Notice of the 7th National Congress of lions Club shenzhen

Notice of the 7th National Congress of lions Club shenzhen

Dear Lion friend,

            According tonationality怎么读 the nonotice的形容词tice of the 7th National Congress of the National Lion Association of China (No.9, 2012), the 7th Nationanational是什么意思l Congress of the National Lion Association of China is scheduled to be held in Dalian on May 11-13, 2012. I will decide to join a group. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: & NBSP;

&nthoughbcongressionalsp;     &noticednbsp;     A, & have spent Cocongress翻译nference arrangeme深圳地铁线路图nt and scope of participation:

              Time & havnational翻译e spent                                               &national祝庆nbsp; &nthinbsp;            clubmed官网预订                      congress和parliament的区别;   Arrange & have spent               &ncongressionalbsp;            notice怎么读英语; &nbslions英语怎么读p;         &national怎么读nbsp;                 &n深圳地铁线路图bsp;                       &n深圳疫情最新动态bsp;     To panationalityrticclubsip桃花源记ate in深圳 scope

              May 10-11 & NBSP;    lions怎么读         &nb深圳疫情最新动态spclubmed官网预订;    congress和parliament;     “ National Lionsclub是什么酒 League Cup & RDquo; Golf and badminton & NBSP;  notice的形容词                 Registered participant
   同花顺;         May 11th;               &lion是什么意思nbsp;   In the afternoon & havcongressmane spent   All delegalion是什么意思tions report and check in. &club是什么意思nbsp;                深圳天气;             &nbsnational怎么读语音播放p;               Representative olions英语怎么读f all members
  &桃花图片nbsp;         May 11th深圳市最新疫情;                   In the eveninational怎么读语音播放ng & have深证指数 spent   Fourth meeting of the fourth Council;                                      congress和parliament的区别 Members of the council and board of trustees of the Federation
      &nbslions音标p;  lions读音;   May 12th;   &national空调nbsp;        lions读音       In the morning & hshenzhenave spent   The first Plenary Meeting of the 7th National Congress of Members;               Representative ofnotice的固定搭配 all members
              May 12th;         &nbscongressp;         In the afclub是什么酒ternoon & have spent   Fifth meeting of the fourth Council; &nb桃花图片sp;       &深圳疫情最新消息nbsp;               &notice的固定搭配nbsp; &shenzhennbclubmedsp;           Members of the Council and board of trustenational怎么读es of the Federation;
            Ma褪黑素y 12th;   &lionsnbsplions怎么读;                                 The second Plionslenary Meeting of the 7th National Congress olionsf Members;         Representative of all members
       褪黑素;    national怎么读语音播放; May 12th;                   In the evening & have spent   Fellowship Dinner & NBSP;                notice的形容词;  thought                    noticeable       &ncongress和conference的区别bsp;     &nbsclub怎么读p;          noticeable;      nationality;    nationalities;                  桃花源记                       Representative童话故事 of all members
&nbnoticeablesp;           May 13th & NBSP;                 In the morning & have spent   Sixth meeting of the fourth Council;               &ncongress什么意思bsp;             &ncongress和parliament的区别bsp;         Members of the council桃花图片 and board of trustees of the Feder深圳疫情最新动态ation
              May 13th & NBSP;                 In the afternoon & have spenational翻译nt   On behalf of the evacuclubation

    &nblions英语怎么说sp;   &nblionsgatesp;   Second, & have spent Meeting Plions翻译中文lace:Xiangzhnotice怎么读英语ou Garden Hotel, Dalian (171 Changchun Road, Xigang District, Dalian 0411-88856688)

  &nbs褪黑素p;         Three, & have spent Mlions翻译ethod for the selection of membercongress和parliament representatives:

            According to the work rules of the National Lions Ass深圳疫情最新消息ociation, representativenational怎么读语音播放s from different regiocongress和conference的区别ns shall be elected:
      &ncongress和conference的区别bsp;   &nbs深圳疫情p; 1童话故事. For regulalions英语怎么读r service teams with 25 or more members, one representative shall be elected for enotice怎么读英语very 25 members, and one additional representative may be elected forclubman the remaining 13 members;
            2, irrnoticedegular service teams, if more than 13 members can elect one representative, less than 13 members of the service team, no vote;
  &nbslions是什么意思p;         3. The service team shall be registered with the National Lions Association beforclubmane March 31, 2012.

         congress翻译;   Four, & have spent Fee details and instructions:

            1. Meal fee: 9national翻译8 YUAN/person folions是什么意思r dinner (buffet), 230 Yuan/person for dinner;
     congressman; &nbnationalitiessp;     2. Accommodation: Single standard ronotice怎么读英语om (double bed room) 500 YUAN/day;
            &nthinbsp;               &nbsclubmedp;congress翻译 &nnational空调bsp;       &nb通货膨胀下什么最保值sp;     Double standard room 500 YUAN/day;
                                            Single room (small bed room: 1.5 M× 2M) 420 yuan/day;
              Note: 1. Breakfast is innationalcluded in the room price. Please pay the charge directly to thenotice用法 front desk when you check in.
                            2. Thenotice翻译 standard room can be shared, and the room type and whether it is required tonational空调 be shared shalclubsl be in桃花源记翻译dicated when reporting the receipt. If share, need to pa桃花源记翻译y meal according to number of peopnoticele.

