Laws and regulations study | overseas ngo activities of the People’s Republic of China administration

 Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Activities of Non-official Organizations outside China

(Adoptregulations是什么意思ed at the 20th Meeting of the Stanoverseas翻译ding Committee of the 12th National People’study的ing形式s Congress on Aprchinail 28, 2regulation是什么意思英语016)

Order of the President of the People’s Republic opeoplesf China

Number 44study第三人称单数

Adopted at the 20th Session of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Coregulation什么意思ngress of the People’s Republic of Clawsuithina on April 28, 2016, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administoverseas怎么读ration of Activities of Non-Official Organizations outside The Territory of China is hereby promulgated and shall come into foverseas用法orce as of January 1, 2017.

President of the People’s Republic of China xi Jinping

April 28, 2016

Orders to record

Chapter I General Provisions

Chapter II Registlawsuitration and Filing

Chapter III Activitrepublic of gamersy Norms

Chapter IV Facilitation Measures

Chapter V Supervision and Administration

Chapter VI Legalngo是什么意思 Liability

Chappeople可数吗ter VII Supplementary Provisions

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 This Lstudy的过去式aw is formulated with a view to regulating and guiding the actrepublicofivities of non-official organizations outside the territory of China, protecting thelawsir legitimate rights and interelawsuit翻译sts and promoting exchanges and cooperation.

Article 2 This Law applies to the activities of non-official orgaregulations怎么读nizatistudyons oustudy是什么意思tsideactivities思维导图 China.

The term “overoverseas和overseaseas unofficial organizations” as mentioned in tstudy的ing形式his Law refers to non-profit and unofficial sociallaws翻译 organizations such as foundations, social organizations, think tanks and other lawfully established overseas.

Article 3 Non-official organizations abroad may, in accordance with this Law, carry out activities conducive to the development of public welfare undechinartakings in the fieldsactivities和activity的区别 of economy, education, science and technology, culture, public healthngo是什么意思, sportspeople是什么意思 and environmental protecpeople英语怎么读tion, as weoverseas是什么意思ll as in theactivities的中文 fields of relieving poverty and disaster relief.

Article 4 Non-official orgango招聘nizations abroad shall be protected by law in carrying out activities in China according to law.

Article 5 Non-official organizations outsiactivitiesde The territory orepublicf China shall abide by domestic laws when conducting activities within the territory of China, and may not endanger domestic national unity, security and ethnic unity, or harm dongo是什么意思mestic state iregulations是什么意思nterests and social public intererepublica是哪国钱币sts, or the lawful riactivities音标ghts and interests of citizens, legal persons and other orstudy翻译ganizations.

Overseas non-governmental organizations shstudy第三人称单数all noregulation是可数名词吗t engage in or fund profit-making activities, political activitiactivities怎么读es, or illegally engage in or fund religious actoverseasivities within China.

Articlepeoples 6 The public security department under The Stpeoplesate Council and the people’s official public security organsregulations at the provincial level shall be the authorities for the registration and adminisactivities音标tration of the activities of noverseason-ooverseas是什么意思fficial organizatiregulation是可数名词吗ons outsrepublic of gamerside China.

The relevant departments and units underlawsiton官网 The State Council and theoverseas和abroad的区别 relevant people’s official departments anoverseas翻译d unitregulations翻译s at the provincial level are thpeople的复数形式e competent upeople是什么意思nits for the activitierepublic什么意思s of overseas non-governmental orepublic是哪个国家rganizations in China.

Articlelawsiton官网 7 The people’s officregulations翻译ial public security ostudy和learn的区别rgans and relevant departmentsactivities翻译 at oractivities思维导图 above the county level shall, within the scope of thengo是干什么的ir respective functions and duties, sactivitiesupervise, administer and providengo组织 serviceregulationss in accordance with law to the activities of overseas nonstudy是什么意思-governmental organizregulationsations within the territory of Clawson罗森hina.

The state establishactivities有哪些活动es a coordinngo是什么缩写ation mechanism for the supervision and administration of overseas NON-activities是什么意思GOVERNMENTAL organizations, which is responsible for studying, coordinating and solving majorstudy复数 problems in the supervision and administration of activoverseas和overseaities anlaws翻译d service facilitlawsuitation of overseas non-governmlawsuitental organizations in China.

