Fun sports — The first “Shenzhen-Lion Fusion” Cup Fun Sports Meeting and the 10th National Disabled People’s Day Celebration were held smoothly

Interesting Sports & NBSP; Yue enjoys wonderful

— The first shenzhen-Lion Fusion Cup Sports Meeting and the 1醋泡黑豆0th Nati醋泡黑豆onal Dissports翻译abled People’s Day csportsmanelebration were held smoothly


On August 11, 2019, sponsored by Shenzhen Disabled Pmeeting是什么意思ersons’褪黑素 Associatcupfox茶杯狐ion and The Poverty Alleviation and Assistance Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen lions Victoria towers, zhongtian, stakthines, burson-marsteller, l醋泡花生米的正确做法ions, love football, fu, ganten, alex, yantian, long in the sea, hong ya, mooring love, lily, lotus,cup怎么读 the spark, the good German, Wen Jin, 58 a service such as C深圳风险等级hinese, and the luohu district, futian district, nanshan district, longhua district, the醋泡花生 physically disabled association to undertake the first cup “d退婚后大佬她又美又飒eep lifirston convergence” style of the funlion怎么读 of the opening ceremony of the games and the 10th The art performance of the Natisports怎么读onal Disabled People’s Day was held in the multi-functional stadium on the first floor of the Fukang Home of the Disable妇女权益保障法d in Futian District. The theme of the activity is harmony and friendship, Sharing happiness,The service fund is 30,000 yuan.

Since 2010, with the approvalmeetingtencentcom of the Chinese Federation of D深证指数isabled Persons, August 11 hafusionapps been designated as the National Day of Disa褪黑素bled Persons activities. Hope that throughsports和sport的区别 activities, learning new era Chfirsthandina characteristic socialism thought and xi jinping important boom, general secremeeting怎么读英语tary ofusion公司f undertakings for disabled persons united lead the physically disabled don’t forget to beginner’s mind, keep in mind that the mission, the party firmly disagree, feeling DangEn, go with the party, practice of xi jinping, general sefirst翻译cretary ocupboardf the “2020 realize the well-off society, the disabled a nor less” spirit.

Activity purpose is through the literature and art joint performance, to providemeeting是什么意思 users with disa深证指数bilities colorful leisure lifestyle, exhibition can be assigned by activit醋泡黑豆的功效与作用ies, enhance thefirst怎么读英语ir confidence of self-reliance, show the unyielding spirit to the society, by leaders at all levels and the sosports怎么读英语单词cial from all walksfirstname填姓还是名 of life and love the support entersportsmanshipprises, social organizations, to make the best of assistive project continues to hol醋泡花生米的正确做法d.

Outstanding representatives from various industries in Our city fully displayed the “self-improvement” style of the disabled, introducing their own advanced deeds of challenging fate, tenacious struggle, self-improvement, optimism and progress. Frsportsom different angles and aslions英语怎么读pects, they vividly demonstrated the new development and new concept of the cause of the dcupboardisabled, publicized vivid examples of disabled people activelyfirst是什么意思 partimeeting是什么意思中文翻译cipating in reform, serving the society and realizing the value of life, carried簇拼音 forward the main theme and spread positive energy.

This art pe醋泡黑豆rformance publicity activities, let disabled friends show their ta褪黑素lent and talent, recognize their positive contributions to social harm呋喃唑酮片ony and stability; Call on the disabledmeeting翻译 in the city to take ac深圳天气tfusionive exercise, carry out sports, impro桃花源记ve their physical fitness; At the same timesportsmanship, actively carry out literary and artistic activities, enrich spiritual lifthine, so that more d呋喃唑酮片isabled people join in a healthy and happy life.

Luo Qiwei, Deputy Director of Publilion是什么意思city and Rightsfusion怎么读 Protection Depfirst是什么意思artment of Shenz桃花源记hen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Zhang Tao, Head of Pfundamentalublicity Department of Futiafirstname填姓还是名n Disabled Pe深证指数rsons’ Federation; Su Jianhua, Chairman of Poverty Alleviation and Disability Assistancthe Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club童话故事; Luo Guanqi, Zhang Lizhong, Gu Ling, Chen Lili; Chen Nianzhong, Li Qingsong, Sun Jiayao, Wang Mengyu, Executicupfoxve Vice Chairmen; Fu Xiangyang, Chairman, Wu Misportswearaochun, And Shen Jianping, Secretary General of Shenzhen Association for Physically Disabled Persons; Tang Liqin, chairman and Su Huiying, Vicelion的中文意思 chairmen offusion公司 Nanshan Association ffirsthandor Physi妇女权益保障法cally Disabledthough Persons; Xu Yiyun and Li Min, vice chairmen of Futian District Associfirst翻译成中文ation for Physfirst翻译ically Difirst namesabled Persons; More than 300 people, icupncluding 120 representatives of the disabled from Shenzhen’ssports怎么读 Luohu, Futian, Nashenzhennshan and Longhua districts, attended the event.


【 Text 】 Su Jianhua

[Photo] Chen Weiming mo Wefusion翻译iheng Shen Jianping

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan Hu & NBsportsmanSP;   grey

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP;   hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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