Moving forward with Determination -- Shenzhen Lions News Agency held the first "Journalist Night" and the certificate Awarding Ceremony for trainee journalists

To celebrate the upcoming 20th Chinese Journalists' Day,On the afternoon of November 3, 2019, shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Shenzhen Lions News Agency held the fi深圳市最新疫情rst "Journalist night" and internship journalist licensing ceremony in The Hi Xiansheng Restaurant on the first floorheld of Huaxia Art Center. Shenzhen lion of tiaheld的原型n wang, secretary general Du Hengkun, chief financial officer Peng Daojian, long picketnews可数吗 Du Peng, partition Zhang Zheqin, Wdeterminationsei Xin, chairman of the new, dong-mei Chen, publagency造句ic relations andagency中文 publifirstlycity committee, deep lion Zhao Anni, chairman of news agency, public relations and publicimoving是什么词性ty committee, executive chairmanheld怎么读的 of benji, Su Youhua, deep lion news agency executive chairman mei-hong Chen, Wang Haibin, jia, cell, Nearly 50 people partic深圳地铁线路图ipated in the activfirsthandity, including old and new reporters of Shenzmovinghen Lion News Agency, members offirst the publicity committee of each service team, secretaries and lion friends who love writinfirst翻译成中文g and photography.

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At 3:30 PM, Chairman Su Youhua, as the host of the training, started the trnewsmth水木社区aining with the interactive game "Guheld怎么读的m", which opened the prelude in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Wan Chaolinagency, former president of Shenshi News Agency and former editor-in-chief of seniordetermination是什么意思 newspapagency什么意思er, lectured on New Writfirsting Skills; Du Pheldeneng, a professional direforward英语怎么说ctor and the picket chief of tforward什么意思he Lions Club of Shenzhen, lectunewsrers "The Angle of Photography" with hisdetermination用法及搭配 yeafirsthandrs of CCTV work experience. During the two and a half hourmoving outs training, the lecturers benefited a lot with tmoving怎么读heir professional knowledge, skills and rich experience in lion road. Lion flions是什么意思riends study hard, actively answer questshenzhenions, actively participate in the interaction, and full of praise fodetermination翻译r this training, looking forward to more opportunities to learn more professional skills in the future.

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The evlions的音标eninmoving是什么词性g in Shenzhen in early November was picturesque. 18:30, the first Shmovingenzhen Lions "Journalist Night" and internship journdetermination是什么意思alist ceforward翻译rtification ceremony officially opened.

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President Zhao Anne introduced the guests, thanked the leaders of the district council and lion friends for their support and praised their learning spirit. Shenshi news agency nanshan reportermoving和moved的区别 station secretary Sun Jing gave a welcome speech. The public relations and publicity Committee and the executive chairmen of Shenshi News Age深圳天气ncy respectivnewsmthely summarized and shared the recent publicity work. Subsequently, Chairwoman Anne Zhao introduced the key work of the next stage in detail.

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Secretary General Du Hengkun spoke highly of the work of the Public Relations and Publicity Coforward翻译mmitteeshenzhen and Shenshi News Agency this year, andmovingstory3d praised the efupheldficient, professional and innovative publicity methods of the journalists.

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At the clions翻译中文eremony, 15 trainee journalists took over their afirst是什么意思ppointment certifica深圳疫情最新动态tes and became the official reporters of Shenzhen News Agency. As this year's deep lion news agency to absorb the fagency什么意思irst repoforward是什么意思英语rter, starting on July 26, 2019, in every large event photogrfirst怎么读aphy, the press release, and the lion core language and editing, they are relying on its own excellence, let the lion newmoving是什么意思英语s agency, the couple's friendlion是什么意思中文翻译s can fully feeldetermination中文意思 deep sfirsttrength and the enewsmth水木社区ffect anforward是什么意思英语d influence of various forms of propaganda. I wish them all the best in the c深圳疫情最新动态oming years to make greater contributions to the promotion of Lions club.

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In the evening, all lion friends get together for dinner to exchange lion affairs and l深圳疫情最新消息ove. During the lucky draw, zeng Xuemei, the host of the dinner party, won the lucky draw by handing out red envelopes. We warmly sponsored pens and ink, watchesmovingstory3d, coffee machines, travel pillows, Bluetooth earmoving翻译phones, scarves, fruits and other ri深圳风险等级ch prizes, whifirstlych made lion friends spefirstname填姓还是名nd a warm and unforget深圳大学table night amid the cheers.

Autumn is the season of harvest. With tnewsmth水木社区he pleasant evening brforwardeeze at night, the first "Prlions怎么读ess Night" of Shenzhen Lionnewspapers 2019-2020 and the awarding ceremony of intern journalists of Shenzhen Lions News Agency was successfully concluded. I would li深圳天气ke to thank the distinguifirst翻译shed speakers for their wonderful teaching, the preparatory teheldbackam, the Public relmoving是什么意思ations and Publicity Committeenewsroom, the executive chairman and secretary of Shenzhen Lion News Agency for their hard preparation, and the enthusiastic lion friends for their sponsorship and support. Lion road has you, wonderful infifirst怎么读英语nite, cast professional, spread lion love, wish more lion friends to join the publidetermination是可数名词吗city team, togetherforward怎么读 for shenzhen Lions club tomorrow cheer.


Liang Wenjuan, Shenshi News Agency

[Photo] Cagency怎么读音英语hen Weiming, Shenshi News Aagency造句gency

[Edit] Annie Zhao, Shenshi News Agencnewsmth水木社区y

&determinationnbsp;     Office Ma Huagency翻译ijuan Lin Yanfelion是什么意思中文翻译n

[Typesetting] Du Shaoforward怎么读heng

[Issued] Shenzhen Llion是什么意思ions Club Office


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