The first regular meeting and social evening of 2017-2018 was held successfully

The first regular meeting and social evening of 2017-2018 was held successfully

On July 22, 2017, the first regular meeting and friendship party of the lions Clufirstname填姓还是名b offirst青年电影展 Shenzhen was held in Penglai Pavilion, Yinhu Cuigu Buheld的中文意思ilding, Luohu District. The 2017regularly意思中文翻译-2018 President of Lions Club shenzhen Tian Wangxing, the last president Shi Jianyong, the first vice President Mawasp Min, the former presidents Lin Tao and Xiao Xingping, the secretary General Zeng Shiyang,held中文 the Deputy Secretary General Lu Zhiqiang, the dregularizationirector and the head of the teaching group Zhangevening和night Shiwash怎么读jun, the Coordinatorsocial media of GLT Shenzhen Yi Dongsheng, More than 60 people attended the meeting, including rong Jing, Fasocial名词ng Mansong, Wu Zijianmeetingtencentcom, Jiang Xiezhen and lecturers. Zhang Shijun presidemeeting翻译d over the regular meeting and Rongmeetings Jing presided over the evening party.

Xheld的原型isocializingao Xingping, former president of ccPIT Xiamen, demonstrated “interactive teaching” fevening英语怎么读or lecturerregularizations. Zhang Shijun, the head of the lecturers, swasteummed up the work of the lecturers in 2016-2017, which had complfirst是什么意思eted hundredwas怎么读s of training sessions with 1,865 trainees and 189 lecturers attemeeting翻译nding. Subsequently, Zhang Shijun announced theregular反义词 2017-2018 work schedule and announced the hired lectureregularlyrs. Rong Jing, Fang Mansong, Wu Zijian and Jiang Xiezhen made speeches respectively. Chairman Yi Dongsheng introduced thmeeting怎么读英语e work plan. Secretary General Zeng Shiyang put forward new requirements and expectations for the development offirst name the Lecturers league.

Then the lecturers anregular翻译nual gala. Ma Min, Yregularityi Dongsheng, Huang Yiqun and Lu Zhiqiang respectively reviewed the tortuous, glorious anwashedd extraordinary development of the lecturing group. Their speeches moved allfirst怎么读 the lion frwas怎么读iends present! Tian Xingwang, Shi Jianyong and Lin Tao ameeting翻译lupheldso gave speeches respectively to express their gratitude and respect to the lecsocialturers, and also to congratulate and cheer the newly hired lecturers.

Presideveningent Tian Xingwang and psocial什么意思resident Zhang Shijun pevening英语怎么读resented the letter of appointment to the lecturers. I belevening英语怎么读iregular什么意思eve that in the coming year, the lecturers’ group will play a greater role in the sheld英语怎么读tandardization development, talent training and lion service of Shenzhen Lions Club.

By Su Youhua

Photo/lecture Group contribution

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