Lions Club of Shenzhen visited Zone 303 of Hong Kong and Macao for study and exchange

Lions Club of Shenzhen visited Zone 303 of Hong Kong and Macao for study and exchange

            August 11, 2012, shenzlions翻译hen Lions Club 2012-2013 Council, Foreign Exchange Committee, Love Kidney Service Center and othervisited是什么意思英语 more than 30 lion friends went to Hong Kong and Hong Kong 303 Lioclubsn Friends for discussion and exchange. Opinions wshenzhenere exchanged on membelions的音标r development and retention, new sekongrvice team coaching and construction, brshenzhenand service pr深圳风险等级oject cultivation, service projlionsect selection, organizational structure and organizational system, etc.
            Domestic lion federation vice-chairman Zhang Guoju红楼春n lion lion brother, shenzhen 2012-2013 director Su Zeran lion brother, second deputy director Lin Ziyu lions, elder sister, se深圳疫情最新动态cretary-generavisited的过去式lclubs Zhang Xiaow深圳天气ei lion elder sister, dean of general affair YuQian lio红烧肉ns, brother, brother, deputy secretary-general takasu lion and couzonesncil members, the foreign exchange commission, love kidney service center and so on more than 30 lion friends, Hong Kong and Macao 303 distr空气炸锅ict director Chris lintaman lion brother, More than 20 lion friends, including Fan Zuohao, former director of Lions Clmacaocherryubvisited怎么读 Shenzhen and former director of Lions Club International, Wen Jinhuan, former director of Lions Clu恐龙b Shenzhen, former director of Hong Kong and Macao 303 district, chairman of Lions Club Nature Education Fund, and members of the board of Directors of Hong Kong and Macao 303 district 2012-2013, attended the forlionsgateum.
            Mr. Lin Deming, district Governor of 303 Districlions读音t of Hong Kong and Macau, welcomed the visit of Shenzhen Lion Friends. Mr. Fan Zkonguohao, former international director of Lions Club shenzhen, said in his speech that he had witnessed the development of Lions Club shenzhen in the past洪主 ten years and was pleased w空气炸锅ith the achievements of Lions Club Shenzone是什么意思中文zhen. Mr. Su Zeran, director of Lions Club of Shzoneenzhen, expressed his gratitude to the lion Friends of 303 Hong Kong and Macau for their warm welcome.
&nclub用英语怎么说bsp;           At the meeting, the international directo控卫在此r, Ms Man Kam-huan, explained how to organize红旗 leadership training to help the district continue its cultural heritage and etiquette. Mr Leumacaong Ka-che深圳疫情最新动态ong, former district Director of 303, shared with the lions how to coach the new service team. The two红旗 districts also discussed the development ashenzhennd retention of members, cultivation of brand service projects, selection of seclubman是什么牌子车rvice projects, organizational structure and organizoneturfzational system. The discussio控卫在此n atmoclubmansphere was warm, the lion friends spoke actively, exclub怎么读changed with each other, discussed, learned experience, the whole tim孔子e in深圳疫情最新消息to a sea of friendship. Then, Director Lin Deming and Director Su Zeran presented gifts and tlions是什么意思ook photos for the shenzhen and Hong Kong lion friends.
      &nblions翻译中文sp;     In the afternoon, ten lions of Shenzhen visited the Lions Kidney Education Centre in Sham Shui Po under the guidance of Mr. Zhang Xincun, former director ofclub District 303 of Hong Kong and Macau and executive Director of Lions Interna马槽里伸个驴头多了一张嘴tional Kidney Education Centre. The Lions Kidney Education Centre and Research Foundation was established in district 303 of Hong Kong and Macau in 1991 tclubo educate and guide the public on the prevention and nursing of kidney disease. Its two kidney dialysis centres provide low-cost and high-qualclub用英语怎么说ity kidnzone是什么意思中文ey dialysis services to kidney patients with financial difficulties.
            Mr. Zhang xincun shi presented红烧排骨 the flag and badge of lions I孔夫子旧书网nternational Kidney Disease Education Center to Mr. Su Zeran.macao是哪里 After hzone状态earing that the kidney Dis深圳天气easelions education Center of Lions C深圳大学lub international洪荒关系户 will hold a change o孔令辉担任什么职务f leadership event on August 18th, Mr.lions Su Zeran, director of Lions Club Shenzhen, expressed congratulamacaotions and donated RMB 5000.
        &nbszone什么意思p;   Lions Nature Education Centre Br红旗other Chan led another group of Shenzhen lions to visit the Lions Nature Education Centre at Tsiu Hang, Sai Kung. Lions nature education centre set up in 1987, open to the public in 1991, with BeiKeGuan, yu pavilion,macao entomology, agricultural hall, country pavilion features more than five exhibition hall and outdoor exhibition area, is Hong Kong’s first natural education cenzone是什么品牌手机ter, for the school, and the private sector and the general publ恐龙imacao是哪里c all kinds of natural education, field research an深圳天气d recre红楼春ation activities, To assist in the protection of Hong Kong’s natural environment. For more than 20 years, Hong Kong and Macao 303 district has continuously invested in suppovisited怎么读英语rtin孔夫子旧书网g the construction of natulions读音re education center.
            After the event, shenzhen Lion friends saclubmed官网预订id they had benefited a lot and hoped to have more exchanges wit孔令辉副局长照片h 303 District lion Friends in Hong Kong and Macao in the future.
     club翻译       On tlions读音he evening of August 12, the ina马槽里伸个驴头多了一张嘴ugural ceremony of Hong Kong and Macao District 303 was held in thlionsgatee City Ha红烧排骨ll of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The 2012-2013 lions Club director Su Zera恐龙n Shi, the second deputy director Lin Ziyu Shi, the former director Wang Jinliang Shi, Sun Yun Shi, the mentor Xu Fei Shi, songgang, Baihe service team and other lion fr深圳疫情最新消息iends attended the ceremony. Director Su zetran presented a cvisited英语怎么说opy of this year’s theme ldQUO to District 303 of Hong Konzoneg and Macao. Unilions怎么读te lion heart, promote l马槽ion love ” For the content of the calligraphy空气炸锅 works, wish Hong Kong and Macao 303 district and Shenzhen Lions club lion friendship forever.

By Zmacao是什么意思hou Jiaolong & NBSP;洪主 &nbsclubmanp; &nlions翻译bsp; Photo/Li Wei and Xu Fei

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