A trickle of money to raise money shows great love

The moment the host of the 2020 New Year charity gala announced that “the gala is a complete success”, tears blurredlove直播软件安卓下载 the eyesshowstopper of many lion frienlovealarmds. Althmoney的复数形式ough theshows翻译 party has been more than ten days, tshows翻译he wonderful moments and unexpected warmth during the preparatory period have never been far away. The gala set a record of raising more thraisean 10 million yuan, which laid a solid foundation for the next year’s Shenzhen Lions clulovely翻译b to carry out social servicraise翻译es. There are a lot of wonderful sraise怎么读tories behind these littleraise up pieces of charity that show great lmoney是什么意思中文翻译ove feelingslovely, which bring us positive energy and desergreat比较级和最高级怎么写ve ourmoney是什么意思 careful reading.


This evening party, fougreat是什么意思r Nimoneytalksnemoney是可数名词吗 square sponsorship cash 100,000 yuashowsn, become the exclusive title unit. At the same time, Four Nine squarraise的用法e donated a jar of maotai-flavor liquor as a lot, and spolove直播手机版app下载nsored the value of 60 thousand yuan of charity party with wgreatine. In orshows怎么读英语der to understandshows怎么读 why Sijijiu Square so big, the news agency reporters intervmoneygram什么意思iewed the enterprise representative, the current captain of tgreat是什么意思中文翻译he zhengdao service team Du Zemin Shi Brother. Du Shi brother openly said, this is the secoshows怎么读英语nd time four Nine Squarmoneygram什么意思e named Shenzhen Lions Cshowstopperlub New Year charityshows怎么读 party, four Nine square as always support charity dinner, one to support public welfare, two for brand promotion, four Nine square is committed to creating a healthlovey mutual trust attitude of life… Yes, every lion frraise是什么意思iend of ours has his or herlovely翻译 own enterprise, the left hand enterprise and the right hand pulove最新版官方下载blic welfaretrickle和drip的区别 enterprise. They have integrated lions club and public welfare undertakings intgreat翻译o their businegreat-elecss operatiolovealarmn, clove直播破解版reating greater value for the enterprise and injecting more power into public welfare services.



There are plenty of shinylove最新版官方下载 names to remember in the galalove auction. Peng Daojian, the lion brother with the highest total amount of individual bidding, was awarded “Mr. Charity” in the charitymoney是什么意思中文翻译 auction party, and Zhao Xiuzhong, the lion sister with the highest total amount of individual bidding, was awarded the title of “Lady Charity” in the charity auction party. In addition, thelove直直播appre are many lion club members ogreathiddencamut of love,trickled drop hammer for love, a string of shining nummoney是什么意思bers, craiseonfirming theirraise怎么读 dedication to the lions club.

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Tian Hua shijie of Tiande Service team is a veteran lion friend with more than 10 yearsgreat翻译 of experience. In order to pashowshowwayrticipate in the New Year charity party, she insimoneysteshows怎么读英语d to the end of the party despite the flight to Japan the next morning.trickle翻译 During the auctilovely什么意思on, she frequently held up her card to support the natural sraise的过去式以及过去分词pring colorful carvingreat怎么读g “Guanyin Holding Lotus”raise donated by her feraise是什么意思lraise的过去式以及过去分词low team lion friend Yang Yiyi. In an interraisedview, Tian said: “Joining Lions club is not about showing off or showinggreat比较级和最高级怎么写 off wmoney图片ealth. I just want to be with a group of like-minded people and help more peopshowshowway什么意思le. There is no competitioraisedn in doing plovely翻译ublic welfare. We shoullovely什么意思d do our best, stay true to our original aspiration and have a clear conscience. During my 12 years as a lion, I have learnedtrickle to respect, be grateful, be tgreat是什么意思olerant and let go, which inspires me to never give up on my charittrickle翻译y work…” At the end of the interview, Tian Hua shi Jie suggested the news agency reporters to interview those lion friends like Yang Yishows怎么读英语yi who donated their treasures to the party, praise those who seem to be light, but actually have great love “willing”. Although I have not met Tian Hshowsbsth等于ua shi jie, but I believlove直播软件安卓下载e that in the telephone interview, she must be the most beautiful.


Lu Zhiqiang shi, chairman of the party, said affectionately: “The success of the charity pagreat翻译rty is the result of everyone’s effortgreatnesss. They lovelove直播软件安卓下载 lions club and are willing tomoneytalks support the society. Their love is selfleshows怎么读ss. They just want to make the organization better andgreatly do more meaningful thingsmoney图片 for the society. There are too many wonderful fundtrickle是什么意思raising stories for space and interview time to repeat one by one. Let all the truth, goodness and beauty remain in our hshows是什么意思英语earts, nourishing and inspiring us tgreat怎么读o never stop!


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