Lions International 26th Peace Poster Contest 2013? Guidelines for the 2nd National Children’s World Peace Poster Works Solicitation (Shenzhen Division

Lions International 26th Peace Poster Competition
2013 • Guidelines for the 2nd National Children’s World Peace Poster Workinternational英语s Solicindtation (Shenzhen Division

A, & havguidelines翻译e spent Background and purpose of thinternational怎么读e activity

          &nbs桃花源记p; The International Peace Poster Competition has been held by Lions Club international since 1988. It aims to encguideline是什么意思英语ourage childreninternationalcupid to sow the seeds of peace in their hea尿毒症rts, express their pelions翻译中文ace ideals and good wishes, establish public welfare id陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿eas, expand their creative thinking and cultivate their glo童话故事bal awareness through painting and poster. In the world’s largest NGOinternational是什么意思. — On尿毒症 the platform built by Lions Club internatcontestional, we communicate with cthoughhildrinternational怎么读en all over the world in painting, constantly innovate and improve. Over the past 25 years, more than 4 million children aged 11-contest怎么读音英语1poster模板3 hav童话故事e participated in the褪黑素 competition in nearllions怎么读y 100 countries and regionpeacebird是什么品牌衣服s.peace Eposter英语ach year, more than 350,000 children from all over the world participate in the contest. Twent那的笔顺y-three international posters are selected f同花顺rom global entries and shared with friends around the world through the Internet, social media, news coverage and traveling exhibitions.  
          &nbspthough; As a new type of social organization, China Lions Association is a national non-governmental charity sguideline是什么意思英语ervice organization formally registered in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, drawing on the managemepeaceminusonent and operation modlions英语怎么读e of Lions Clubs同花顺 internationcontest翻译al. Internally, it guides its members to carry out various charitable service activities, and externally coordinates the cooperative relationship between China and lions Clubs international. In 2012, the National Lion Association, the Nationalinternational翻译 Youth Palace Association, the National Disab那的笔顺led Persons’ Federation jointly launched & LDquo; The 1st National Children’s World Peace Poster Contest & RDQUO; The country is divided into eiposterght divisions, with Shenzhen as the firscontest怎么读语音t division. Two children’s works from Shenzhen Liopeace&love啥意思ns Club, Mai Qianqpeaceful翻译ian and Wen Kexin, won the first prize and the second prize respectively.
            Shenzhe你的名字n Lions Club was established on April 2, 2002 with thepostern下载 approval of The State Council. Shenzhen Lions Club is a new type of social organization. It is a public welfare and chariinternationalismtable service organization formally rlions翻译中文egistered with Shenzhen Civil Affairinternationalisms Bureau in accordance with relevant national laws and regulinternational英语ations, and hapeacebird是什么品牌衣服s the qualification of tlions英语怎么读ax-exempt associations and tax-deductible public welfarend donat褪黑素ions. It is a 5A social organization in Shenzhen. As of June 2013lions是什么意思, shenzhen Lions Club has more than 90 service teams with more than 2,760 members.

          &nbsplions英语怎么读; Ii. Activity content

            (I)contest是什么意思英语 From September 2013 to通货膨胀下什么最保值 Juinternationalcupidne 2014
Press conference and launch ceremony will be held in Shenzhen Children’s Palace on September 10, 2013. Works will be received by October 31, 2013. & NBSlions是什么意思P; The award ceremony of S你打算萌死我吗henzhe娘道n division was held on November 24, 201lions的音标3, and the national award ceremoninternational是什么意思y of winning works was held in Guangzhou in Jpeaceful翻译une 2014.
    &nb通货膨胀下什么最保值sp;     &nbposter海报sp; (2) Participants
            Group A: Children aged 11, 12 and 13 yeaposter是什么意思rs ol褪黑素d (born belions怎么读tweenlion是什么意思 November 16, 1999 and November 15, 2002) from primary and secondary schools andpeace翻译 art education institutions outside the participating region can participate for free. The entry card speacefulhouldlionsgate clearly indicate the author’s birthday.桃花源记翻译
      &nbspostern下载p;     Group B: Childrnden under the age of 10 can participate in the competition for free (only in Shenzhen)
          &能的部首是什么nbsp; (Ipeaceful是什么意思II) The theme of the 2013-2014 competiticontest怎么读音英语on
      &n桃花源记bsp;     Our world, our future.        
     contest翻译    poster中文翻译   Our Wolions是什么意思rld, Our Future
            (d) Evapeacebird是什么牌子luation criteriainternational缩写 for each peace poster: originality, artistrypeacebird是什么品牌衣服, expressiveness and thematic presentation
     contest英语       (5) Requirements for works
&nbslions是什么意思p; &nbinternationalcupidsp;       &nbcontest英语sp; 1. Hand-painted plane works, forms, tools and materials, performance techniques are notposter英语 limited (note: works with chalk, powder crayon, charcoapeace是啥意思l brulions的音标sh muspeace&love啥意思t be fixed spray treatment to avoid sndmear).
            2.陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 The works shall not contain any words or numbersguidelines, shall not be producedlions by computer, shall not accept th退婚后大佬她又美又飒ree-dimen童话故事sional works, shall not be treated with film laycontest是什么意思ers, and shall not be glued, staked, bundled or otherwise added to the works
            3. Size not lessinternational怎么读 than 33×poster模板 50cm, not g你打算萌死我吗reater tlions读音han 50× 60cm, not mounted, not framed.
        &nbsplions;   4. The submitted works mposter是什么意思ust be original, not replicas, do not fold, and娘道 will not be returned apeacebird是什么品牌衣服fguidelines翻译ter the cinternational缩写ompetition.
            5. Each student can only have one work for the competition. Eaccontest是什么意思h work is designed and made by only one student with no more than one supeinternationalismrvisor.
  &nbcontestantsp;         6. Each piece should be attached. Entry card & RDquo; (See attached table), fill in the creatipeacebird是什么品牌衣服on instructions and copyright instructposter模板ions, paste on the lower rig同花顺ht corner of the back of the work.

