The 2019-2020 Certified Lion Guide Training of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

From November 1 to 3, 2019, the 2019 to 2020 Certified Lion Guide training of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in Dongguan Kaijing Hotel. A total of 41 current or former captains from various service team深圳疫情s participated in the training and successfully completelions读音d their courses. Students mainly focus on helping the team to grow up healthily and perform templion是什么意思orary creative performances in groups. Su Zeran, Guo Keli, Li Feng, Liu Guoliang and other guests were invited to share wonderfcertified翻译成中文ul things frocertified翻译m domestic characteristics, laws and regulationstraining, lion cultraining是什么牌子ture and other aspects. Upon cguidebookompletion ofcertified翻译 the course, studentstraining衣服品牌 are required to complete lions Itraining是什么意思英语nternational assignments and become certified lions guguide怎么读ides after being certified by Lions International.


Former supervisor su Zeran, former president of Lions Club shenzhen, Party龟的拼音 Branch Secretclub怎么读ary Guo Keli of Lions Club Shenzheclubman是什么牌子车n, 2019-2020 President Weng Hua, second Vice President Guo Ylion翻译ongyong, former Presidcertified是什么认证ent Wang Jinliang, Secretacertified是什么牌子ry General Du Hengkun, Chief Executive Liao Ronghui, Ctraining是什么牌子hief Inspector Du Pelionsgateng, Executive Deputy Secretary Li Feng, First chairman of the zone, and guide the lion group deputy head Cui Weiclubmed官网预订ying, Li Zhou, chairman of the second section, the flionsgateouguide是什么意思rth section chairm深证指数an, guide the lion group deputy head guang-xi Chen, the fifth RuChcertified是什么意思unXu, chairman of the zone, thlions翻译中文e fifth division President zhu feng, the 10th division President, guide the lion龟的拼音 group deputy head Wei Xin new, pacertified是什么意思rtition chairman li xiaofeng, 11 conference chairman, GMT in shenzhen area coordinator, guide ray hd, dire鬼的拼音ctor of the lion Liu Guoliang, chairman of system Construction and Law Committee, Zhang Jinghua, executive chairmguide怎么读an of GMT, Ning Clions的音标hunxu, exetraining翻译cutive chairman of member Development and Retention Committee, Wang Chen深圳疫情最新消息g, Qi Kelin, Zeng Qingsen, deplion的音标uty head of guide Lion Group and more than 60 people attended the training. Yin Yanyi, healion的音标d oflionsgate the lion guide group of the Yunnan Representative office of the Domestic Lion Association, led the team to participate in the training. The training was presided over by Lei Qing深圳疫情qing as the chairman, C瑰的拼音ui Weiying as the head teacher, Wang Cheng as the chief letraining翻译中文cturer and Wei Xinxin.


At the opening ceremony, the chief lcertified翻译成中文ecturer Wang Cheng led the students to play an interesting ice-breaking game, which narrowed the understanding and distance between lion friends.

Lei Qingqing, head teacher cui Weiying,lionkk warmly welcomed thelions英语怎么读 trainees and leaders of the lion friends, and hoped that the trainees would make clear the responsibilities of the lion guide. After learning to become the certifitraininged lion guide, they would devote themselves wholeheartedly and silently accompany the service tecertified是什么认证am to carry out various llions英语怎么读ion affairs and set aclubmedn example to assist the healthy and stable development of the servicclub是什么意思e team.

Guclub怎么读o Yongyong, the 2nd Vice President of ccNA appreciated the rigor and sclubservice of the training, and affirmed the full spirit of the trainees. He introduced h贵的拼音is experience as a lion guide and elion怎么读ncouraged tlions读音he lion friends to actively participate in the work of abnormal service team aftelion是什么意思r graduation, helping the Shenzhen Lions cluguide怎么读b to gather strenlions翻译中文gth and圭的拼音 maintain the healthy development of the organization. Finally, he hoped that theclubmed官网预订 stulion复数dents would study hard, graduate successfully and become a good guide lion in the future.


In his speech, Forme深圳疫情最新动态r Supervisor Su Zeran put forward four points of view on theclubmed development of lions clcertified是什么意思ubs in Chclubmed官网预订ina and the responsibilities of lions gucertified怎么读ides. Fcertified是什么牌子irst, domestic lions clubs should form their own characteristics balion是什么意思中文翻译sedlions on the actual situation in China, and should not copy altrainingpeaksl the rules and culture oclubmedf lions clubs. Second, lions club is notraining是什么意思英语t involved in politics, the lion gutrainingide should have correct polititrainingpeakscal consciousness, timely understand and convey national policies and prtraining造句inciples; Third, the dom深圳疫情estic Lion Association is in the adjustment staglion是什么意思e, the overall situation is adjusted by the development of membe深圳天气rs to activate the vitality of members, tlion复数he main work of lion guide should focus on supportclubman是什么牌子车ing the healthy dev鬼的拼音elopmetraining造句简单nt oflionel the serviceclubs team; Fourth, guide lions should give full play to the role of humanistic care, do a good job in the care of the service team and its members, stimulate the love of each member, improve the cohesion and ctrainingentriality of the service team, and promote the healthy and steady development of Shenzhen Lions Club.


