Tracing the roots and learning the History of the Party -- Shenzhen Lions Club joined hands with shenzhen Disabled people's Network members to carry out party history education activities

On October 22, 2021, in the cool autumn wind, Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Disabled People's Network jointly launched the Party history study and education activity in Dapeng Ancient City and Dongjiang Colu深圳地铁线路图mn Memorial Hall. By learning the development history and heroic deeds of Shlearning和studying的区别enzhen, we estroots翻译ablished the firm beroots怎么读lief of listening to the Party and following the Party, and organically integrated the party historylions的音标 study and education and service activities. Learnlearning翻译 about slearning chocolatehenzhen's glorious history of resisting aggression and foreign enemies. The Lions Club of Shenzhjoin的过去分词en not only funded the activities, but also tianhistory圈套 Xingwang, secretary of the Party深圳地铁线路图 branch of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, and 2 party members accompanied the disabled friends to visit and learn,learning chocolate encouraging them to learn the history of the Party by tracing their roots and dlearningmallxjtlurawing on their ideological strength to write alions英语怎么读 new chapter. The event also donated computehistory4r bags and hand sanitizer to 30 disabled people.

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A group of disabled friends and party members firstlearning和studying的区别 came to Dapeng Suocroots什么意思heng, which is theroot授权 source androots翻译 origin of the nicknamclub翻译e of Shenzheparty是派对的意思吗n "Pengcheng". This ancient city with magnificent gates and dwellings is the patriotic education baslearningenglishwithgrammar翻译e of Shenzhen, and also the most intact Marine defense station of Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. While explaining the history of Shenzhen, the tour guide took us to visit the mansionlions英语怎么读 of深证指数 General Zhenwei, comhistory系列mjoin的过去分词ander of Guangdong Naval Forces,learningenglishwithgrammar翻译 coastal Defense Mclubmanuseum and other places, allowing dislearning是什么意思ableclubman是什么牌子车d friends to explearning的音标erience the footprints of history and enrichjoin的过去式 their cognititrading翻译on of historical detailsjoined. We can't help feeling: Shenzhen, a modern city, also has a hlions读音eroic story of resisting forei深圳疫情最新动态gn aggresstradingview安卓版下载ion and defeshenzhennding sovereignty.

Disabled friends and then party a to the dongjiang memorial is located in the plateau mountainous area, this was the guangdong peoplejoined翻译's anti-japanese guerrilla dongjianclub是什么意思g important activity area, during the Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war of 12 years, underoot什么意思r the leadership of the cohistory着魔mmunist party of dongjiang in domestic, insist for a ltradingviewong time behind the independent ophistory系列电视剧erations, secret rescue in Hong Kong hundreds of elite culture and democracy activists, Actively rescue internlearningmallxjtluational friends and alli深圳大学ed personnel, become a mainstay inclub是什么意思 the war of resistance. Inclubmed the memorial hall, therclub用英语怎么说e are many physical objects such as battle, life and daily nroot是什么ecessities of eastern Longitudinal soldiers, as well as a large number of photos and documents, which lejoin的过去分词t everyoneparty是什么意思 understand the revolutionary spirit and battle course of the revolutionary prlearningedecessors.

After thlearning怎么读e visit, disabled friends actively participated in the session of "Saytrading怎么读 a heartfelt wparty模式ord to the Par深圳市最新疫情ty", expressing their learning experience aparty的中文nd love and blessing to the Domestic Commulions英语怎么读nist Party.

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Niuhara, a PhD candidate and a member of the Communist Party, said: "The Central Committee ofptracing the Communist Partyhistory台剧着魔在线看 of China attaches grroots品牌eat importance to tjoin的用法helearningmall cause of the disabled, and has introduced a series of disaclubman是什么牌子车bility benefit policies so that many droot什么意思手机isabled people like me can work hard to get out of trouble and realize self-worth by contributing to society."

Party member Yang Cairong said gratefully: "We live ihistory3圈套无删减完整n such a peatrading怎么读ceful era, the disabled peoplejoined翻译 getshenzhen a lot of care from the society, life is getting better and better, people are very moved and grateful. Although I ahistory4近距离爱上你m retired now, I continue to do volunteer work to help the dhistory4isadvantaged and give back this love."

"I was born into a Phistory2是非arty member famroot是什么ily深圳天气, and li Da, a representative of the Party, had his signature on my parents' graduattracing是什么意思ion certificates. From study to work, I fully feel the warmth深圳市最新疫情 given by the Party, without thelearning翻译 correct leadership of the Party, without the party深圳大学's good policies, we would not have today's happyjoin等于什么 life. Today's activities let me really feel, our party led the revolutionary soldiers to lay a day for the people is not easy, we should dou深证指数ble cherish the hard-won happiness, at the same time study hard work, repay the party's kindness with practical actionjoined怎么读, for the motheclub是什么意思rland, for the society tlions读音o make ourroot什么意思手机 greatest contribution!"

Secretary Tian Xingwang etrading是什么意思ncourages disabled friends to study thtradingviewe history of the Party and lhistory3圈套无删减完整ive a good life. We will always folllions的音标ow the Party!

[Text] Wen Kaifei, Shenzhen Disabled People's Network

[Photo] Liao Z深圳大学enan, Shenzhen Disabled People's Network

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[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shelearningmallnzhen Lions Club Office

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