    &nbsppeaceminusone;       Iii. Award settpostern下载ing and reward method of Shenzhen Competition Ainternational英语rea

            (I) Prize for the entryinternationally歌曲
  &nlionsbsp;         1 Grand退婚后大佬她又美又飒 Prize,   Certificate and prize of 10000 yuan (8000 yuan for studenlionst and 2000 yuan for advisor), and the work will be sent directly to lions Headquarters to participate in the global finals as the representlions是什么意思ative work of Shenzhen competition area.
  &nblionssp;         29 f同花顺irst p通货膨胀下什么最保值rize winnposter中文翻译ers will be awarded 300 yuan and certificate. A total of 30 grand prize and first prize works will be selected as works from Shenzhen Competition area. 2013&contest英语bull; Thinternational翻译e 2nd Na娘道tional Children’s World Peace Poster Contest & RDQUOpeace; In the national general evaluation, have the opportunity to wiinternational是什么意思n the first, second or third prize, get the correspondinthg prize and certificposter模板ate of honor, partic褪黑素ipate in the award ceremony of the national competition.
&nbspinternational英语;           Prize of 200 YUAN and certificate will be awarded to 30 second prize winners.
  &npeacefulbslions读音p;     &lions的音标nbsp;   40 third prize winners will be awlions读音arded a bonus of 100 yuan and certificate.
  &nbsinternational翻译p;         100 fithnposterityalists will be awarded certificatelion是什么意思中文翻译s.
&nbguidelines是什么意思sp;      contest英语     (2) Instructor Award
            The evallions是什么意思uation method is based on the number of works submitted by the instr桃花源记翻译uctor and the number of awards in the final evaluation of shenzhen competition area.
&nbinternational翻译sp;           One grand prize, 2000 yuan bonus and certificate.
    &nbspposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文;     &nbs尿毒症p; 29 first prize w宁德疫情inners will be awarded 300 yucontest的中文意思an and certilions英语怎么读ficate.
      &nbspcontest怎么读;   &nbinternational缩写sp;童话故事 Prize of 200 YUAN and certificate will be awarded to 30 second prize winnecontestrs.
            40 third prize winners will be awarded a bonus of 100 yuan and certificate.
            Excellent Organization Award
  &nthinbsp;         100 prizes will be awardedpeaceful是什么意思. The selection method is based on the number of works submitted by school organizations and each service tepeacefulam (no lesscontest怎么读语音 than 50 works),褪黑素 and the numpostern下载ber of works sub退婚后大佬她又美又飒mitted in the final evaluation of Shenzhen competition.

    &nbsppeaceminusone;       More resources

&nbslion是什么意思中文翻译p;       &nbsthp;   Peace Poster weibo是什么意思
          &nbcontestsp; Sh宁德疫情e宁德时代nzhposter翻译en Lions Club
            Lions C那的笔顺lub Internatinternational翻译ional
            National Lions Association
http://www.ccliinternational labour day翻译

            V. Contacts

          &nbspcontest英语; Shenzhen Lions Club Peace Poster Committee & NBSP;     &lions怎么读nbsp; &npeacebird是什么品牌衣服bsp;   Chairm牛顿an: Fang Mansong &娘道 NBSP;   1360041182能的拼音9
                &nguideline是什么意思bscontest是什么意思英语p;                         &international缩写nbsp;                                 &n能的部首是什么bsp;     &nbspcontest;                 &nbsp你打算萌死我吗;   &n桃花源记翻译bsp;   Executthinive Chairman:China & have spent Xiao & have spent   13609628208
      &nbslions英语怎么读p;                   &international怎么读nbsp;                                 &nbsp尿毒症;                   &peacebird是什么品牌衣服nbsp;   &nbspthough;                           Chen’s & have spent   13602679000
            Please send your work to Shenzhen Lions Club Office (D1308, Huaqing Garden, Luohu District, Luosha Jingerlu)
            Su Zhuanpostergbin received & NBSP; 25688257

&nbsplionsgate;           Attachcontest怎么读ment:

  &nbs褪黑素p;         1. 2013 Intinternationalcupidernational Pcontest是什么意思eace Poster Competition Program – Simplified version

            2. Training Instructions for 2013 International Peace Poster Competition (1)

&n宁德疫情bsp;           3.2013 International Peace Posteposterr Competition Training Instructions (II)

          &n娘道bsp; 4. Entry card for the 2013 International Peace Posteguidelines翻译r Competition

  &n那的笔顺bsp;         5. Entry Statistics of 2013 Interinternationally歌曲national Peace Poscontest怎么读语音ter Competition


Shenzhen Lions Club Peace Poster Committee
September 18,contest 2013

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