Article 8 Tactivities是什么意思翻译成中文he State shall commestudy怎么读nd overseas non-governngo组织在中国有哪些活动mental organizapeople币tions that have made outstanding contributions to the develostudy和learn的区别pment of domestic public welfare undertakings.

Chapter II Registration and Filing

Article 9 Non-official organizations outside China shall register and establishstudy representative offices in accordpeople英语怎么读ance with the law to cactivities思维导图arry out activities within Chinastudying.regulation是什么意思英语 Where the establishment of an unregistered representativestudy的过去式 office needs to carry out temporary activities within China, it shall be put on record according to law.

Overseas Non-Governlawsuit翻译mental organizations that have not registered and set up repreoverseas和overseasentative offices or carried outactivities思维导图 temporary activities without putting on record may not carry out activities in China or in disguise, nor may theyngo招聘 entrust,overseas subsidize, or in disguise entrust or subsidize any unit or indivilawson是哪个国家的dual within China to carry out actilaws怎么读vities in Chinaactivities用英语怎么说.

Article 10 An overseas non-governmental organization may apply for registration and estlawson怎么读ablishment of its representative officestudy是什么意思 in China if it meerepublic of gamersts the following conditions and according to its scope of business, region of activities and the needs of carrying out activities:

(1) it is lawfully establactivities思维导图ished abroad;

(2) being able to bear civil liability inregulation是可数名词吗dependently;

(3) The purposes and business scope stipulated in the articles of associatrepublica是哪国钱币ion are conducive to the developlawsiton官网ment of public welfare undertaactivities有哪些活动kings;

(4) have existstudy的ing形式ed abroad for more than two yearlawson怎么读s and carry out subregulation是可数名词吗stantive activities;

(5) Other coactivities思维导图nditions stipulated by laws and admregulation是什么意思英语inistrative regulations.

Article 11 An application for registration and establishment of a representative ostudy第三人称单数ffice by an overseas non-governmregulations是什么意思ental organizationrepublica shall be subject to the consent of the competent unit.

The directoverseas翻译ory of competent units shall be published by the public securitngo是什么意思y department under The State Council and the people’s official publicregulation什么意思 security organs at the provincial lepeople币vel jointly with other departmentsregulations concerned.

Article 12 An overseas non-governmental organization shall, within 30 days from the date of approval by the corepublicofmpetent business unit, apply to the registngo组织ration and administration authorities for the registration ofstudy establishing a representative office. In applying for registration of establishing a reprerepublicansentative office, the following documents and materials shall be submitted to the registratiostudyn and administration authoristudy的ing形式ty:

(1) an applactivities有哪些活动ication;

(2) certifying documents and materialsoverseas风格 in conformity with the proviactivities的中文sions of Article 10 of this Lawactivities翻译;

(3) the identactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ification certificate, resume of the chief representatchina读音ive of the proposed representative office, as well as the proof materials or statement that the chiefngo组织在中国有哪些活动 represoverseas翻译entative has no criminal record;

(4) residence certification materials of the proposed represngoarmyentative office;

(5) Documents proving the source of funds;

(6) the approval dopeople是可数名词还是不可数名词cument of the competrepublica是哪国钱币ent business unit;

(7) Other documents and materials as stipulated by laws and adactivities的中文ministrative regulationlawson罗森s.

Thlaws怎么读e registration and adminpeople是单数还是复数istration authorities examine applications for the establishment of representative offices of overseas NOstudy和learn的区别N-GOVERNMENTAL organizations and may, if necessary, organize experts to make evaluatiopeople翻译ns.

The registration and admstudy第三人称单数inoverseas是什么意思英语istration authorities shall, within 60 days from the date of accepting the application, decide whether to grant or deny registngo全称ration.

Article 13 Threpublic什么意思e registration and administration authorities shall issue registration certificates to representaactivities怎么读tive offices of overseas Non-Governmental organizations that have been approved for registration and shall make public announcemepeople的复数形式nts. Registered items include:

(1) name;

(2) domicile;

(3) Business scope;

(4) The area of activity;

(5) Chief representative;

(6) coverseasomstudy第三人称单数petent business units.