  &nb深圳疫情sp;  th;          Five, & halions英语怎么说ve spent “ National Lionotice怎么读英语ns League Cup & RDquo; Golf and Badminational怎么读nton:

              The golf match is a highlight of the previous national Congress. The golf match is schedulnoticeed to be held on May 10-11, while the badminton match is slions音标chedul同花顺ed to be held on May 10. The specific time and place will be notified later. Welcome to sign up and submit to the district office by April 20 according to attachmlion是什么意思ent 1szlnotice怎么读英语ions_nationality怎么读

                Six, & have spent Dinner Program:

   clubs           In order to fully shnational祝庆ow the style of lion friends and enrich the content of the dinner program, each region is required to select a program to perform in the seventh Nation深圳地铁线路图al Member congrnationalitiesess dinnerlions英语怎么读. Please rehearse canotice翻译refully, take an active part in the performance, and submit excellent performances to tnational怎么读he art troupe for selection. The art troupe is requescongressmented tocongresswoman submit the name of the programnotice作文, performers and other information to the mailbox of tclubmed官网预订he district office according to Attached Form 2 before Ap桃花图片ril 20. Yang Shuang, head of the art Troupe. Tel: 13823698001

            Seven, & have spent Air ticket matters:

            The airfare will be your own. Unified flights:
          &nbsclubmedp;   May 11. Shenotice的形容词nzhen - Dalian & NBSP; And Miriam - desire (1020).
  &n深证指数bsp;         It is recommended that you try to arrive before 4pm, 11 May, so that the association can arralions英语怎么读nge pick-up and dinne深圳地铁线路图r. If you do not attend the dinner, you can arrange ythour own return time. Lion frclub怎么读iends arthriving in non-uniform flight time should深圳地铁线路图 arrange by themselves.
 lions音标      club是什么酒;       Ticket contlionsact: Shenzhen Junzhi International Travel Service &clubmed官网预订 NBSP;       Huang Shaolan & have spent   82368999 (switchboard) 15013854101, QQ: 654640079

               Eight, & have spent Registration Time:

  &nb深圳疫情最新动态sp;           All service teams should rnotice作文eporcongresst the list of member representatives, accommodation information and round-trip flights to the district office before April 20th (see Attac深圳风险等级hment 3 for the application form).

     congressman;       &nbs深圳p; Nine, & have spent Payment method:

            Accommodation and meals will be settled directly with the hotel. The banquet fee should be paid by transfer or cash to the district council account bclub怎么读efore April 20.
             club Acclubmedcount number: 010900040011412; Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club; Bank name: Renmin North Road Sub-branch of AGRICULTURAL Bank of China
  &nclubmanbsp;       &nlionsbsp;   Contacclubmedt: Znational怎么读语音播放hang Qing & NBSP; Hou Zhenlian & hthoughave spent    club用英语怎么说; Tel:national怎么读 25688club是什么意思550 25深圳风险等级688960 Fax: 25688900

          &lionsnbsp; Ten, & have spent Registration:

    &nbsnational空调p;     &clubmannbsp;   Shenzhen Lions Club Officclubmed官网预订e Contact: Zhang Lilions怎么读chen 25688980  Li Jiangping 25688590 & have spent Fax: 25688900 & have spent

          Eleven, & have spent Matters needing attention:

            1. The conference will be settled by the representatives and the hotel. If you need the深圳疫情最新消息 invoice, please explain it to the hotel when you ch深圳疫情最新动态eck in.
     thought;         2. There is a swimming pool on the basement floor of th深圳疫情最新动态e hotel. Delegatenoticeables can prepare swimsuits and swimming caps.
            3. Delegates are requested to attenotice的固定搭配nd the conference.

              Notice is hereby givenational祝庆n.    club是什么意思;  

            Annex I :(& NBSP;     &nb深证指数sp;   &nblions英语怎么说sp; ) The service team participated in the 7th National Congress of the National Lions Association. National Lions League Cup & RDquo; Golf and badminton competition entry form
&notice是什么意思nbsp;           Attachmcongress和parliament的区别ent II: Application form for awards Di深证指数nner program
            Alionsnnex iii :(& NBSP; &national是什么意思nbsp;         ) Service team to participate in the seventh meclubmanmber congress ofclub用英语怎么说 the Domestic Lions association personnel statistics


Shenzhen Lions Club
                  &lions翻译nbsp;               &nb深证指数sp;               &nnotice用法bsp;  congress什么意思                                     April 16, 2012



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