Shenzhen Lions club zhongtian, the main association of the service team to our city to donate money for education

Source: Leiyang Rong Media Center release time: 2019-12-01

The donate activity, shenzhen lour翻译ions zhongtian, main service t种田之流放边塞o the city of nanjing town small fir union, MaShui Town new lu primary school cooperation, summeassociationr pond town primary school were donated computers, books and unifomain函数rm hats, and sports equipment more than 30 ten thousand yuan worth of love materials, these materials will gteamoreatly improve themain是什么意思 conditions of thr种田梨沙ee rural schools, enrich the teachers’lions and students’ extracurricular life.


On November 29, sponsored by the Education Bureauour怎么读 of Leiyang City, Shenzhen Lions Club, Zhongtian service team, the main meeting service team, Shenzh深证指数en Lions Club education Committee undertake, Huatianshenzhen and other service teams co-organized and the strong深圳市最新疫情 support of the leaclub是什么意思dership lion friends, lassociation可数吗ove lionlions读音 frien中天金融股吧ds from Shenzhen came to CAI Lun’s hometown – Hunan Leiyang, I sent warm love anmainlyd warm school supplies to students inlions读音 tteams会议hree local schools.


The donation c中天科技eremony was held深圳天气 at Dongxing Primary School in Xiatang Town. At the event, the children presented red scarves to the caring peoplions英语怎么读le, performed a sign languassociation翻译age dance “Grateful Heart”club用英语怎么说 and military boxing perform深圳疫情最新动态ance to express their gratitude.lion是什么意思中文翻译 Afterwards, the charity visited the use of the electric classroom donated for the school and inteamostructed the children toour翻译 use computers. The chimainldren said thatassociation翻译 they would study hard in tlions怎么读he flionsuture and repay their love wit中天建设h excellent results. (Reporter Chenglong Yuan and Jinassociation什么意思gyu Li)

[Responsible Editor: Xu Xia]

Sservicebiohenzhen Lions Club zhongtservice和serve的区别ian and main club serviceclubs team came to our city to donate money for education

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