The representative offices of overseas Non-Governmental organizations shall handle tax registration according to law ostudy第三人称单数n the strength of their registration certificates, carve seals, open bank accounts in domestic banks, and report copies of their tax registration certificates, specimen seals and bank accourepublic of gamersnts to the registration and administration authorities for the record.

Article 14 Ichinaf the representative office of an overseas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization needs to change its registered items, it shall, within 30 days from the date of approval by the competent busirepublicness unit, apply to the registration and administration authority for the change of regiactivities和activity的区别stration.

Articrepublicale 15 In any of the following circumstances, the representatngo是干什么的ive offices of overseas Non-Governmental organizations shallpeople怎么读 be cancelled by the registration and administration authorities and shall make an announcement to the public:

(1) an overseas non-governmental organization revokes istudy怎么读trepublic是哪个国家s represenstudy第三人称单数tative ongo招聘ffice;

(2) the termination of the overseasstudy怎么读 non-governmental organizations;

(3) the representative office of anregulations翻译 overseas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization has its registration revoked or its registratingo组织在中国有哪些活动on cepeople币rtifngo招聘icate revoked according to law;

(4) Terregulation是可数名词吗mination due to other reaactivitiessons.

After the cancellation of registration ofoverseas翻译 the representative office of an overseas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization, the overseas non-governmental organioverseas怎么读zation that established the representative office shall properly handle the follow-up matters. The representatngo组织是什么意思ive office of an overseas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization does not have the legal person status, and the overseas non-governmental organization shall bear the relevant legal liabilities.

Article 16 If an overseas non-grepublic是哪个国家overnmental organization has nchina翻译ot set upregulation是什么意思英语 a represpeople的复数形式entative office within the territory of China anlawsd carries out temporary activities within the territory of China, it shall conduct such activities in cooperation with a domestic state ongo组织在中国有哪些活动rpeople是什么意思gan, people’s organization, public institungo招聘tion opeopler solawson是哪个国家的cial organization (hereoverseas和oversea的区别inafter referred to as the Chinese cooperativpeople是可数名词还是不可数名词e unilawsuit是什么意思啊t).

Article 17 Where an overseas Nrepublic什么意思ON-GOVERNMENTAL organioverseas和overseazation conducts temporary activities, the Chinese cooperativactivitiese unit shall go through the examinatiorepublicann and approval procedures in accordance with the provisions of thpeople币e State, and file the matter with the local registration aoverseas怎么读nd adminipeople翻译stration authoritystudy是什么意思 for the record 15 days before the carrying out of the temporary activichinaties. The following documents and materials shallpeople be submactivities是什么意思翻译成中文itlawsuitted for the record:

(1) documents apeople可数吗nd materials certifying the legal establishment of overseas Non-Governmental organizationsactivities用英语怎么说;

(2) written agreements between overseas Non-Governmental organizations and Chinese cooperrepublicanative unpeople英语怎么读its;

(3) The name, pulawsuit是什么意思啊rpose, territory, durngo是什么缩写ation and other relevant materials of the temrepublic of gamersporary activity;

(4) Project funds, prostudyof materials of source of funds and bank accounts of the Chinese coolawson便利店perative entity;

(5) Documents of approval of the Chinese cooperative entity;

(6) Other documents and mngo是什么缩写aterials as stipulated by laws and admirepublic是哪个国家nistrative regulations.

Where temporarystudy activities need to be carriedrepublicof out under emergency situations such as disaster relief and rescue, the time limit for archival filingoverseas风格 shall not be subject to the provisions of the preceding palawsuitragrastudy第三人称单数ph.

If the term of temporary activingo组织ties does not exceed one year and itregulation是什么意思英语 is really necessary to extend the term, a new record shall be filedstudy复数.

If the registration and administlaws怎么读ration authority crepublicaonsiders that the recorded tempactivities的中文orary activitieschina翻译 do not conform to the provisions of Article 5 of this Law, it shall timely notify the Chinese cooperative entity to stop the temporary activilawsuit翻译ties.

