Love in Shenzhen – Shenzhen Lions Club continues to carry out the activity of caring for traffic police

Love in Shenzhen warm pengcheng— Shenzhen Lions Club continues to carry out the activity of caring for traffic police

Love in Shenzhen, love warm pengcheng. On January 20, the Shenzhen Lions Club happy, Oriental Rose, Punch, Classic, Yantian, Blue Sky, Grace anactivity翻译d Spleactivity复数ndid Service team held the 2017 Spring Festival深圳风险等级 Activity of Caring for traffic police who are disabled on duty in Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau to send New Year’s greetings to traffic police who are fighting on the front line. Activities for 78 sick, disabled trlove直播手机版app下载acarry outffic police to sencaring是什么意思d vegetcaring英语ables, nuts, dry goods and otherlove is gone英文翻译 gilovealarmfts, service funds 80,000 yuan.

Feng Dao-ke, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Trafactivity怎么读fic Police Bureau; Shi Jian-yong, Presideactivity什么意思呢nt of Shenzhen Lions Ccontinues是什么意思lub 2016-2017; Zeng Shi-yang, Secretaryactivity翻译-general; Zheng Hui-Huaactivity, Chief深圳 Picket Officer; Lu Jin-shang, Deputy Secretary-general; Deng Yi, Zheng Yukuan, Guo Yongclubsyong, Chairpersons ooutlookf the Membership Management Committee; Dai Jihong, He Xinru, Zhang Huiqing, Gao Ling, District Clovehairpersons; More than 50 people, including service team leaders, lion friendscarry的过去式过去分词 and深圳 tcarry的过去式过去分词raffic深圳天气 police representatives, attended the event. The activity was hosted by Dai Jihong.

Chairman Shi Jianyong, Chairman Guo Yongyong and captain Lin Yuqi respectively deliactivity的形容词vered a speech to pay high tribute to the co深圳市最新疫情mrades of the traffic police. It is beccontinues羽生结弦什么意思ause of their hard work that we can have a comfortable and safe traffic environment, and call on evecontinuesrylions的音标one to pay more attention to traffic police, more care. On the occasion ocarry outf theclubmed approaching of the New Year, the Lions Club of Shelovely什么意思nzhen sends sincere and warm greetings to the 78 traffic police comrades who were selected by the Shenzhen Trafclub是什么酒ficoutlook Policecontinue什么意思中文翻译 Bureau and are disabled on dlove直播手机版app下载uty. We hope to appeal to the wcarry全场holovelyle society to care for the traffic police through the form of public welfare and the power of the media.

In the activity, lion frieoutlook邮箱nds actively interact with the comrades of the traffic police, but also put forward the questions that we care about, such as how the traffic police protect their own safety, which aspects can be improved in the work, and so on, to prooutragemote the understanding of the comrades of the traffcarry outic police. Feng Daoke, deputy director of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, thanked the lions for their love and dedication. He hoped that more and more social caring people would pay attention to the troutrageaffic police, and he also hoped that we clions是什么意思ould abide by the traffic rules and make our socactivity的中文意思iety more harmonious.

[Text] Zhang Xiaohong

[Photo] Zhang Xiaohong

[Editor] Ma Huijuan cheng Zhaoactivity怎么读hua

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clulions是什么意思b Office

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