The first elite Art Festival of “Shenshi Fusion Cup” was held smoothly

Pluralistic co-creation, integration and symbiosis— The first “Shenzhen-Lion Fusion Cup” Elite Art Festival was successfully held

Autumn, is a colorfulelite是什么意思 season, is also the season of harvest.On October 10, 2019, the 4th Session of the first “Shenzhen Lion Felite俱乐部中的鞭打usion Cup” Elite Art Feselitetival was held in the conference hall of Shenzfusion怎么读hen Comprehensive Service Building for the Disabled. The activity provides a platform for the menwas是什么意思tally disabled to display their talents, and the service fund is 8000 yuan.

Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Presidefusion是什么意思nt Weng Hua,first name Secretary General Du Hengkun, Chairman CAI Min of Zone 3, Chairman Tang Quanhwasn’tui of Zone 8, Chairman Li Xiaofeng of Zwaspone 11, Chairman Su Jianhua of The Committee for Poverty Alleviation and Diwash怎么读sability, Executive Chairmen Luo Guanqi, Chen Lili and other l醋泡黑豆的功效与作用ion friends, Chairm沈石溪an Wen Hong oartistf China Associfirstlyation of Persons with Mental Disabilities, Liao Yanhui, chairmaelitebookn, Wu Zhongzhu anheld中文d Huang Xueqing, vice chairmen, Wen Zhimei and Wang Jihong, executive coufirst怎么读ncil memb绅士的品格ers of Shenzhen Association of Persons with Mental Disabilities and Relatives and Friends, and rwassupepresentativheldes of futian and other administrative districts attended the activity. The ffestival怎么读estival is chaelite翻译ired by Yuan Juan, t绅士的品格he leader of the 2019-2020 Land King Service Team of Lions Club shenzhen, Wang Hansong, the leader of huayue Servicefusionapp下载 Team, and Zhao Weixin, the leader of Mingde Service Team.

President Wefirst怎么读ng Hua de申时livered a speech. He said that since its establishment, the Lions Club has been committed to promoting the development of the cause of persons with mental disabilities by carrying out variocup怎么读us activielitepain鞭打俱乐部12ties to enrich their spiritual and cultural life and gheld的原型uide them to establiscupfoxh a healthy and happy outlook on life. At the same time, Weng expressed appreciation and gratitude to Chairman So for his outstanding contributiowasten in helping the disabled.


President Wen Hong spoke highlyartist of the festival and wisfestival英语怎么说hed the event a complete success. She said art activities are a vehicle for people withcupfox disabilities to show their spiritual outlook, help them find confidence and inspire them to love life and live a glorious life.


Chairman So introduced the purpose of the event. , she said, forwas怎么读 the “world mental health day”, the response WengHua put forward by the President’s annual slogan “with service, harmonious”, the spirit of people with disaartofzoofree可以看的bilities and their families with colorful culture life, show the spirit of positive spiarticlerit, taken to eliminate the sfirst怎么读英语ocial prejudice and discrimicupboardnation of essence of disabled people, speciaelite是什么意思l prwashingtonepacupfox茶杯狐rations for the festival.


Liao Yanhui chairman, said the deepwassup essence of lions had several close cooperation with shenzhen, thanks to shefestival是什么意思nzhen lions of deep association’s strong support, hope lions bring more loving people involved, jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of mental disabled醋泡黑豆的功效与作用 people, promoting the spirit of equality for the disabled, fully participate infestival前用on还是at social life, social material and cultural achievements sharing.


Chen Peng, director of Shenzhen Association of Men簇拼音tal Disabled persons and Rewasplatives a绅士游戏nd Friends, said in his speech that there werwasn’te many touching stories in the preparation process of this art festival, and the whole preparation process was a very good integration.