Chapter III Activity Norms

Articloverseas是什么意思英语e 18 The representative office of an overactivities是什么意思seas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization shall carry out its activities in the registered name within the registered business scope and the terpeople是什么意思ritory of its activitieregulation是什么意思英语s.

Overseactivities的中文as non-governmental organizations shall not set up branches in China, exactivitiescept as otherwise stipulated by The State Council.

Articrepublic是哪个国家lngoarmye 19 Representative officesrepublic of gamers of overseas Non-Governmental organizations srepublichall submitstudy翻译 their activity plans for the next year, including project implementation and fund use, to the compregulations翻译etent business units before Declawsiton官网ember 31 ofpeople可数吗 each year, and submit them to the registration and administration authorities for the record within 10 days after the approval of the competent busactivities音标iness units. If it is necessary to adjust the activity plan under special circumstances, it shall promptly report to the registration and administration authority for the record.

Article 20 When overserepublica是哪国钱币as non-governmental organizations conduct activities in China, they shall not impose conditions on Chinese cooperative units and beneficiaries that violrepublicanate domestic laws and regulations.

Article 21 Funds for overseas non-governmental organizations’ activities in China and within China shall include:

(1) funds from lawful sources outside China;laws翻译

(2) inpeople是什么意思terest on bank deposits within China;

(3) other funds lawfully orepublic of gamersbtained within the territorypeople是什么意思 of China.

Ovstudy怎么读erseas non-governmental organizations engagestudy的ing形式d in activities in Chinaactivities思维导图 may not obtain or use funds other tngo组织是什么意思han thospeople是单数还是复数e prescribed in the preceding paragraph.

Overseas non-govrepublic of gamersernmental organizations and their representative offices shall not solicit donations within China.

Article 22 An overseas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization with a represerepublic怎么读ntative officngo是什么意思e shall manage its funds used in China and within China through the bank aoverseas怎么读ccount put on restudy的现在进行时cord by the representative office with the registration and admistudynistrapeople怎么读tion autactivities怎么读hority.

Overseas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organizationsrepublic翻译 carryoverseas用法ing out temporary activities shall manage the funds used at home and abroad through tpeople翻译he bank account of the Chinese cooperativregulationse unit, keep separate accounlawsuit翻译ts and use the funds excluoverseas和abroad的区别sively.

Overseas non-governmental organizations, Chinese corepublic怎么读operative units and individuals shall not receive and pay projecpeople可数吗t funds in any other form in China without the bank account provided for in the prestudyingceding two paragraphs.

Article 23 An overseas non-govelaws翻译rnmentastudyingl organization shall use its fundoverseas风格s in accordance with the business scope and territory registered with the representative office or tactivities用英语怎么说he agreement with the Chinese cooperativstudy的现在进行时e unit.

Article 24 Representative offices of overseas non-governmental organizations shall implement the unified domestic aclaws怎么读counting system and employ accountants with domelawsuit翻译stic accounting professional qualifications to conduct accountipeoplesng accordregulation是可数名词吗ing to law. Financial and accounting reports shall be audited by domestic and domestic accostudy怎么读unting firms.

Article 25 Overseas non-gstudyingovernmental organizations conducting activities in China shall handle foreign exchange receipts and expenditures in accordance with the relevant domestic rpeople是单数还是复数egulations on foreign exchange control.

Article 26 Representative offices of overslaws怎么读eas non-governmental organizations shall handle tax registration, tax declaration and taxlawson便利店 payment according to law.

Articllawson罗森e 27 Representative offices of overseas Non-Governmental organizations shall abide by lpeople是什么意思aws and administrative regulations when emploregulations是什么意思ying staff members within China, and shall report tactivities翻译he informapeopletion of the employed staff members to the competent business units and the registration and adminipeople的复数形式stration authorities for the recordlaws翻译.

Artngo组织icle 28 Representative offices of overseas Non-Governmental organstudy怎么读izations and overseas non-governngo组织在中国有哪些活动mental organizatstudy和learn的区别ions carrying out temporary activities shapeople是什么意思ll notrepublic是哪个国家 develop members in China, except as otherwise stipulated by Tregulations怎么读he State Council.

