The 13th National Member Congress of the National Lions Association was held smoothly

The 13th National Member Congress of the National Lions Association was held smoothly


From June 3 to 5, 2019, thwassupe 13th National Member Congress of The Domescongress和parliament的区别tic Lion Association (hereinafter referred to as thewas怎么读 "thirteenth Congress") was held in Xi 'an Shaanxi Ho童话故事tel. Nelions怎么读arly 500 representatives from 14 regions of the country discussed and deliberated various reports and proposals of the Association, elected a new leadership group and members of the boacongressmenrd of directors and the board of supervisors, and s桃花源记uccessfully held the 2018-2019 work summary meeting of the Domestic Lion Association.

Hou Yisha, chief representative of The Domestic Lions Association in Shenzhen and president of Shenzhenlion是什么意思中文翻译 Disabled Persons' Federation; Huang Fakheld的意思是什么e, directcongressionalor of publicity and Rights Protection Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation; Lin Ziyu, vice President of the Domestic Lions Association; Su Zeran, smembersupervisor同花顺; Zhang Guojun, former Executive vice presidencongress和conference的区别t; xiao Xingping, Executive Vice President of China Lions Charity Institutecongress翻译; Mormemberse than 30 people, including 2018-2019 President Ma Min, Supervinational翻译sor Zheng Degangcongress怎么读, last president Tian Wangxing, 2019-2020 preswashedident dlions读音esignate Weng Hua, supervisor designaheld过去式和过去分词te Shi Jianyong, first Vice President designate Lu Zhiqiang, secnationalstadiumond vice president designate Guo Yongyong, Deputy Supelion是什么意思rvisor designate Zhang Jian and secretary General Du Hengkun, attended the meeting in Xi 'an.


On The 4th, the 13th meeting of the Federation was grandly opened. China Disabled Persons' Federation, chairman of the party secretary, Zhou Changkui, shaanxi provincial party committee s褪黑素tanding clionsommitteeassociation和collection的区别 and executive vice governor liang, domestic disabled persons' federation member of the party group, deputy director, domestic Gu Yong, the head of lion federatmembersion, the Ministry of Civil Affairs administration of social organizations of Zhang Zhende,, the direwashingtonctor, fnational dayormer vi通货膨胀下什么最保值ce chairman of the national dwaspisabled persons' federacongressmantionational怎么读n domestic lion federation of koizumi, international lion of wing kun tam, More than 500 people attended the meeting, including Zhang Xiaoqing, deputynational是什么意思 secretary geneheld怎么读的ral of The China Charity Federation, leaders of the Social Organization Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, leaders of the Chinanational怎么读 Disabled Personslions的音标 federation, leaders of the Local Disabled persons federatioheldenn, leamembersmark啥牌子ders of the Chinese Lion Association and representatives of lion Flion是什么意思中文翻译riends. Tsmoothly是什么词性he meeting was chaired bcongress怎么读y Lin Ziyu, vice president of the assoassociation和collection的区别ciation.


Liang GUI, standing Committee member of shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, on behalf of shaanxi Provincial Party Commit褪黑素tee and provincial authorities, extended his sincere welcome to all lion friends and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the support of Domestic Lion Association for shaanxi's work. He simply intr通货膨胀下什么最保值oduce thnational音标e history of shaanxi, and said, lions in assistinationalitiesve povwasherty alleviation, disaster relief, studentlions翻译, respect, and other fields are fuheldbackll of vitality, is an active fcongress怎么读orce in the field of public welfare charity, official in shaanxi and shanxi lions representative office had several cooperation, lion is to continue to play to the role of the public welfare charity, make contributions to charity.


C童话故事hina Disabled Persons' Federation, chairman of tsmoothly什么意思he party secretary, Zhou Changkui said, to strengthen the party's leadership, couplet will pcongress和conference的区别romote th桃花源记e healthy development of the federaheld过去式和过去分词tion, to strengthen the leadership ofth the party, promote the heawasn'tlthy development of the fedhelderthinatiwas是什么意思on as a serious political task, to carry out the party construction responsibility system, complete with strong related management power, increase theld的意思是什么he intensheldenity of lions party organization form, realizing a complupheldete coverage of the party organization and the work. Will unswervingly into public welfare charity, feelings for chacongress什么意思rity, enthusiasm, passion, and the truth, alwayslionsgate active in the first line, witassociation什么意思h an emphasis on commnational怎么读unity, rooted at the grass-roheld是hold的什么形式ots level, for the masses, from the details, to carry out social work in the selions是什么意思rvice of domestic characteristics unswervingly lions development path and wish the conference a complete finished at last.


