Optimization and Promotion of professional focus on promoting the love of Lions -- a summary and commendation meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club's publicity Committee and news agency for 2017-2018

Optimization and promotion of professional focus on the publicity of lion love

Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 Publicitlion是什么意思y Commitfocus翻译tee and Newsfocus用法 agency Summary and Comlove最新版官方下载mendationlion是什么意思中文翻译 Meeting

Spring flowers and autumn fruits, time flies. In a twinkling opromotionalf an eye, the work of the public Relations and Publicityfocus翻译 Committlovelyee of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 and The Shenzhen Lions News Agency has come to an end. In orlove直直播appdepromotion的动词r to summarize and review the achievements of the publicity work, commend the advanced and promoteprofessional是什么意思中文翻译 the work to a higher level, on the afternoon of June 23promoting, 2018, the 2017-2018 Annual Public Relations and Publlove is gone英文翻译icity Committee of The Shenzhen Lions Club and thelion是什么意思 Shelionsgatenzhelove直直播appn Lions News Agency held the sumlions是什么意思mapromotion什么意思中文ry and commendation confersummary是什么意思ence in Shengfengcheng Restauranfocusky动画制作教程t, Futian District.

Shenzhen lions in 2018-2019 the President elect Ma Min secretary, vilion是什么意思中文翻译ce president-elect, Eva is static, 2017-2018 the first zone, Zheng Hehua, fourth divisioncommendations President Du Peng, 17 dao-ming wang, chairman of the parpromotion什么意思中文tition, public relasummary写作模板tions and publicity, chairman of the committee, deep lions, news agency chairman Tasummary中文翻译ng Haozhi Hpromotion自适应刷新ouRenShen lion news agency chairman Jiang Xiezhen etc. More than 30 people were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Tian Xfocusky动画制作教程in, secretary of Shenshipromotion翻译 News Agency.

Mr. Tang ho-zhi, chairman of shenzhen Lpromotionsions Club, summarized and reviewed the work of shenzhen Lions Club thfocusky是什么软件is year. He thanked every lion club member for their hafocuson翻译中文rd work and selfless deprofessionaldicatipromotingon. He hoped that the lion Club members would continue to inherit the publicity concept of the PlovelyUBLICITY Committee and the news agsummary动词ency and build a professional publicity team that is recoglove直播破解版nized by shenzhen Lipromotion翻译ons Club.

Jiang Xiezhen outlook, chairmapromotion的动词n of the depth of the New Year lion news agency work plan, encouragesummary写作模板 all memberslove直直播app witpromotion形容词hin tight pine, improve professional ability, manifest the value of team, pay attention to the service level, promotpromotion自适应刷新e the true story of the lion friends at thfocusinge grass-roots level, strive to multi-anglepromotional, multi-dimensional display the cultural charpromotion什么意思中文m of shenzhen lion, rpromotion自适应刷新率技术eportepromotion的动词d in public welfare activities promolions翻译中文te lion social influence. Hesummary翻译r passionate words wonprofessional unanimous approval from thelions读音 lion friends at the meeting.Later, Chairman Tang Ho-chi presentpromotion自适应刷新率技术ed awards to outstanding lions. Trophies arelionsgate the greatest recognition of the members' hard work.

President-elect Ma Min explained the true meaning oflions翻译中文 "I give, I amprofessionally happy" with the story of "apromotion packed lunch". She gasummary中文翻译ve full recognition to the achievements made by the Public Relcommendationsations and Publicity Committee and The Shenzhen Lion News Agency in the past year, apromotion什么意思中文nd encouraged everyone to explore new ideas, be innovatilove直直播appvlove直播手机版app下载e, make persistent efforts, grow together, and do publicity work in new ways, carrypromotion forlions读音ward the great love of Lpromotionsions, and empromotionpopromotionwer themselves for the New Year.

[Text] Zhao Wei, Shenshi News Agency

[Photo] Chen Weiming,professionalisation Wang Haibin, Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lpromotionsin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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