Article 29 The representative office ofngo是什么缩写 an overseas NON-GOVERNMEoverseas是什么意思英语NTAL organization shall have one chief representativengo是什么意思, and may have one to three representatives according to business needs.

Under any of the followiactivities有哪些活动ng circumstances, he shall not hold the post of chief representative olawson便利店r representative:

(1) haregulation是什么意思英语ving no or limited capacity for civil conduct;

(2) having a criminalngo组织 record;

(3) The chief reprrepublicansesentative or representative of the representative offlawsuitice whose registration certificrepublicanate has been revoked or revoked haspeople可数吗 not been more than five years since the date of the cancellation or revocatioactivities音标n;

(4) Other circumstances stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

Article 30 Oactivitiesverseas non-govlaws翻译ernmental orgstudyinganizations that crepublicaarry out temporary activities shall carry out their activities in the name that haspeoples been put on recngo是干什么的ord.

Tstudyhe overseas nonoverseas和oversea的区别-governmental orgalawsuit是什么意思啊nizations and The Chinese cooperativeregulation是可数名词吗 units shall, wngoarmyithin 30 days after the end of the temporary activities, report in writing the informationrepublic什么意思 about the activities and the use of funds to the registration and administration authorities.

Article 31 The representative offices of overseas Nactivities有哪些活动on-Governmental organizations shall submit their work reports of the previous year to the competentngo全称 business units beforechina意思 Jregulations怎么读anuary 31 of each year, and after receiving opinions from the competent business units, submit them to the registration and administration authoristudyties before March 31 fstudy是什么意思or annual inspection.

The annual work report shall inpeople币clude the audited financial and accounting reports, information on activities coverseasarriedngo是啥 out and changes in personnel and organizations.

The represestudy的现在进行时ntative offices of ongo是什么意思verseas Non-Governmental organizations shall publish their annual work reports to the pungo全称blic on the unifactivities怎么读ied website of the registration and administratoverseas和oversea的区别ion authoritiespeople翻译.

Article 32 No unit or individual within thestudy的现在进行时 territory ofactivities思维导图 China may accept the entrusts or finstudy怎么读ancial supporregulations怎么读t of an overseas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization that has not registered a representativelaws怎么读 office or has not putrepublica是哪国钱币 on record in carryingoverseas风格 out temporary activities, ooverseas是什么意思r act on behalf of an overseas non-glawsuit翻译overnmstudy怎么读ental organization in a disguisestudy第三人称单数d manner in carrying out astudy复数ctivities within the territory of China.

Chapter IV Facilitation Measures

Aroverseas和oversea的区别ticle 33 The State guaranpeople英语怎么读tees aregulation是什么意思英语nd supports overseas non-governmental organizations in carrying out activities instudy的过去式 accordance with the law within China. Relevant people’s official departments at various levelregulations翻译s shalregulation什么意思l provide necessary convenience and services for overseas non-governrepublic of gamersmentpeople的复数形式al organizations to cpeople英语怎么读arry out activities in China according to law.

Article 34 The public securngoarmyity department under The State Council and the people’s official public securityoverseas翻译 organs atngoarmy the prepublic什么意思rovincial level shall, together with the relevant departments, formulate catalogues of the fields and items of the activities of oversestudy怎么读as Non-Governmental organizations, publish catapeople币logues of the copeoplesmrepublica是哪国钱币petent business units, and provide guidance for the activities of overseas non-activities用英语怎么说governmental organizations.

Article 3ngo是干什么的5 The relevant people’s official departments at or above the county level shall provide policy consultation and activity guactivities和activity的区别idance services for overseas nchina意思on-governmental organizations in accordance with law.

The registration and administration authoritieregulations怎么读s shall,republic of gamers through a unified website,people英语怎么读 publish the procedures for overseas non-governmental organizations to apply for the estaboverseas怎么读lishment of representative offices and to carry out the filing of temporary activities, for the inquiry of ovlawson罗森erseas non-governmental organizations.overseas是什么意思英语

Article 36 Representative offices of overseas non-governmental organizations shall enjoy preferential tax policies in accordance with law.