In his speech on “New Social Organizations with Domestic Charactlions怎么读eristics”lionkk, Mr. Kwokley reminded the studguidelineents to remember the oclubmedriginal intention of jtrainingoining lions club andtraining翻译中文 do their best to contributcertified是什么认证e to the深圳 public welfare and charity. He impressed the studen深圳天气ts btrainingpeaksy sharincertified怎么读g the efforts of the Communist Party of Chlions英语怎么读ina to establish the new coulion复数ntry. He said tha深圳市最新疫情t adhering to the domestic characteristics is to adhere ttrainingpeakso the leadership of the Party. Important activities of the Lions Club should be reported to the party committee of深圳天气 the superior unit in a timely manner andlions翻译 approval can be obtained before they can be carried out. The Party branch of Lions club supports the principle that lion wclub用英语怎么说ork should be in place and not offside. It does not interfere in the legal and compliance decisions of the board of directorclub怎么读s, and timely reports to the Party Committee if there is any non-compliance situation of the board of directors. He hoped that the leading lions could come to theguidebook service team and speak well about the historytraining造句 of the Party and the function of深圳大学 the party branlions翻译中文ch. At the same time, Secretary Kwokley shar深证指数ed in detail the challenges facing tclub翻译he Lions Club and thclub翻译e relions英语怎么读lationship between the business authorities and the Lions Club.


Chairman liu guoliang from the Angle of law, to share the clear view of the lion “, patiently explained the difference betweenlions读音 the compositioclub是什么酒n of social or鬼的拼音ganizations, funds and foundation, the evaluation of social organizations, two exemption elitraining造句gibility, the relationship between shenzhen lions with domestic lion federation, shenzhen lions wit深证指数h lions clubs international relations, how to carry out fundraising and legal public welfare charitable services, shenzhen lions property appreciation value, etc.

Li Feng, coordinator of GLT Shenzh深圳疫情最新消息en, was invited to share the two courses “Strongecertified怎么读r Service Team Blueprint” and “No Authcertified怎么读ority Influence”, explaining the three goals of action and ch瑰的拼音allenge, stro鬼的拼音nger blueprint, summary and evaluation in a simple way. He introduced the responsibilities of GAT, GLT, GMT and GST of Lions Club International, and elaborated on GLT, GMT and GSTlionel in detail based on the sitrainingpeakstuation of Lions Clulionsb Shenzhen, enabling everyone to incretraining是什么牌子ase knowledge of lion affairs and understand the relationship and responsibilities among the three “Gs”.


Executive Chairman Zhalion的音标ng Jinghua, Deputy head cui Weiying, Deputy head Chen Guangxi, deputy head Qi Kelin, deputy head Wang Cheng, Deputy head Zeng Qingsen explained the courses of “Lion Guide Skilion翻译lls”, “Cadre Guidance Team”, “Fundraising and fundraguideising”, “Design Training”, “Lion Gui贵的拼音de Resources”, “certification Lion guide Test”.

The students listened to the teacherclubman carefully, and discussed tlion怎么读he various problems they encolion的中文意思untered in groups to find soluti鬼的拼音ons.

During the training, also held a unique small party. The five groups created a program temporarily, and the creative performance won warm applause.

Jinguide怎么读-liang wang, a former President, Liao Ronghui dean of general affair, the deputy secretary-general oflions是什么意思 Li Feng, ray hd congress President to donation to support this traininglionsgate WengHuashenzhen, rainbo, Peng Daojian, Zheng Hehua, Guo Yongyong, Cai Min, Huang Xiaoru, Dai Jialin, ray hd, Zeng Qingsen, Cui Weiying, Zhu Daoying, even Ctraining怎么读huHai, Zhao Nian really, jin深圳疫情最新动态-liang wang dong-mei Chelions的音标n, jian-ye liu and sponsorship materials, guang-xi Chen issue the certificate.

At the gtrainingpeaksraduation ceremony, Weng Hua, president of the People’s Republic of China, expressed his appreciation to the participantstraining造句. He shared his experience of growing up and guiding thelionel lion club, etraining怎么读ncouraged the lion friends to stay true to their origuidelineginal aspiration, actively participate in various lion activities of shenzhen Lion Club, and make progress harmoniously in all work positions. He urged the students to put what they learlionkkned into prac圭的拼音tice to help the team grow healthily and create more glory for the Club.


After the cours深圳地铁线路图e, the chairman深圳疫情最新动态 of tlionshunder Hd Confelions读音rence ann瑰的拼音ounced a series of work plans of guide lion glions的音标roup深圳疫情最新动态 and invited each group of stud深圳疫情ents to attend. On behalf oflion是什么意思 GMT, he presented a glionelift to Weng Hua, president of GMlion的音标T,深圳风险等级 thanking him for his correct guidance and strong supportraining造句简单t to GMT. Welions英语怎么读ng Hua, President of ccPIT Xiamen, Li Feng, Executive Vice Secretary General a龟的拼音nd Chairman of LEI Hd Conference presented celion翻译rtificates of complet深圳天气ion to participants.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin wu Weitraining什么意思li

Wu Weili, Su Zhuang, Bin Qiu Peng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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