlion的音标geaward什么意思d more than the number of current members will be awarded the medal of “Outsta深圳风险等级ndi深圳ng Service Team Award”. 1, 2 awards are not high on the low, ca苏州一高速加装刀片防护网n not have both.

3.  The topaward和reward区别 10 service teams that havelionkk pledged thepledged best service teapledged翻译m awpledgedard will be awarded the “深圳市最新疫情Outstanding Service Team Award”. The winning service苏州大学研究生院 team will be honored at the New Year charity gala. The number and amount subscribed by taward什么意思he p深圳疫情最新消息resident, former president, director and supervisor will be counted by the service team they belong to.

4.  All other team members who dawardedonate “Huashi Awchina翻译ard” will be awarded “100% Huashi Team Award”. 5lions. Service teams that have pledged more than 5 Lion Awards will be su苏州大学pported by the service fund of Lions Club shenzhen in 2020-2021.

(3) Wall ochinaf Honor

Shenzhen Lions Club office set up a wall of honor. All pledges can be permanently recoaward的用法和搭配rded on the Wall of Honor.


Ii. Pledge highlights

1.  “District will set up a platform to help rais苏州天气e money for the service team”

In order to encourage the service teams to donate, next year, Lions Club shenzhen will greatly incr深圳疫情最新动态ease thpledge记忆方法e proportion of “Lion China award” returned to the service team to 70%, and help the service team raise monchina读音ey through “Lion China Awar苏州大学d” pledge.

70% of the service fundspledged raised by huashi Award will be directly allocated to the service fund account of the pledging servipledgesce team, whilion的音标ch calions英语怎么读n carry out service activities at its own disposal. 10% for the service team to ca深圳地铁线路图rry out the Shenzhen Lions Club brand service project, the service team can apply for the allocation of funds; 20% will be left to the Shenzhen Lions Club for emergency major苏州大学研究生院 project expenditures.  


2.  “A thousand people donate”

Many hands maward的用法ake light work. This year, shenzhen Lions Club will call宿州信息网 on more lion friends to donate the “Huaawards Lion Award”. In the past four years, the ratio of the number of pledged members to the total nuawardingmber of members was 10.38%, 9.91%, 12.61% and 15.97%苏州科技大学 respectively.award和reward区别 This year, 1,000 lion friends are called on to donate to the “Hua Lion Award”, the proportion of donation is abou深圳市最新疫情t 1/4.

 Wechat picture _20191108100611.jpg

3. “more 100%”
  All the members of the service team pledge 1 Chinese Lion award, and the servlionkkice team will be awarded “100% Chinese Lion Award Service team”. Mo宿州天气re “100% Huasheng Award” service teams and “200% Huasheng Award” service teams are planned for tpledge怎么记忆his year.

2013-award怎么读2014 “100% Huasheng Award” Service苏州科技大学 Team: Tai ‘an Service Team

2014-2015 “100% Huashi Awa深圳大学rd” service team: Yitian苏州科技大学, Gaopledge翻译中文xin

2015-2pledge记忆方法01深圳市最新疫情6 “100% Huashi Award” Service team: Main meeting, top step

2016-2017 “100% Huasheng Award” service team: Baibei, Dlionatong and Huahan

2017-2018 “100% Huashan Lionaward的用法 Award” Service team: Tai Shan, Huashan

2018-2019 “100% Huashanchina读音 Award” service team: Huatian, Yishan (Funding) & NBSP;

Encourage more donations

Any lion who donates RMB 5,000 to the Shenzhepledgesn Lionlion的音标s Club Service Fund wlionelichina翻译ll receive asuzhou “Lion Hua Award”. This year, lions clpledgesub shenzhlionkken will invite its members to donate more tha深圳疫情最新动态n one “Hua Shi Awards”, and strive for higher honors.

Wechat picture _20191108100110.jpg

Iii. Payment Method:
Lion club members can transfer to the lions Clu苏州大学b account through Huashi online, cash, credit card, transfer and other means.

Account Name: S深圳疫情最新消息henzhen Lioaward是什么意思英语ns Club;

Bank: Shanghai Ppledge的意思udong Dev苏州疫情elopment Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch;

Account number: 7913pledge的意思 0155 2600 00178 (please specify t苏州一高速加装刀片防护网he purpose of payment in thepledge postscript).

Contact person: Peng Li 25688519. &nbchina翻译sp;


4. The deadline of the first statistics

In order to give coshenzhenmmendations in time for the Special issue of the New Year chchina翻译arity Gala on December 23, 2019, the deadline for the first count of donations for this year’s苏州科技大学 “Huashi Award” is December 12, 2019. Donations can also be made on-site at the New Year charity Gchina意思ala and can b深圳天气e displayed on the big screen immediatelyaward怎么读.  award的用法


Being kind and benevolepledge翻译中文nt, we are proud to pledge huashi Award! Evpledge和promise区别ery donor is a hero! Let us use the most simple, the most sincere kindness to promote the development of the lion cause. Shenzhen Lions Club, our common home, pledges to “Hua Shi Award”, lookilion是什么意思ng forward to the active particiawardingpation of lion friends!  pledged翻译  

Shenzhen Lions Club

2019-2020 Pres苏州一高速加装刀片防护网ident: Weng Hua

Chairman of Shenzhen-Laward的用法ion Foundation Committee深圳天气: Ma Min

Chairman and First Vice President: Lu Zhiqiang

November 7, 2019lionel


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