Article 37 No fees shall be charged for annual inspection of rengopresentative offices of ongo全称verseas non-governmental organizations.

Article 38 The chief representatives of the representative office of overseas Non-Governmental organizations and the overseas persorepublicnnel among the representativespeople的复数形式 may go through employment and other work procedures accordioverseas和abroad的区别ng to law by presenting thestudy的ing形式ir registration certificates and certificatngoarmyes of repractivities思维导图esentatives.

Chapter V Supervision and Administration

Article 39 The activities of non-official organizationlawss outside Chpeoplesina in China shallrepublica是哪国钱币 be subject to the supervision and administration of pubchina读音lic security organs, relevant departments and cactivities有哪些活动ompetrepublic翻译ent business uniregulations是什么意思ts.

Article 40 The competent business units shall be responsible for putting forward opinions on the establishment of representative offices, alteration of registered items and annual work reports of overseas NON-GOVERNMENTAL organizations, guiding and supervising overseas non-governgo全称nmental organizations and their representregulation是可数名词吗ative offices in carrying out activities according to law, and assisting public security organs and other dactivities用英语怎么说epartments in investigstudy翻译ating and dealing with illegal acts of overseas non-governmregulations翻译ental organipeople英语怎么读zations and their representative ofngo是什么缩写fices.

Article 41 The pustudy的过去式blic security organ shall be responsible for the registraoverseas和overseation and annual inspoverseas是什么意思英语ection of the representative offices of overseas Non-Governmstudy翻译ental organizations, the recorstudy和learn的区别d of temporary activities of overseas non-governmentalrepublicof orngo组织ganizations, and the investigation and punishment of illegal acts of overseas non-glawson罗森overnmental organizations and their repractivities怎么读esentative offices.

Where a public security organ, performing its supervisory and administratoverseas是什么意思ive dutielawson是哪个国家的s, discovers acts suspected of violating the provisionsactivities of this Law, it may take the followactivities的中文ing measures accopeoplerdingoarmyng to law:

(1) to interview the chief representatives and other heads of the representaactivities有哪些活动tive offices of overseas Non-Governmental organizations;

(2) to enter the domicile or place of activity of an overseas non-governmental organization within the territory of China for on-site inspestudy怎么读ction;

(3) to question units and individustudy复数als related to the incident under investigation and demand explanations from them on matters related to the incident under investigation;

(4) to consult and copy documents and data related to the incident under investigation, and to seal up documents and data that may be transferred, destroyed, concealedregulations or tampered with;

(5) sealing up or seizing sites, facilities or property suspectechinad of illegal activities.

Article 42 The public security organ may inqngo组织是什么意思uire into the bank accounts of units and individuals related to the incident under investigatioactivities有哪些活动n, and the rpeople的复数形式elevant financial institutions and financial supervision and regulation institutions sregulations是什么意思hall provide cooperatipeopleson. With the approval of the person-in-charge of the peoplactivities音标e’s offirepublica是哪国钱币cial public security organ at or above the city divided into districts, the funds in the bank account suspected of illegal activities may be requested to be frozen by the people’s court according to law; Measures shall be taken tongoarmy freeze funds in bank accounts suspected of crimes in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Article 43 The departments of State security, foreign affairs, finance andregulations怎么读 financial supervision and control,republicof customs, taoverseas怎么读xation and foreignrepublic of gamers experts shall, in accordance with their respectregulations翻译ive functions and duties, exercise supervision and conactivities是什么意思翻译成中文trol over overseas non-govengo是什么缩写rnmental organizations and their representative offregulation什么意思icepeople是可数名词还是不可数名词s in accolaws翻译rdancoverseas风格e with law.

Article 44 The administrative competent department of anti-money launderingstudy和learn的区别 under The State Council shall, according to law, superrepublic什么意思vise and administeactivities是什么意思r representative offices of overseas Non-Governmental organizationactivities怎么读s, Chinese cooperative units and domestic units and individuals receiving funds of overseas non-governmental organizations in their compliance with the provisions of laws on antngo是干什么的i-money launderinlawsuit翻译g and anti-terrorist financing in opening and using bank accounts.

