Standardized operation and Harmonious Progress — The first district affairs meeting of 2019-2020 of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On October 15, 2019, the first District affairs meeting of 2019-2020 was successfully held in the Lharmoniously是什么意思ionsdistrict词根 Club office in Shenzhen. Meeting on the recent wodistrict翻译rk and the nexstandardized翻译t step work schedule and take care of the sanitation workers annual community theme activitiunstandardizedes, diabetesstandardized是什么意思 propaganda anmeeting的音标d education, free lunch programs and internationalmeeting是什么中文意思 lions the 58thstandardize annual saffairs是什么意思outheast Asia and other issues, focusing oaffair是什么意思n “shestandardized翻译nzhen lions club member code of conduct”, “shenzfirsthandhen lions regulation on administration of Internet pfirst翻译ublic information platform for parsing.


Waffairs是什么意思eng Hua, presideharmonious是什么意思中文nt of The Shenzhen Lions Club, reported the recent work situation around the standard operation, service activities, training work, and the investigation on the issmeeting是什么中文意思ues related to the Huashi Public Welfare Foundation. From July 1, 2019 to October 15, 2019, Lions Club shenzhen carried out 229 service activiharmoniouslyties for the disabled, community services, education, medical and health services, poverty alleviation, etc., with a service fund of 13,777,500 YUAN, 6,661inharmonious members participated in the service and 68,566 beneficiaries. He deployed a focumeeting是什么意思中文翻译s recently, said it will continue in accordance witprogress进度条h the requirements of the feprogress翻译deration, completes the rectification work, to carry out the party conmeeting腾讯会议struction, subject service month activity, peace poster works, primary trainer training, and training, guide the lion training and internal training, preparations for the 2019 charity party in the New Year lion service workoperation是什么意思英语, and organize the lion friends to attend the 58th annual southeast Asia.


Entrusted by Secretary Geneharmonious的名词形式ral Du Hengkunstandardize, Mr. Lharmoniousiaoprogress进度条 Ronghui, Director generdistrictal of Lions Club shenzhen, briefed taffairs翻译he board of directors on the “Code of Conduct for Members of Lions Club Shenzhen” and “Regulatimeeting怎么读英语ons on management of Lions Club Shenzhen Internet Public Information Platform”.operation He said that as a member of Shenzhen Lions Club, he should consciously regulate his words and deedsoperation翻译, do not do anythprogressiveing harmful to the image of Shenzhen Lifirstname填姓还是名ons Club, and maintain the collective honor of Shenzhen Lions Club. At the same time, accordharmonious怎么读ing to the pharmoniousrimeeting腾讯会议nciples of “who publishes, whdistrict和region区别o is respdistrictonsiblaffair是什么意思e”, “first review, then public”, “case by case”, poperation是什么部门arprogress进度条app下载ticipate in the operation and management of Shenzhen Lions Club wechat official account, wechat group and other Internet public information platforms.


Mr. Li Zhou, chairman of zone 2, introduced the annual community theme actimeeting是什么意思vity “Harmonious Force cares for sanitation workers” and called on all service teamsharmonious to particprogressipate in organiaffairs是什么意思zing or co-organizing the event and provide more financial support forprogress什么意思 the project so as to truly care for sanitation workers. Executive Depmeetingsuty Secretary General Li Feng introprogressduced the anndistrict缩写是什么ual communitoperationaly theme activity of “Harmonious Force Diabetes edistrict词根ducation” and invited lion friends to participate actively to further enhance the influence of the pharmonious翻译roject. Free lunch program chairman Chen Shijun introduce shenzhen lion members to participate in the second annual “area” under the framework of personharmonious翻译s with disabilities transaction theme activities and centaffairs翻译ral area, xinan, red libo, mileage, dahuang, yantian, shajing, joint and other eight service representative with Africa Kenya two schools succaffair是什么意思essfully signed the memorandum of “free lunch” donationsfirst怎么读英语.

Mr. Zhan Wenli, executive chairman of lions International and China Annual Conaffairs怎么读ference Committmeeting是什么中文意思ee, briefed the preparation ofdistrict和region区别 the 58th Lions International Annual Conference in Southeast Asia and encouraged lions to register for the conference. Chui Waprogressive翻译i-ying, chairmaoperationn of Zone 1, called on lion lovers to participate in the 2019-2020 certified lion guide training to learn more skills and knowledge of lion guiding.


On behalf offirst翻译 the Board of Supervisors, Mr. Shi jianyong, the chief supervisor, affirmed the high efficiency and standard of the district affairs meeting, and hoped that all lion frienprogress可数吗ds would set an exoperationallyamplfirst怎么读英语e and conscientiously perform their duties as a medistrict翻译mber during the cleaning and rectification pedistrict的中文意思riod of the Lion Club. He said thatmeetings the board of Supervisors will continue to escharmonious怎么读ort the sharmonious名词是什么teady development of Shenharmonious的名词形式zhen Lionsoperationally Club.


WengHua President reiterated in thefirstname填姓还是名 summary statement “shestandardize翻译nzhen lions cluboperationskuld出自哪部动画 member code of conduct” and “shenzhen lions Internet public iprogressdrawablenformation platform management stipulation” the importanceprogressively of sanitation workers and called for emeeting是什么意思中文翻译veryone to actively participaaffairs翻译te in care, diabprogressivelyetes propaganda and education, free lunch, posters, peace lion service activities, such as sprogress什么意思outheast Asia cooperationnference go hand in hand, with thharmonious怎么读e serviinharmoniousceoperation是什么意思英语, the total harmony!


Domestic lion federation in shenzhen on behalf of li wh, President of shenzhen lion, long ShiJianYong WengHuoperationlovecrafta and supervisors, the last President Ma Min, second deputy President Guo Yongyong, former President of tian wang, charmonioushief financial officer Peng Daojian, dean of general affair Liao Ronghui, lonoperation是什么意思英语g picket Du Peng, deputy sefirst翻译cretary-general Li Feng such as directors, supmeetingservisors and specialized work, the service onstandardized是什么意思 behalf of a toprogress可数吗tal of more than 130 peoaffairs是什么意思ple were present at the meeting. The meeting was chairaffair是什么意思ed by District 1 Chairman Choi Wai-ying, District 3 Chairman Yang Shuimeeting的音标-jin, and District 4 Chairman Yiprogress进度条 Shu-min as executive chairmen.


【 Text 】 Hu & NBSP; grey

[Photo] Huang Xinran

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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