Shenzhen Lions Club jiangxi Flood Relief Vanguard to Fuzhou disaster Relief (source:


China News network on July 1 According to jiangxi Province overseas Chinese netwo深圳天气rk news, June 30, by the Jiangxi Province Overseas Chinese federation and the Jiclubman是什么牌子车angxi Province overseas Chinese federation consultant, Canada Guangxi association executive directrelief翻译or, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese international Federation vice president Zheng Xiaoaiflood的过去式和过去分词 contact shenzhen Lions association Fudisaster什么意思zhou jiangxi flood relief vanguard p江西人事考试网arty to jiangxi disasdisaster造句ter relief.

The lions Club of Shenzhen donated 450,000 yuan of disaster relief materials to the people of fuzhou, jiangxi province, and the Overseas Chinese Federation of Jiangxi province sent members to visit the victims and distribute relief materials.


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