A purifying a申世景nd warm electronic organ plfirsthandayiheldng “Bright Overture” opened the ccup是什么意思urtain of the art festival. A total of 15 cultural and artistic performances, including vignettes, piano solfusioncomputeo, poetry recitation/piano, ocariartofzoofree人与犬na, saxophon绅士picapica安卓下载e, electronic organ ensemble, cucurbit flute, drum set, Aheld是hold的什么形式frican drum, chorus, duet and song series, were selected by the fine association of futian ancupfox茶杯狐d other five administrative regions. The chilheldendren threw themselves into the performance with all their heart.fusion翻译 The “Moon Hua”, played by ocarina, saxophone anheld的中文意思d electronic organ, was euphemi绅士冒险stic and touching, which brought t醋泡黑豆ears to the eyes of everyone present. Hulusi “Red Song Ensemble”, showing the children’s positive spiritual outlook; Playing “Lata” on drum set, interpreting the wisdoart-al00x是什么型号m of “sound for transmartistission, music for perception”; “My Country and ME”, a chorus of strong mothers, expresses mothers’ love for their children and calls on people from allfusionapp walks of life to pay attention to providing mofestival怎么读语音re support and care for these special groheldups.

The judges scored the program and awarded the gifts sponsored by celitearing enterprisesheldback and individuals to the winning organizations and individuals. Heart Star Garden performance of drum set “Latta” won theld中文he first prize; The dfusion公司uewassupt “Dancing Street” by the Family Resource Center for Mental Rehabilitation won the second prize; The third prize went to “Velvet Flower” and “Me and My Motherland” by the Watchful Mother簇拼音s choir. Felitepain鞭打俱乐部12lying Language Orchestrfirst怎么读a performed the electronic organ “Bright Overtufusion360re”, instrument ensemble “Moon Hua”, inspired the Flying Band African drum “Love my China”, mental rehabilitation Family Resource Center skit “Emotional Doctor”, Purple flying Language chorus “Military Harbor Night”, cucurbifestival怎么读英语单词t flute “Red Song ensemblefirsthand“, “I Believe” by Aite Orchestra, “Canon”/” Chopin Waltz “byhelden zhong Yufusionappe piano solo,” Fill the World with Love “by Songya Art Troupe and” Flowercupboard of Women “/” Grateful Heart “by Ren Ai performance won the Best perfoart-al00x是什么型号rmance申时 award.


This art Festival is directed by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, sponsored by Shenzhen Spiritual Disabled perheld的中文意思sons and Friendfusions and Relatives Association, Shefirst翻译nzhen Lions Club Poverty Alleviation comfirst是什么意思mittee, Shenfusion怎么读zhen Futian Zifeiyu Specialwash Children Rehabilitation Center, Shenzhen lion stakes, HuaYue, burson-marsteller, oct, hong ya, lotus, grace, Victoria towers, zhongtian, lions, love football, fu, ganten, alex, yantian, offshore mooring love, lily, long letter, starfire, virtueswaste, Wen Jin, Chinese entrepre申世景neurs, wutong mouncupfox茶杯狐tain, happiness, liuzhou, right, red libo, mooring, silver lake, xinan, blue sky, love checkpoint, mafestivalcro Yang, maritime, Oriental rose, reaching for the sky Nature, the earfestival英语怎么说tfusion360h, shenyang, a dacupfox茶杯狐y se醋泡黑豆t sail,waste 58, such as a service to undertake, lufusionaccessohelite翻译u district mental disabled people andfusion怎么读 friends and relatives, spirit of shenzhen futian dfirst是什么意思isabled people and frienfusion公司ds will, nanshan district, shenzhen city spirit disabledfusion公司 people and friends will, shenzhen baoan district mental disaartbled people and friendsart-al00x是什么型号 will, shenzhen longgang district will co-host mental disabled and relatives and friends.



【 Text 】 Liu Meijiao

[Photo] Chen Meihong

[Edit] Chen Meihong, SU Jian, Hua ‘anfusion360 & NBSP; Nina

    &nbfirstsp;         Ma Huijuan  Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lionfestivals Club Office

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