The first batch of disaster relief materials sent to Zhouqu by Shenzhen Lions Club (source: Shenzhen News)


      At noon on August 11, The Lions Club of Shenzhen sent the firstdisaster可数吗 batch of 600,000 yulions怎么读an worth of materials and 150,000 yuan in cash to Zhouqu County, Gannan Tibeta周群微博n Autonomous Prelief怎么读refecture in Gansu Province.




On August 8, the Lions Club of S深圳疫情最新消息henzhen took action to formshenzhen an emergency rescue team and issued a proposal to support the Rescue of the Mudslide in Zhouqu, Gansu province. It proposed that the service teams of the Lions Club of Shenzhen and lion friends take active actions to carry forward the disaster. We serve ” Lion spirit, carry forward t深圳疫情最新动态he Chinese nation & LDquo; One party is difficult, p plus supporeliefrt ” The fine tradition of generosity, with pramaterial是什么意思英语ctical action to help thesent什么意思 people of disaster areas. In just two days, 150,000 yuan in cash, 3,000 pieces of clothing, 840 paimaterials翻译rs of children's slion是什么意思neakers adisaster是什么意思英语nd other materials worth more than 600,000 yuan were collected.

The first supplies and cash are expected to arrivfirst namee in two days周群个人资料.

(Lin Qin and Xu Feidisaster怎么读)


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