Lions love sunshine, Dream green — Shenzhen Lions Club helps meizhou campus football development

Lions love sunshine. Dream weavers green

— Shenzhen Lions Club helped the development of campus football in Meizhou

On May 21, Shdream我的世界enzhen Lions Club shenzhen Lions Football Club and Xinai Football Service team jointly held a football donation activity and charity football matcclubmedh in Meizhgreenou’s Zengxianzi Middle School. Activities for mei country in meizhou c town center elementary school, the second primary school, menand town of senior middle schools, 14 primary schools and meizhou city school donated 360, 280 pairs of boots, 280 sets of soccer football clothingclubs, 280 pairs of socks, 14 pairs of goalkeeper gloveslion是什么意思, 200 cover of football ellovely翻译ements, 300 football elements of nlions英语怎么读otebook and youth equipmentlove supplies, Gu深圳市最新疫情angdong football stars were invited to conduct foogreen翻译tball training for students, and the service fund was 80,000 yuan.

This event is organized by Shenzhen Lions Club, Zeng Xuelin Football Club (organizi深圳市最新疫情ng committee), Guangdong Wanli Celebrity Fdreamootball Club, shenzhen Lions Cl每周随机一个新职业ub, Xinclub用英语怎么说ai Football Service Team, Gohui Football Club, Guangdong Star Footbalions怎么读ll Team, Zeng Xuelin Sports Development (Shenzhen) Co., LTD. Co-oclubrganized by Meizhou Zeng Xianzi Middle School, Meizhou Jiaying College, Meizhou Qiangminlove Sports Associatilions怎么读on, Hakka Magazine and Meizhou FULL-fclubman是什么牌子车orce Chelsea School.

On thesunshine组合 morning of May 20th, lion friends with their families and “little lions” visited Ye Jianying Memorial Park and Zeng Xuelin’s ancestral home to feel深圳风险等级 the charm of football culture in Meizhou, “the hometown of football”.

On the morning of The 21st, lion friends participated in the donation深圳疫情最新消息 ceremony under the hot sun and distributed the donatesunshine翻译d mateclub翻译rials to each school. The children wore the donated orange jerseys, socks and boots of “Zeng Xuelin” brand, anlions读音d梅州市 playe梅州天气d orange footbalionsll, forming a sea of orange ondreamweaver the green field, making the whole Zeng Xianzi Middle School full of joy and passion!

Guangdong Star football team conducts football training for more than 300 children fro美洲豹m 14 schools. The players of the star football team divided the children into 14 sectilions是什么意思ons, communicated with them cordially, demclub翻译onstrated actions, and led thesunshine歌曲英文歌词 children to run, jump, lead, pass, head, shelpsu怎么读hoot… Presented a wonderful and livel深圳疫情y training session for the children.

Afterwards, guangdong Star football team and Shenzhen Lions Football Club played a charity match. The match was excitlovelying and fierce but civilized, which set an exashenzhenmple for carrying forward the sport湄洲岛smanship of fair competition. The two sides fought hard and cared for each other, winning applashenzhenuse from the audience. After the game, the children and villagers asked lion friends and star football team members to sign tlovely什么意思heir autogra深圳疫情最新动态phs.

President Gao Ling gave a speesunshinech at the event, hoping that the children would remember thegreen history of domestic football, work hard, improve their football skills, and create a bright future for the cause of domestic football! Dong Liangtian let the children remember the history of the development of Meizh眉周围有痣代表什么ou football, with the pride of being born in the “hometown of football”, taking the veteran of Meizhou football as an example, isunshine组合nheriting the spirit of Zeng Xuelin, training hard, and striving to win hodream头像nor for Meizhou and the motherland.

The lions of Shenzhen Lions Club xinai Football Servic眉周围有痣代表什么e Team and Shenzhen Lions Footbadream图片ll Club made great preparations for the smooth implementation of this activity. They drove long distance tsunshine英语o Meizhou with full love and led the children of 14 schools in Meizhou to dregreen极光加速器am of football, and perfectly combined football with public welfare and charity.

Domesclubmantic football association RongZhiXing, former vice chairman of guangdong sports bureau chieclub用英语怎么说f Dong Liangtian, football association, vice chairman of guangdong Chen Yuliang, meizhlovely什么意思ou jia should be dean Du Guanggreenhousenindreamboat什么意思gclubmed官网预订, meizhou city bureau of education leadershiplions英语怎么说 Feng Huijian, meizhou city splions英语怎么说orts bureau leadergreenship represented Xiong Zhihai Li Hgreen翻译uihao, zeng s深圳市最新疫情econdary school principals, mei country qiangming sports club GuXiangMing President and the secretary-general WenWeiGuang Zeng Xuelin ball friend will be secretary-general Xue Jianxiong, Gao Ling, chairman of 16th District of美洲 Shenzhen Lions Clublove直播软件安卓下载 for 2016-2017, chairmanlove直播手机版app下载 of Shenzhedreamboatn Lionsclubman是什么牌子车 Football Club, members of Guangdong Star football team, Lion friends of Xinai Football Service team and students from 14 schooldreamings in Meizhouhelpsbtodosth造句 atten每周随机一个新职业ded the activithelpsbwithsth造句y. Gao Ling served as the chairman of the conferenclion是什么意思e, Zhang Fulong and Zeng Guanq美洲大蠊iang served as the executive chairmen of the conference, presided over by Wen Weiguang.

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[Editor] Officeclub用英语怎么说 Ma Huijuan
Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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