In his speech, Chairma童话故事n Jia Yong thaheldbacknked shaanxi provincial government, Shaanxi Disabled Persons' Federation and shaanxinationalstadium Representative Office for their support. He said that theheld过去式和过去分词 work of the assocwashiation in the past two years had received great support from the standing Council, the Council and the lion friends. The 57th annual confecongressmenrence was successfwashullassociation用法及搭配y held in China for thewaste first time, making the world feel the strengtheld的原型h of Chinese lion friends. He hoped that the new leadership team will continue the spirit of the lion friends in China, live up to their mission and forge ahead. He hoped to build the Federamembers marktion into awas new type of social organization with domesheld的意思是什么tic characteristics and put forward five suggescongresswomantions: One is tlion是什么意思o uphold and strengtheld的原型hen the leadership of the party, to ensure the correct development direction, 2 it is to adcongress翻译here to constantly imsmoothly什么意思prove the rule of laassociation什么意思中文翻译成w, moral, autonomy, and the construction, 3 it is around the center, the service general situacongress翻译tion, characteristic of social serlions的音标vice activities, the fourth, adhere to the somemberscialist core values, five sovernational空调eigns is stick to the spirit, unity, physically organization style. He hoped that all representatives would earnestly plionserform their duties, cast a sacred vote with a responsible attitude and contribute to the future development of the FEDheld是hold的什么形式ERATION.


Delegates by examining thcongress和parliamente domestic lion federatcongressmanion member thirteenth national congress representawastetnational dayive qualification review, domestic lion federation 13th nationawas怎么读l member congress presidcongress和parliament的区别ium memember可数吗mbers recommended list, domestic lion federation 13th national member congress agen桃花源记da (draft), domestic lion federation in 201national祝庆7-2019 annual work report 201, domestic lion cib 7-2019 Work Report of the Board of Supervisors, 2017-2019 financial Report of the Domestic Lions Associatio退婚后大佬她又美又飒n, The Constitution of the Domestic Lions Asslions翻译中文ociation (revised draft), the Working Rules of the Domestic Lions Association (revised draft), the System of thenational空调 Board of Supervisors of the Domestic Lions Association (revised draft), the Election Method of the Domestic Lions Association 2019-2021, They listened to a series of documents, including explanations onwasn't the candidates for the council members of thnationale Dosmoothly翻译mestic Lions Association for 2019-2021, explanations on the candidates for the supervisory board of theassociation造句 Domestic Lions Association for 2019-2021, aheldennd the list of general supervis陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ors, supervisors, and ticket-tecongressllers for the 13th National Membership Congress of the Domembership什么意思啊mestic Lions Association.  


In order to furthercongressional improve the work report and ruwash怎么读les and regulations of the Domestic Lion Acongress翻译ssociacongresswomantion, the conferlions读音ence arranged the regional grlion是什么意思中文翻译oup discussion. The shenznational是什么意思hen delegupheldation and the Hainan desmoothly什么意思legation discussed together. The seminar was chaired bywas怎么读 President Ma Min. Execumember可数吗tive Vice President Fei Wei attended the seminar of Shenzhennationalstadium and Hainan group and listened towasn't the opinions and suggestions of the representatives. Thenational day member representatives held a heated discussion on the articles of association,smoothly revision of working rules and three work reports, including membership development, party buildin退婚后大佬她又美又飒g, service project managementwasn't, member rotation of the board of directorscongress和parliament的区别, etc., and made an in-depth discussion on the new problems and challenges facing the development of lions clubs in China under the new situation.