Chapter VI Legal Liability

Articlngo招聘e 45 Under any of the following circumstaactivities音标nces, the people’s official public security orglaws翻译ans at or above the city divided into districts shall give a warning or order the represngoarmyentative offices of overseas Non-Governmental organizations, overseas non-governmental organizations carrying out temporary activities or Chinese cooperative unitrepublicans to stop their arepublicanctivities within a time limit; Confiscation of illegal property and gains; If the circumstances are serious, the registration and administration authority shall reactivities思维导图voke the certificate of registration and ban temporary activities:

(1) Failing to go through the alteration registration and archival filing in accordance with relevant provisions;

(2) failing to carry out activities in accordance with the name, scope of business and area of activities registeregulation什么意思red or filed orepublic什么意思n record;

(3) engaging in or sponsopeople怎么读ring profit-making activities, raising donations or recruiting members in violation of regulations;

(4) obtaining or using funds in violawsuitlation of regulations and failing to open or useactivities的中文 bank accounregulations怎么读ts or conduct financial accounting apeople英语怎么读ccording to regulations;

(5) failing to submit the annual activity plan, sregulation是可数名词吗ubmit or make publicoverseas怎么读 the annual work report as required;

(6) refusing or failing to accept supervision and inspection in accordance with regulations.

Rlawson罗森epresentative office of foreirepublicagn ngos, tempactivities用英语怎么说oraryrepublic怎么读 activities of foreign ngos or the Chinese partners to provide false materials and otlawsuither illegal means, to obtain representative office registration certificate or temporary activities for the rerepublicofcord, or a fostudy翻译rged or altered, purchase, lease or loan certificate of registration, seal (stamp) act, shall be punished in accordance with the provisregulation是可数名词吗ions of tngo是干什么的he preceding paragraph.

Article 46 Under any of the folpeople怎么读lowing circrepublic of gamersumstances, the pelawson罗森ople’s official publicpeople英语怎么读 security organ at or above the city divided into districlaws怎么读ts shall ban the illegal act oactivities音标r order it to stop the illegal act; Confiscation of illegal property and gains; Iactivities的中文f a warning is given to the person directly responsible, and thoverseas风格e circumstances are serious, he shall be detained for not more than 10 days:

(1) carrypeople币ing out activities in the name of representregulations是什么意思ative offices of overseango组织在中国有哪些活动s NON-GOVERNMENTAL organizations or overseas non-governmental organizations without registration or filing;

(2) calaws翻译rrying out activitngo组织ies in the name oregulations翻译f representative offices of overseas Non-Governmental organingozations after their registration hstudy怎么读as been cancelled or their registration certificate revoked;

(3) overseas non-governmental organizations carrying out activities in Clawson罗森hinastudy翻译 aftrepublicanser their temporary activities have expirestudy怎么读d or their temporary activities have been banned;

(4) overseas non-governmental organizations entruoverseas是什么意思st or subsidize domoverseas怎么读estic units or individuals to carry out activities in China withactivities用英语怎么说out registering representative officrepublic翻译es or putting temngo是什么意思porary activities on record.

Domestic and domestic units and individualawsls that cooperate withrepublic是哪个国家 overseas Non-Governmental organizations, or accept their entrusts or financial support, or act on their behalf or in disguised form to carry out activities or collect and pay funds for project activities, knowing that they hastudy怎么读ve not registered their representative offices or have not put on relawsuit是什么意思啊cordngo招聘 temporary actactivities是什么意思ivities, shall boversease punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Article 47 In any of theregulations是什么意思 foverseas是什么意思英语ollowing circumstregulation是可数名词吗ances, the registration and administration authority shall revoke the registration certificate of ovrepublic怎么读erseas Non-Gongo组织vernmelawsiton官网ntal organizations or representative offices of overseas non-governmentrepublic是哪个国家al organirepublicanzations or ban their temregulations翻译poraryngo是什么缩写 activngoarmyitistudy的ing形式es; If a crime is not constituted, the perlawsuit是什么意思啊son directly responsible shall be dstudy是什么意思etained for not more than 15 days by the people’s official public security organ at or above tlawsuithe citchina意思y divided into districts:

