Earthquake relief Shenzhen Lions Club One Foundation in action

            Clothes, quilts, rice, disinfection water, todayclubman是什么牌子车 (April 22) at four o ‘clock in the afternoon, luoh深圳疫情最新消息u stadium at the gate of深圳市最新疫情 th深圳e open space深圳疫情最新消息, piled up with the earearthquakesthquake diactionsaster areas urgently needed materials. The original Shenzhen Lions Club held a donation ceremony here for shenzhenfoundation游戏 caring enterprises.
&nbclubmed官网预订sp;       &nbspclubmed官网预订;     In adclub是什么意思dition to the materials needed in the disaster area, some enterprises also noticed the situatioaction翻译n of water shortage in the disaster area, so they do深圳nated three large water puriearthquake怎么读fication equipment developed and produced by themselves to the disaster area. Zhuangclub用英语怎么说 Yuhou, a caring entrepreneur, said t深圳地铁线路图hat they had not found a good way to transport the three water purification equ深圳疫情最新消息ipment to the disaster area. Later, they contacted the Shenzhen Lions Club through the media and completed the donation.earthquakes
   clubman           Su Zeran, director of The Lions Club of Shenzheearthquake是什么意思英语n, said that the first batch of reaction下载lief materials had been delivered from Chengdu to Ya ‘an yesterday (April 21), and the second batch of materials, about onaction是什么意思英语e million yuan, will be delivered tearthquake英语怎么读o the disaster areafoundation free of charge by caring enterprises.
          &nbaction是什么意思英语sp;   More thclubsan 450,000 crelief形容词haritable peoplions翻译中文le and enterprearthquakes怎么读ises have donated more than 31 million yuan to theearthquakes翻译 One Foundation through the Internet as of 24pm on October 21, and 1action是什么意思英语0.2594 million yuan has been collected iclub是什么酒n their bank accounts.


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