“Experience darkness” Vision Prevention and control — different innovative services

“Experience darkness” Vision Prevention and controldifferent innovative services


On Jprevention是什么意思une 6, 2019, it was already hoinnovativelyt sudifferent什么意思mminnovativeer day in Shenzhen. Near noon, the sky is clear. In the plaexperienced的意思yground of nansserviceshellhan Advanced Institute of Science aninnovative怎么读英语d Technology Experimental School, the sound of lang lainnovativeng reading gently caress the hot trees in the classroomprevention是什么意思, and a group of lion friends in yellow jackets appear in the campus. The 24th World Eye Day — “Experience darkness” vision pdifferent的名词reventvisionstreetwearion and control service actvision翻译ivity is held here. Activities sponsored by tservices.msc什么意思he lions club in shenzhen, datong, silver lake, yantian, stakes, oct, bijia mountain, high and nedifferent的名词w, mileage, Orservices怎么读英语iental rose, grace, starfire, tiande, hua xiang, fu love, longhua, phoenix,innovative的名词 joint, ovaltine, huaqiang 19 working committee for the care of the next generation service and domestic health center for sports development. This is the fourth event of the 2018-2019 “Health is happiness” special service of Shenzhen Lions Club, which is specially designed to help the eyesight pservice是什么意思中文翻译roteccontrollingtion and prevention and control of young people. The service fuservice是什么意思nd is 53,772 ycontrol歌曲uadifferent的名词n.


This activity is conducted in the firservices怎么读英语st to third grade of the school, for 480 primary school students to experience the darkness with “blindfolded lunch”. There are ten classroomscontrol歌曲, each equipped with a team leader, a lecturer and six volunteers. With the help of the lion friends, the students were enthusiasticexperience的形容词 and interested in eating without seeing the food. Then they shared their inner feelingsdarkness翻译 and experiences in the dark one by one. The teachers and parent volunteers were moved by the children’s sharing. Then, the ten lecturers explained the basic knowledge of how to protect eyesight and understand the structure of the eye to the students. The studentsdarkness和dark区别 had more personal experience of the protection of eyesight. In the final questidarknessheels卡蜜拉on and ansinnovative翻译wer link, students have actively raise their hands to speak. “Health – only hadarknessppinesinnovatives” organizing committee specially designed “vision protection propaganda” theme of eat mat, goggles, prepared the blue spectacles, prevention ofinnovative怎么读 myopia posture correction and ocontrolledther material and small gifts to the children, give each child presented “to have health to happiness” health handbook, left the parents volunteers said praise and thank, manual for health bdifferent翻译ut also fondle admiringly.



Avision翻译fter thservicese service activitservice是什么意思车上的y, lion frieexperience翻译nds came back to the lecture hall with the principal and teachers for a summary. President Ma Mcontrol游戏in gave high recognition and praise tdarkness翻译o the lion friendscontrol翻译, the service team and the orgdifferent的名词anizing committee of “Healtexperiencedh – Happiness” who actively participated in the event.vision怎么读 She praised them for being innovative and gaining different service experiences and effects. President Tian yixin expresseinnovative翻译d her grprevention怎么读atitude to shenzhen Lions Club and lion friends for their urgent care of students’ eyesight. The practical and innovative expericontrollableential help and care from Shenzhen Lions Club is like spring raiexperiencedn spreading in time, benefiting students a lot. He hopes to increase the cooperation with Shenzhen Lions Ccontrol的过去式和过去分词lub, and expects shenzhen Lions Club to introduce more innovative and beneficial services into the campus, sowing the seeds of love in the young hpreventionearts of studentinnovatives.


This is the first time for lions club shendifferentiationzhen to prvisionpro是什么软件omote the codifferentiablencvision什么意思ept of accessibility. Ma Min head, total ShiJianYong former President to participate in this activity as a whole, in conclusion, said idifferent怎么读n a speech in shenzhen lions responded to an appreventionpeal by the state and a ndarkness是什么意思英语ational “held” in 24 “experience” dark vision control innovation service actividifferentpussyties, to take care of adolescent health, through the children’s experiencedifferent翻译, strengthendifferent怎么读 studentsvision翻译 myopia prevention education, and cultivate the children empathy; With empathy, wexperience是什么意思中文翻译e can better understand the blind and havecontrollable the opportunityinnovative to help them. It is hoped that this service activity will form a stdifferent什么意思andard model and continue to promote and expand the beneexperienced的意思fit coverage of school studeserviceshellntservice是什么意思s in the future.

More than 80 people attended the event, including 2018-2019 Presidifferent什么意思dent Ma Min, former president Shi Jianyong, chairman Li Zdarkness和dark区别hou of Zone 6, Chairman Chen Nianzhong of Zone 14, vice leader wang Danya, leaders oservice是什么意思f service teams and reprdifferent什么意思esentativesdarknessheels卡蜜拉人间形态 of lion friends. This activity by Chen Nianzhong as the conference chairman, Chen Mingjian, Li Bin as the excontrol歌曲ecutive chairman, Waservicesmsc找不到ng Danexperience是什么意思中文翻译ya adifferent翻译s the chief lecturer.

Huang Junping, News Agency

[Photo] News Agency Wang Haibin

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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