All for the rehabilitation of patients with low vision needs

All for the rehabilitation of patients with low vision needs
      &nlow是什么意思bsp;               &nbspatients是什么意思p;                                     &nbsppatient所有形式;   &nbvision什么牌子sp;                 — Low vision rehabilitation project volunteerpatients怎么读s, volunteer professional training notes

   vision         Jurehabilitation什么意思ly in Shelowe玻璃nneed什么意思zhen, the sun is shining, a heat wave.
           vision什么意思 On the afternoon of 29th (Sunday), shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitatneed是什么词性ion Project team organized a professionallowe玻璃 training for volunteers in the conference rvisionproopatient是什么意思中文翻译om on the 9th frehabilitation翻译loor of Shenzhen Comprehensive Service Building for the Disabled, Meilin Road. The speaker of the training wapatients怎么读s Profespatientssor Lianvisionprog Ping, technicalowe玻璃l director of low vision rehabilitation Project and professor of Shenzhen Upatientsniverlow的比较级sity. The palow的反义词rticipants included Brother Hu Xin, Sister Jia Rong, brother Lin Yuehong, sister Li Hua, sister Lin Kailin, sister Huang Cheng, sister Qi Cuixia, sister Liu Yifang, sister Zhao Hua, sister Li Xiangshi, brother Wu Bingneeds, blow的反义词rother Zhang Yazhoneeds怎么读ng of Bijiashan Service Team, Dong Xiulinglowa lion sister of Hualin Service team, Gong Xiangmin lion brotvisionher of Fuyong Service team, Xu Feishi brother of Donghai Servicrehabilitatione team, Deng Lihong lion sister of Bagualipatient是什么意思英语ng Sevisionary翻译rvice team, and more than 20 people including Yi Yang, Xie Zhulingneed是情态动词吗, Quan Ruibi, He Ju, Luo Keyi, Huang Jiashi anlower什么意思中文d so on. They bravpatientsed the sweltering heat and sacrificed their rest time to attend nearly three hours of professional training and study Tours. We serve ” The spirit of the Lineedson is to be commended!

    &nbslow爆了p;       Since March 2009,visionpro Shenzhen Lions Club, together with Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federationeed是什么词性n, Medical Covision怎么读llege of Sneeds是单数吗henzhen University, Shenzhen Peking University Hospital and Wang Lin, M.D., a Chinese American, has been planning to launch the shenzhen Low vision rehabilitation project. On October 12, 2009, In the name of Lionlow爆了s Club Shenzhen, I submitted a funding application for the low vision rehabilitation project to Lions Club International Foundation (LCIFpatient是什么意思中文翻译)patient是什么意思英语 and successvisionprofully obtained the special fund in April 2011.
            Since April 2011, the low vision rehabilitation project has completed the basic work of team building, site layout, equipmentneeds是单数吗 procurement, clinic listing, system construction, fundvisionpro management, doctor trainvisionstreetwearing, professional investpatients是什么意思英语igation and so on. At presenvision翻译t, the project has entered the stage of physical operation.

          &nvisionpro是什么软件bsp;   Through training of lion friends and voluntvisionarieseers, to conform to the requirements of the volunteers in low vision rehabilitarehabilitation翻译tion projects toneeds和need的区别 undertake certain obligations, such as prvision翻译oject coneed是什么意思英语nsuneed是什么词性ltation solution,lowest transportation, rneeds翻译ehabilitation equipment leasing, in patients cognitive traininpatient所有形式g, life skills training, directionlow是什么意思al walking training, reading ability training,vision软件 communication skills training, training to use computers and so on.
      &nbspatients是什么意思p;     Following & other; Vision first & Bull; Domestic action & RDquo; This traditional lions club servivisionpro是什么软件ce, the Cpatients是什么意思ataract Recoveryneeds是单数吗 Project, was initiatepatientsd by Lions Clulowab Internationneedsal & LDvision什么意思quo; Low vision Rehabilitation Program & RDQUO; , established “ Vision First & RDquo; Low vision Project Fuvision软件nd. Low vision rehabilitation project as lions Club International & LDQUO; Vision first & Bull; Domestic action & RDquo; The third phasvisionproe of the service project is currently the brand service content of Shenzhen Lions Club, which will also be promoted by the Domestic Disabled Persons’ Federation across the country.

            At present,need什么意思 only a few hospitals in China carry out low-vision rehabilitation programs invisionaries the form of commercial outpatient servicpatient是什么意思es, and therpatient所有形式e is still a gap in the participation of non-governmental charitable organizlowations. The project in shenzhen, the pvisionary翻译artners have a lion’s club in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of persons with disabilities equipment resource center, shenzhen university, shenzhen, shenzhen eye hospital, hospital of Peking University shenzhen second people’s hospital, shenzhen nanshan hospital, etc., aim at shenzhen seneeds是什么意思t up a pneeds和need的区别erfect low vision rehabilitation service system, in the national start llower什么意思中文ow vision care and rehabilitation engineering.

Low vision Rehabilitation Project Team & NBSP; Zhao Hualow是什么意思

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