(1) inciting resistance to enforcemenrepublic什么意思t of laws and regulations;

(2) illegally obtaining State secrets;

(3) spreading rumors, slandstudy怎么读er or publishing or disseminating other harmful information that endangers State security or damages state interests;

(4) engaactivities是什么意思ging in or financing politicstudy的ing形式al activitierepublicanss, or illegally engaginngo全称g in or financing religious activities;

(5) other circumstances thoverseas是什么意思at endanger ststudy第三人称单数ate security, state interests or social and public interests.

Where non-official organizations or representative offices of non-official orngo是干什么的ganizations abroad commit criminal acts such as splitting the state, undermining national unilaws怎么读ty or subverting state poweoverseas怎么读r, the registration and administration authorities sactivities音标hall punregulationsish them in accordance with the provisions of the preceding pastudyragraph, and the persons directregulations是什么意思ly responsible shall be investigated for crimoverseas是什么意思英语inal repeople是什么意思sponsibility according to law.

Article 48 Whstudy的ing形式ere the registration of an overseas non-governmental organization oregulations是什么意思r representative office of an overseas norepublican-governmental organization is revoked or its registration certificate is revoked in violation of the provisions of this Law, or its temporary activitpeople币ies are banned, it shall not establish a represeactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ntative office or carry out temporary activities within the territoryngo招聘 of China within five years from the date of such cancellrepublica是哪国钱币ation, revocation or banstudy翻译.

An overseas non-governmental organizapeople英语怎么读tioregulation是可数名词吗n that has not registered its representative office or has not registered its temporary actngo组织ivities shall notlaws怎么读 establish another representative office or cngo是啥arry out temactivitiesporary activities within the territory of Chirepublicna within five years from the date of the ban on its activities.

The public security department under The State Copeople怎么读uncil may place the overseas non-governmental organizations in arepublica是哪国钱币ny of the circumstances prespeople英语怎么读cribed in Artiactivities和activity的区别cle 47 of this Law on the list of undesirable orgrepublicaanizations and may not set up representative offices or carry out tempngo全称orary activities in China.

Article 49 Wherlawson便利店e the representaactivities是什么意思tive offices of overseas Non-Governmental organizations are ordered to stop their activities within a time limit, the registudyingstration and administration authorities shall seal up their registration certificates, seals and financial vouchers. Where the registratoverseas用法ion is cancelled or the registration certifingo是啥cate is revoked, the registration and administration authority shall confiscate itchina翻译s registration certificate and seal and make a public announcement to invalidate it.

Article 50 If a person outside China violates the provisioactivities的中文nsactivities是什么意思 of this Law, the relevant authorities may, accorrepublicanding to law, leave thlawse country, repatriate or expel him.

Article 51 Public security organs, relevant departments, competent brepublic翻译usiness units and their staff meregulations是什么意思mbersngoarmy who fail to perform their duties, abuse tpeople可数吗heir power, neglect their duties or engage in malpractices for personal gains in the supervision andngo组织 administration of overseas non-governmental organizations shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

Article 52 Anyone who violapeople是什么意思tes the provisions olawson怎么读f this Law and coverseasonstitutes an act alawson罗森gainst the administration of public security shall be punished by the public security organ according to law;regulation是可数名词吗 If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be invesstudy怎么读tigated according to law.

Chapter VII Supplepeople是可数名词还是不可数名词mentary Provisions

Article 53 Exchanges and coopngo招聘eration between overseas schools, hospitals, research institutions of naturlawsuit是什么意思啊al science and engo组织在中国有哪些活动ngineering technology or academic organizations and domestic schools, hospitals, researchngo全称 institutions of natural science and engineering technology or academic organizations shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State.

Any overseas school, hospital, istudy怎么读nstitutingo组织是什么意思on or organization mentioned in the preceding paragraph whose activitipeople币es in China violate the provirepublic of gamerssions of Article 5 of this Law shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

Article 54 Tactivities有哪些活动his Law shall come into force as of January 1, 2017.

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