Leaders of Shenzhen Ngo Administration visited Shenzhen Lions Club

Leaders of Shenzhen Ngo Administration visited Shenzhen Lions Club

      &club是什么酒nbsp;     On Jleadership英文解释uly 25, 2012, Mr. Li Jinquan, director of the Law Enforcement and Supervision Departngo全称ment olions翻译中文f shngo是什么意思enzhen Civil Oleadershiprganization Adminiclubmanstration, visited Shenzhen Lions Club and conducted an investigation on the party building work of social organizations.
&nbsclub是什么意思p;           Su Zeran, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wu X深圳市最新疫情iaoming, first deputy director an深圳地铁线路图d Padministration中文意思arty branch secretary, Zhang Xiaowei, secretary general, and Chen Xiangrong, secretary of Shenzhadministration的动词形式en Disabled Perslions读音ons’ Federation Party Office attclub是什么酒ended the seminar.
            The meeting was presided over by Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, who welcomed Director Li Jinquan’s visit and introduced the preparation and establishment of the Parleadership的中文意思ty Branlions怎么读ch ongo全称f Lions Club Shenleaders什么意思zhe深圳风险等级n office. Secretary Wu Xiaoming introduced the organization structure and operclubsation mode of Shenzheclub是什么酒n Lions Club, and put forward many ideas on the next step of the party branch. Su zeran expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the Shenzhen Ngo Management Bureau, pointing out that the establishmvisited音标ent of the partlions怎么读y branch is very meaningful and hoped that the official authorities can give more guidance and support.
        &nngo全称bsp;   On behalf of the Civil Administration Bulions翻译reau, Director Li Jinquan spoke hclubmed官网预订ighly of the establishment of the Party bshenzhenranch of shenzhen Lions Club Office, and hopedleaders什么意思 that the party branch oadministration是什么意思啊f Shenzhen Lions Club ofadministration中文意思fice could carry out more activitievisited的过去式s, enhance vitality and cohesngo全称ion, and do better and better.
     ngo招聘       After the meeting, Director Li jinquan visited the lions Club office in Shenzhen and gaveleadership翻译 full affirmatlions英语怎么读ion and encouragement.

Bleadership是什么意思y Zhang Lichen


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