On the evening of April 4, the 2018-2019 work summary and sharing meeting of the Domestic Lions Assmember造句ociation was held. At the meeting, the representatives of the district chailions是什么意思rman, the chairman of the special agency of the Federation, the lion friends, the captain, the chairman olions翻译f the district, and the chairman of the district committcongressmenee came to the stage respectively to summarize and share their wupheldork. 57 of the southeast Asia conference summary and share the link, is responsible for the annual meeting of all thesmoothly翻译 work on stage in successiothoughn, head of the matters relating to the alionsgatennual work summary and sharing, domestic the lion gen of kwaspoizumi and the international federation of wing kun tam said, we don't forget to beginneassociation用法及搭配r's mind, always adhere to twash怎么读he principle of hexyl help others, serve the snational翻译ociety, the road of development of social organizations with domestic characteristics, Contribute to the development and growth of public welflions是什么意思are and charity.



On May 5, the congress electwasheded 52 directors and 29 supervnational是什么意思isors of the New Natheld的原型ional Lions Association through electronic voting on the mobile phone information platform. Five shenzhen Lions club members, w桃花源记翻译engmember可数吗 Hua, Lu Zhiqiacongressionalng, Zheng Degang, Zhang Guojun and Du Hengkun, were elected as directors of tsmoothly是什么词性he new board of diassociation和collection的区别rectors, while Lin Ziyu, Shi Jianyong and Zhmembersang Jian were elected as suwash怎么读pervisors of the newas怎么读w board of Supervisors. Domestic lion federation elected the first meeting of the 2019-2021 the federation iwas怎么读n 2019-2021 the President, vlion是什么意思中文翻译ice President, treasurer, secretary-general, chief finwash怎么读ancial officer, the confederation of Gu Yong elected a new President, fauve elected vice President andlions翻译 secretary general, liao male, Zheng Degang, chang, full Gao Ziqin elected vice President, MaiSiMing elected chief financial offlions英语怎么读icer; The first meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Domestic Lions Associlions翻译ation for 2019-2021 elected the chairman and deputy chailions读音rman of the Board of Supervisors for 2019-2021, and Lin Ziyu was elected as the chairman of the new board of supervisors.


The new leadership took the oath of office and paid tribute to the outgolionsgateing leader.




Gu Yong chairman, said in the past year federation encountered unprecedwassupented difficulties and challenges, we sincwasn'terely thank every lion friends, especially thanks to the former supervisor and standing director, chairman of the board of directors and thheld的中文意思e splionsgateecialized agencies, brancnational祝庆h, the regional President and President and captain of hard work, thankcongress翻译s to the local disabled personsassociation英语'nationality federatcongressmenion chief representative, representative and secretary general of the positive performance of the manational翻译in responsibility. Hlions读音e stressed that the massociation什么意思中文翻译成ission of ccongress怎么读haritable organizations in the new era is to uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China, work with the Party, the authorities andassociation和collection的区别 other social forces to achieve the "two Centenary Goals" and realizthe the Chinese dream of great na童话故事tional rejuvenation. He put forward four points of the nthoughew council: oheld的原型ne is to lead all the lion friends make a new contribution on the participation of poverty engines, 2 it isthough to lead all the lion friends make a new contrwashedibution in providlions是什么意思ing social services, the third is to lead all the lion friends maksmoothlye a new contribution in participalion是什么意思中文翻译ting in social governance, four is to lead all the lion to make new contribution to carryinheldg forward the culture of charity.

The 13th Nationacongressmenl Member Congress of the National Lion Association came to an end with the best wishes of the lion friends. This comembersmark啥牌子nference is orderly, pragmatic and efficient, and willcongresswoman surely be another milestone in the development of THE Federation. The reprheld怎么读的esentatives of Shenzhen Lions club are full of spirit and self-discipline. They participatwassupe in all the agenda of the conference, which reflects the spirit of Shenzhen Lions club. Guided by the spirit of the 13th Lions Clsmoothly怎么读ub, Shenzhen Lions Club will make progress wwashedhile mmembersmark啥牌子aintaining stability, keep forging ahead, unswervingly follow the deveheld的原型lopment path of social organizations with Domestic charamembers是什么意思cteristics, and c陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿onassociation用法及搭配tribute to thnational翻译e sustainable and healthy development of public welfheld的原型are and charity.




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