Certification Guide Lion Training Notice 2012-2013

Shenzhen Lions Club certification Lion guide training Notice 2012-2013
Deartraining是什么牌子 Lion friend,
We informDecember 8-9, 2012 Shenzhen Lions Club 2012-2013 certitraining衣服品牌fied lion Guide trailionsning class was held. Specific arrangements are as folcertification翻译lows:
A, lion的音标    鬼的拼音   The curriculum
when      between
In 2012,1On February 8th
when      between
In 2012,1On February 9th
A贵的拼音t 8:30 a.m. –
8 09:00
early  meal
(9:00 Start reporting)
Retained Member (Wong Yiquncertification翻译)
11 a.m. and get
Opening training/Director’s Speech (Wang Cheng)
11 a.mnoticeable. 10:10
tea  point
Furthermore – he,guidebook
Breaking the ice (Huang Yiqun)training
Basic Knowledge of Shenzhen Lions Clubnoticed (Zhang Shijun)
He -“
tea/ photo
11 -“
tea  point
Introduction (Wang Cheng)
Walk aflionter 12:00 –
Lions Club International Basics (Lu Zhiqiang)
Lunch andguide是什么意思 check-in
– 12:00 PM
Lunch break
He 13:30 –
Organizing new Ser龟的拼音vice Teams (Ma Min)
14:00 to 15:00
  Building hetraining衣服品牌alth Service Team (X龟的拼音iao Xingping)
Most – passion
tea  point
15:00 – he
tea  point
But passion – 15:20
Responsibilities and Work Essentials of branch Cadres (Chen Shijguideun)
Therecertification怎么读fore – 16:50
Show and share
15:20 – soocertification是什么证书n
tea  point
tea  point
15noticed:30 – whtraining翻译o givetrainings
How to Cacertification是什么意思rry out conference Activities (Huang Xiaoling)
The graduation ceremony
Justice – ticket,
Teguidea & have spnotice的形容词ent point
Tnotice是什么意思he same 18:lions30 –
Safe return
Ticket – and
How to Carry out Service Activities (lion的音标Li Zhongjitraining是什么牌子e)
At about 17:00 –
Socialionl communication
    &nbguide是什么意思sp;     Second, & have spent Courstraining翻译e configuration: Guide lion Group
          Three, & have spent Partilion怎么读cipants: Current district presiguidelinedents and past presidents who have not participated in guiding lion training
          Four, & havlions英语怎么读e spent Degree quota: 40 students
  &nblion的中文意思sp;       Five, & have spent Training location: Shenzhe归德侯府n Nanao Tangan Bay Rcertification怎么读esort (venue supplier Chen Yuming shijie 13902488626)
          Six, & have spent Dress requirement: Lions club red lion suit (for group photo) and comfortaguidebookble casual wear
          Seve瑰的拼音n, & have spent Training c归德侯府ost:
          1, & have spent The instructor fee, rental and teaching AIDS will be paid by the training funds of Lions Club shlionenzhen.
          2, & have spent Hotel and lodginotice的形容词ng fee: 430 YUAN/person (double standard room), includinguide是什么意思g 1 night accommodation fee, 3 meals and 1 breakfast fee. If you lcertification是什么证书ivnotice用法e in a single room, you need to make up 175 ynoticeduan/person dilionelfference for single room. Fees can be paid in cash or by creguide怎么读dit calion的音标rd olion复数n site.
          Eight, & have spent Re圭的拼音gistration contact: Ma Min Shi Jie 13903022322,
                                              &归德侯府nbsp;                       Brothe圭的拼音r Walion的中文意思ng Chengshi, leader of guide Lion Group
  &guidebooknbsp;   &certificationnbsp;training衣服品牌   Nine, & have spent Other mattcertificationers: Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste are not provided in the hotel. Please bring your own tnotice的形容词oiletries.

      &nnotice过去式bsp;   Appendix归德侯府 1: Coursetraining怎么读 schedule

          Appendix 2: Route and description of Tangan Bay

Shenzhen Lions Club 2012-2013 Gtraining什么意思uide lion Group
December 3, 2012

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