Notice | about some members carry out registration again and payment notice

Notice on some members' re-registration and payment


Service teams:

Following the nomembers怎么读tice of the Domestic Lion Assoout什么意思ciation (hereinafter referred to as the "Lion Association"), some new memberagainst的反义词s have already applied for membeabout是介词吗rship and pamembersid membership dues, but have not completed the registration, dregistrationfailed什么意思ue to the suspension of the development of new members anagainst的反义词d the rectification of the federation notified all regions on May 8, 2018. The 2018-2carry on019 Standing Council of the Federation has deliberated and approved, Allow some members to re-register and pay fees. Based on the actual situation of Shenzhoutlooken Lionoticens Club, the relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

1. Requirements forcarry全场 paid and unregistered new memagain怎么读bers

Unregistered new members who have painoticed the membership fee to Shenzhen Lions club before May 8, 2018 should meet the membership requirements and re-register to join the club as new members, which will be counted as the second half of the 2018-2019 membership year. Annual dues for 2019-2020 are also required.sometimes That is: the membership fee of 2600 yuan has been paid, ncarryeed to pay 750 yuan. New team crregistration的动词形式eatsome是什么意思ion is nomembershipt open at the moment.

Mcarryembership registration tiabout-faceme

The time of membership is subject to the completion of the registration and the payment of the membership fee for 2018-2019.

3. Deadline

Members shall remit the supplementarabout是什么意思y meabout-facembership fee to the Financial Settlement Center before 12:00 on June 21, 2019, and submit the membersregistrationhip re-registration form.

Iv. Payment Method:

1. Payment can be made toutputhrough Huashi Onlinecarry out,about tramembers翻译nsfer, credit card, cash, etc.  

2. Payment method of Huashi Online: Follow the wechat officpaymentsial account "Huashi Online", select "Payment" at the loweregistration是什么意思中文翻译r rabout-faceight corner of the page, filpayment怎么读l in the relevant content and confirm the payment as prompted, andagain complete the payment.  

Account Name: Shenzhen Liocarry的过去式过去分词ns Club; Bank: Shanghai Pudong Developmeregistration的动词形式nt Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch; Account number :79130155260000178 Please indicate the service team and list in the pout什么意思ostscript when tranmembershipsferring the account. After transferring the account, please send the bank receipt to the office for financial reconciliation.

V. Contact Person:

Zone 1: Hu Lei 25689756

Zone 2: Du Shamembers怎么读oheng 25688980

Third zonmembers怎么读e: Lijiangpinsome和any的区别及用法g 25688576

The fourth zone: Huang Xinran 25689752

Fifth zone: Zhou Wenguang 25688930

Financial contact: Peng Li 25688519



Notice | about some members carry out registration again and payment notice news picture1ZhangAttachment 1:carry怎么读语音 Membership application form.docx

Notice | about some members carry out registration again and payment notice news picture1ZhangAttachment 2: Membership re-registration form of the National Lion Associatpayment怎么读ion. Doc

Notice | about some members carry out registration again and payment notice news picture3ZhangAsome是什么意思nnex 3carry是什么意思: Domecarry的过去式过去分词stic Lion Association member re-regicarry是什么意思stration summary form. XLS


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                &nbssomethingp;          members的中文意思;       June 13, 2019

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