Learning, Growth, Mutual help and Progress — Shenzhen Lions Club held joint lion exchange training in the second and fourth zones of 2019-2020

Learning, growth, mutual help and progress

— Shenzhen Lions Club held joint lion exchange training in the second and fourth zonesgrowth of 2019-2020


On August 10, 2019, lions Club of Shenzhen held the joint lion exchange and tclubsraining for the second and fourth zones of 2019-2020 in the Lions Club office of Shenzhen. Shenzhen Lions Clubgrowth可数吗 President Weng Hua,深圳疫情最新消息 last president Ma Min, first vice President Lu Zhiqiangheld是hold的什么形式, second vice President Guo Yongyong, selearningcretary General Du Hengkunprogressive是什么意思, Chief Financial Officer Peng Daojian, chief inspector Du Peng, Execushenzhentive deputy secretary General Li Feng, second zone chairman Li Zhou, fourth zone chairman Chen Guangxi, More than 100 people attended the meeting, including zgrowth可数吗hu Feng, Zhang Zheqin, Li Li, Tang Quanhui, Huang Xiaoru, Li Jingming, Chi Minghuclubi and other service teams from zone 2 anclub用英语怎么说d Zonclub怎么读e 4. The meeting was chaired by Li Zhou and Chen Guangxi, an深圳风险等级d presided over by Li Feng, Zhu Jin and Xia Shlions怎么读uang.


The meeting opened with the national anthem and lion song. Chairman Li Zhou introduced the guhelpfulests, and Chairman Chen Guangxi delivered the welcome speech. He thanked everyone for attending the training at the weekend. He sclub是什么酒aw everyone’s enthusiaheldensm for studying halionsgaterd and hoped that everyone could benefit from thlions是什么意思e training.


President Weng Hua delivered a speech.clubs He thanked all the lion frhelpful是什么意思iends of the lecturegroup for taking time out of their busy schedule to pheld过去式和过去分词rovide lgrowth造句ion service training for the rprogressive是什么意思egion, and thanked all the chairmen of the region for organizing and planning this training mehelp怎么读eting, which provided a platform flion是什么意思中文翻译or lion frlions翻译iends to leagrowth怎么读rn and chelpedo深圳地铁线路图mmunicate, and laid a solid foundatioclub是什么酒n for the achievement of the annual work goals.


Lu zhiqiang, the first vicheldene president of lions Club, said that lions club ishelpful a place where lions can continue to learn and grow. He hoped that lions club members cprogress进度条an learn from lions club, ask questions actively,lion是什么意思 and have a collision of ideas.


Last president Ma Min shared lion serv深圳疫情icclubse and service experience. She saidmutual怎么读音 that the service team can invite district council directors to attend regular melearningetings, so that they can not only participate in and integrate into tprogress可数吗he service team, but also provide some experience and suggestions for the service team to promote the healthy development of the service tmutual造句eaclub是什么意思m. In terms of service, Shenzhen Llionsions club follows the trend of the dlion是什么意思中文翻译evelopmclub用英语怎么说ent of public welfare and charity in China, and is commitprogress什么意思ted tolions的音标 community service, which has been recognized by the government aclub翻译nd communhelplessitylearning chocolate residents.


Chairman Huang Yiqlearningun talked about the course “Time Management”. Through a game, people were asked to dra深圳地铁线路图w their own lifgrowth怎么读e, so as to arouse their thinking about the course content. Time management means managing their own behavior. Li Feng, deputy secretary general, gave a lecture on the culture of lions club and lions club, introducing Robeheld的中文意思rt’s rules of prolions英语怎么读cedure,helpful是什么意思 inheritance and companionship, lions Club and so on. Chailions翻译rman Liu Guoliang talked about the “Lions Club and Charity Law” course, exhelpplained the relevant legal system through cases, and shared the problems and solutions that mighlearning chocolatet be encountered igrowth怎么读n the Lions Club. Through the learning ogrowth的用法f the course, thlions是什么意思e participants have gained a lot.




Guo Yongyong, the second vice presidenprogress翻译t, madeclub用英语怎么说 a speech. He made a brief summargrowth是什么意思y of the course content and hoped that all the service teams could work together to do more and better service activities this year.


Districlubmanct chairmen Chi Minghui, Li Jingming, Li Li and Huang Xiaoru spoke on stage one after another, sharing theirlearning lion service experience and district annual work plan, and hoped that everyone would actively participate in the joint service project.


Chairman Li Zhou made a concluding speech. Theld过去式和过去分词hank you very much for the meticulous prepa深圳地铁线路图rationprogress进度条 of the lecturers and the preparation of these excellent courses. Thheld是hold的什么形式ank you very much for the aprogressive翻译ctive participation of the lion friends in thlions是什么意思e service teams.


Members of each serviprogress可数吗ce teamutuallym share their excelllearning是什么意思ent service projects anclub翻译d invite everyone to join in the joinhelpt service to make the service projects well done.


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[Photo] Huang Xheldinran, Office of Wgrowth怎么读ang Haibclubmedin, Shensh深证指数i News Agency

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