Notice | about recruitment of shenzhen lions, 2020-2021, the annual surveillance commissioner of the board of supervisors

Dear Lion friend,

According to the “Shenzhen Lions Club Board of Supervisors System” and “Shenzhen Lions Club Board of Supervisabout是介词吗ors work method” requirementlions读音s, according to the work needs, the board of supervisors can appoint a number of suprecruitmentervisors to assist the board of supervisorrecruitment怎么读s tlions怎么读o carry out work.

The service Team is now recruiting supervisors of the Board of Supervisors as follows:

First, the emergence of supervision commissioner:

Supervisors shall be nominated by supervisors and appointed by supervisors

Ii. Responsibilities of the Supervisabouttime免费观看ing commissioner:

(I) Abide by the ruleabout怎么读s and regulat深圳疫情ions of Shenzhen Lions Club, and assist the supervisannuallyors in carrying out their work according to the rules and regulations and supervision procedlionsures;

(2) To complete the work within thenotice同义词 scope of their duties on time, in good quality and in good quantity according to the internal division of labor深圳大学;

(3) Attend various meetings and activities within the scope of supervisrecruitment的意思ion as designated or entrusted by the board of Supervisors;

(notice过去式4) Timely reportabout-face to tlionshe Board of Supervisors the problems foannual怎么读und in the深圳疫情最新动态 supervision work and put forward suggestionannual英语怎么读s to the Baboutcg网站oard of Supervisors;surveillance动词

(v深圳) Tonotice过去式 complete various temporarlion是什么意思中文翻译y works assigned by the board of Supervisors or entrusted by the supervisors.

Iii. Conditions of the Supervisory commissioner:

1.  A member of the Association who has been in the association for at leaslions英语怎么读t three years.

2.  Served as tannual怎么读he service team leader of the Association.

3.  During the lion year, I did not hold any position in any departmen深圳地铁线路图t usurveillance翻译nrecruitment翻译der the conotice的形容词uncil structure, including director, member of specialized working organization,recruitment的意思 captain of service t深圳天气eam, last captain, first vrecruitmentice captain, second vice captain and third vice captain深圳.

4. Have served as a member of district council深圳地铁线路图, board of Supervisors, chairman and executive chairman of specialized working instishenzhentutions, lecturer and certified guide lion is preferred.

Iv. C深圳疫情最新动态ontact Person:

Please recommend younoticerself to the supervisor who is responsible for the supervision work in the area where tabout翻译he service team is located.

Suabout后面动词什么形式pervisor Zhu Feng is responsible for the supervision of the first zone: 13924590508

Supervisor Chen Qunhao is responsible for the supervision of the second zone: 13602653528

Supervisor He Xinru is responsiblabout-facee for thelions翻译 supervision of the third zone: 13802211428

Supervisor Huang Shaofan深圳大学g is responsible for the supervisio深圳n of the fourth zone: 1390290962lions8

Supervisor Tang Haozhi isannual怎么读 responsible for the supervision of the fifth zone: 18688959996

Supervisor Wang Daoming is responsible for the supervis深证指数ion of the sixth zone: 13923743116

Zhou Wenguang: 25688930


Appendix I: Work rules of supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club



Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 Board of Supervisors

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