The second batch of disaster relief materials set out — The Lions Club of Shenzhen sichuan Ya ‘an Earthquake Relief Briefing (iii)

              On April 22, 2013, the second batch of disaster relief materials donated by Lions Club of Shenzhesettlen, worth 1.13 milldisasterion yuan, was delivered to the people in Lushan and evacuated quickly after thdisaster的名词e first batch of disaster relief materiaoutcomels were delivered torelief动词形式 the people in Lushan. The ceremony was held in Shenzhmaterials studioen Luohu Gymnasium. The ceremony was amaterialsttended by 2012-2013 Director Surelief是什么意思啊 Zsecond的基数词eran, first Deputy Director Wu Xiaoming, second Deputy Direcsecond什么意思tor Lin Ziyu, Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, General Affairs Director Yu Qian, Execsecondscreen下载utivedisaster的最高级 Deputy Secroutfitetary General Gao Zhou and more than 10 lion friends. Donations of lion friends group co., LTD., domestic enterprises well gbatchno什么意思在药上inza shenzhen jiclubman是什么牌子车a tai pharmaceutical co., LTD., shenzhen Wan Quanda technology co., LTD., guangzhou life co., LTD., shenzhen aikang badisaster的形容词by daily necessities co., LTD., shenzhen van woo hin garmematerial什么意思中文翻译nt co., LTD., shenzhen amdo f disecondlove日剧sinfection technology co., LTD. And love people Zhang Yuwen, shaw beauty, ms wong Aloutlookso invited were friends from the media. Slion是什么意思ome of the donated materials were transported to the disaster area free of cdisaster英语harge by Xiao Dejun shibatch什么意思‘s Shenzhen Baohengtong Investment and Development Co., LTD.
  &nclubmedbsp;       &disaster翻译nbsp;     The ceremony was presided over by Wu Xiaomingmaterials翻译, the first deputy director.

&nbdisaster可数吗sp;               At the ceremony, Director Su Zeran conveyed the clionsoncern of lion Friends of Shenbatch翻译zhen Lions Club to the disaster in Ya ‘an. Lion Friends of Shenzhen Lions Club raised more thanoutput 3.5 million yuan for thesecondlove日剧 earthquake in Ya ‘an (excellence Group donated 1 million yuan) and materials worth 1.13 moutfitillion yuan. Mr. Su then briefly introduced how the first batch of materials worth 250,000 yuan were delivered to the people in lushan County and evacuated quickly. He also said that The Lions Club of Shenzhen would abide by the relevant provisisecond什么意思ons of national disaster relief and carry out earthquake relief in a sset翻译afe, rational, scientific and orderly way.
      &nclubmedbsp;         Ma Min, the lion sister of The Shenzhen Lions Club, shared the story of the lion friends of the Shenzhen Lions Club donating money tset是什么按键o the disaster area, which is the epitome of theclub翻译 shenzhen Lions Club.

                Subsequently, Shenzhen Lions Club accepted donationsclubman from enterprises and calion是什么意思中文翻译ring people for the earthquake relief in Ya ‘an, Sichurelief翻译an province, and pclubmanromised to deliver the love safely to the people in the disaster area, living up to the high expectations of the sociclub翻译ety for Shenzmaterials什么意思hen Lions Club.

  &nbsdisaster造句p;         &materials怎么读nbsp; The second batch of relieoutlook邮箱f materials for sichuan Ya ‘an earthquake relief officially set out by Shenzhen Lionrelief和relieve区别s Club. …

By Su Zhuangbin/Lin Zeyun

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