Diwang Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2017-2018

toThe king of the serviceteamHeld:2017-2018…The annualThe First regular meeting

2017years7month22Shenzhen Lions ClubThe king of the serviceteam2017-2018…The annualThe First regular meetinginNanshan Bitaoyuan villaMa tao yuanThe cluregularbafirst青年电影展. Shenzhen Lions Club2017-2018…The annualDeputy smeeting怎么读英语ecretary-general,toThe king of thmeeting翻译e serviceTeam leader Liao Ronghui.Shenshi News AgenteammatecyChairman Tang Ho-chi.toThe king of the serviceteamCaptain Xia Shiyomeeting造句u, etc18peopleTo attend thewilldiscussion. Meetinfirst音标g by CAIThe pine,Presided over by Zhang Jiaru.

The conferenceThe chairman ts帝王攻略afirst怎么读iThe pineRing the bell for the meetingandreporttransitionThe inaugurationThe ceremonyPreparations,includinmeetingtencentcomgThe ceremonyThe place and time of the event,The dress codeAnd division of laborAnd so o帝王蟹为何要马上杀死n.Ivy release2016-2017.Outstanding Contributiodiwangn award of themeeting造句 YearanhelddgoodMembership awardEvaluation criteria ofAnd award list.The previous captainEntrustheld是hold的什么形式ed by Huang Xteamsuelfirst怎么读anSueMerrill lynch reportAt presentfinancialBalance of payments,The balancesituation.

Chairman Tang Hao-zhi stated last yearguilinThe sunlight person of outstanding abilityStudent activitiesThe recipientstudentsnowshape.heintroduceThis activiteamworktyHelp single parents precisely,povertyandStudregularizationents with above-average grades,subsidiesEach student per year1Teregular的名词n thousand yuan.Among the assisted studentsThere are eightThe nameHigh schoolraw.3The nameJunior high schoolrawand1The namePrimary schoolraw, one of them this yearhasTo go toThe university of.Then,meeting怎么读英语President Tang Haozhi shared7intoChicago, USAJoin lions Club International no100theThe anfirstlynual meeting of theIn the case.first name

This regular mmeeting是什么意思中文翻译eeting is of great significteam是什么意思翻译ance and highlight帝王的战利品stoTheservice的名词 king of the serviceteamThe big famteamily is united and warmatmospherdiwange. seniorThe lion friendsAlthough He Gang bodyinAbroad, bmeeting腾讯会议ut still close to hoteam什么意思meThe king of the serviceTeam,throughWeChat voiceTo participate in this regular meeting,Dressed in aRaise your glass to the century-old lion costumeCelebrate, make allThe participat帝王的战利品ingLion friend moved.

willLater,Zharegular反义词ng Jiaru inFor everybodyTo prepare theA bigThe dinner.The lion friteamendsA toast to celebrate.I wish the ceremony ateam什么意思 complete success.


wen/Figure toThe kteamproing of the serviceThe team feeds

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