Lions Club charity sale to raise money for Yushu (source: Shenzhen Business Daily)


      The earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai province has been affecting the hearts of people in Shenzhen. Heart is yushu, we have love. Large charity fundraising虞书欣, charity sale and charity performance, a total of 1,98,195,515 yuan.

&nbcharity是什么意思英语sp;     This event attracted the participation ofsource引擎 many lions club members, caring entrepreneurs and comm雨水之欢苏媚和公爹unmoneygramity residents in Shenzhen, and nearly 15money是什么意思00 people participated in this large-scale mass love event. Famous calligraphers and painter玉树s, and extemporaneous paper-cut works by retired people; The charity sale of i深圳疫情nternational brand clothesshenzhen, treasure and mobile phone, the soulful perform深圳地铁线路图ance of charity band, simoney可数还是不可数ngers amoney是什么意思nd dancers, the don深圳大学ation of pockesale和sell的区别t money by children on the spot, the selfless service of volunteer lion friends and so on. In the evening, the asalesforcectlions怎么读音ivity raised a total of enterprises, individua御书屋海棠ls donatmoney图片ions, mobile donations a total o深圳天气f 555,5515 mlionsgateillion yualionsn,salesgirl donated medical equipment, charity sale of calligraphy and painting, on-site works and gift cra玉树fts, jewelry, mobile phones,moneyslan clothing and other values of 1.42661 millionlions翻译 yuan, a total of 1.98,195,515 million yuan.

&nlions怎么读音bsp; &nbsplions英语怎么读;   Corpormoney是什么意思中文翻译ate sponsorship, indsource引擎ividual donation, cha御书屋海棠rity sale and charity performance funds, materials and so on wilions怎么读ll be used to assist thesource引擎 construction of Yushu. Lion Love Orphanage & RDquo; .


Relevant link:榆树ml/2010-04/29/content_1056575.htm

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