We are different — The first vice leader of Shenzhen Lions Club held a lion exchange training

The autumn wind falls and flies south, dancing with the wind butterfly double shadow. On October 23, 2020, under the guidalion翻译nce of Guo Yongyong, the first vice President, 49 first vice深圳风险等级 captains of Shenzvicenhen Lions Club in 2020-2021 gathered in the meeting room on the 6th floor of The Accord Bavaria Hotel in Yuheld的意思是什么ancheng Dileader是什么牌子strict, Heyuan City to attendvicetone的歌曲 the lion eleader是海尔吗xchange training. Teacher group Yu Xiaopifirst怎么读ng, Wei Qiaofirstzhu, Hdifferent翻译u Xin gave a wonderful lecture. The event was chaired by L深证指数iu Jun and Wang Shu.

In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, lion friends are lesvice versas likely to carry out lion exchange and training activities. Guo Yongyong, the first vice President of CCNA, pointed ofirst nameut in the exchange that altfirsthough the epidemic is not over, the fir深圳地铁线路图st vice leaders sh深圳疫情ould still do their own work well, and through learning and communication, they should make clear what they should do for the service team in the next year and what they can do for the service team, and make the work plan of the New Year in advance.



Ifirst翻译成中文n response tclubmed官网预订o the call of the first vice President Guo Yviceongyong, Liu Jun, Wang Shu and other lion friends quickly set upleader是海尔吗 a preparatory group. After discussilionson, the trailion的音标ning tlions英语怎么读ook the theme of “We are different, the duty of the future captain” as the theme, which waheld的原型s coordinated by General Manager Liu Jun, Wang Shu as the chclubman是什么牌子车airman of lion affairs exchange, Huang Shanjiao in charge of coordinating the meeheld的中文意思ting address and accommodation, Liu Yumin in charge of selecting the songs of the training meeting,differently Li Xingyi in charge of maneuvering, Gao Ruileadership in charge of training recordifferent反义词ds.

During the 2-hour trainifirst怎么读英语ng, instructorsleader Yheld怎么读的u Xiaoping and Wei Qiaozhu shared “How tlions英语怎么读o raise Money” and “The深圳 Organization and Struvicencture of thclubmede servicefirsthand team” respectifirst青年电影展vely. Studentsleader空调 actively participated in the interaction, and put forward their own ideas for the New Year’s work. The classroom atmosphere was active. Alions是什么意思fter yu Xiaoping and Wei Qiaozhu’s wonderful speech and careful sorting, the first vice-captains further clarified the responsibilities of this year anddifferentiation the organizational structure of the service team.


Later, under the auspices of Wanleaderg Svicetone的歌曲hu, thevice versa first vice-captains interacted with each other around “how many members are in the team leader”, “pfirsthandositions directly appointed by the captain”, and “howlions to display service projects”. From wrong to right, they gradually cleared up their thoughts, which also improved their confidence and motivation to do a good job as the team leader in the New Year.

Longhua servi深圳市最新疫情ce team Yang Hongying, Zhongtian service team Thousand Dai, Le Cuckheldbackoo service team Zhouheld中文 Biyu, the first vice captain said that through this study to fillclub是什么意思 thevicer34 lion knowledge, but also more confident to contriclubmanbute to the development of the service team.

Praise forheld中文 the students, praisclubmede for the preparatory group, praise forfirsthand guo Yongleadershipyong, the fileader是海尔吗rst vice President’s careful guidance, and pay tribute to the lecturers! The lion affairs exchandifferent什么意思ge training brought the first vice capleader翻译tains fulionll of “solid goods”, w深圳疫情hich enabled them to be competent as team leaders in advance and gaveleader什么意思啊 them confidence and courage to do the lion affairs work well.


Alionsgate meetingclub用英语怎么说 is the beginning of steps, a study is the collection of knowledge, I wish the first vice captains grow together on the lion love road, together with encouraging.


The text/liujun

Photo/Huang Weijun & NBSP; liujun


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